The Beautiful Viewers

May 12, 2012
Scene 1.
Setting: Vorania High School Courtyard. Azalea, Gianna, Aleyna, Beatriz, Venita, Mercusio, and Tony Ray,are all sitting down to lunch, listening to Mercusio share one his poems

Mercusio: And then she called my name, and I slowly walked up to her, as I took her hand, I told her that I would see her again... and she died in my arms.

Azalea: (crying) that was BEAUTIFUL Mercusio. Bravo, Bravo!
(everyone else claps)
Mercusio: Thank you, Thank You.

a Logical Viewer: Oh give me a break!

The B Vs look at the L.V. a girl wearing clothes that make her look like a boy.

Mercusio: Uh... I beg you're pardon?

L.V: why do you always have to talk in such poetic form, can't you talk, I don't know like a normal person?!

Mercusio: I tried but I don't like it that much. (laughs... the other B.Vs join him)

L.V: (Rolls her eyes). Well let me tell you its really lame, and poetry is stupid, don't waste you're time.

Azalea: What is your name?

L.V: Amy. Amy Jones. I'm a Logical Viewer.

Azalea: I see. so what's you're problem with Mercusio saying his poem?

Amy: It's annoying. My friends told me to come over hear to tell him to shut up. (she waves to another group of L.Vs.)

Azalea: (totally offended) Excuse me. Mercusio, along with the rest of us B.Vs can do whatever we want!

Amy: Who says?!

Venita: The Voranian Council. When we were 12 years old and we took the "Determination Test." and we were given the Title as Beautiful Viewers. So...


Beatriz: Being Unrealistic is totally in right now though.

Tony-Ray: Yeah. and being Realistic is out!

Beatriz: Nice T.R!
(they High Five)
Tony-Ray: Thanks.

Azalea: So Amy. If I were you. I would go back to the L.V Table and Let us B.Vs enjoy life how we enjoy it and we'll let you in enjoy life, by being realistic and not having an imagination.

Amy: AWWWWW! (Walks back to the L.V Table)

Azalea: Well we showed her. Didn't we guys?
(they all nod in agreement)

They con't to eat.

Azalea: Oh, Mercusio say another poem, please.

Mercusio: (smiling) sure Bella
(Mercusio stands up. clearing his throat)

Mercusio: So love has struck me down, like a lighting bolt strikes a tree, causing it to burn.
(Goes up to Azalea). and I have never saw true Beauty. Until I saw you.

Azalea: (Crying)... Ooh Mercusio.

She gazes into his eyes, then they begin to kiss passionately.

They sit down and continue to eat there lunch.

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