April 27, 2012
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Terra: "Look,(she points to the sky)its turning pearl pink now. This one's my favorite, it reminds me of my mother. After this color, it turns to a purple, then night engulfs it and the moon follows soon after that. absolute favorite part...the stars come out.
Vic: "Do you watch them?"
Terra: "Of course, I could stay out here all night. It helps me think, it clears my mind, such beauty like this makes you really apreciate things. Imagine if everyone took one little moment out of their lives to the works of God. Imagine, how different the world would be."
Vic: "Very."
(Terra smiles and looks back at the sky)
Terra: "It's so beautiful.
Vic: "Yeah, just like you
(Terra turns with a shocked expression, then turns away)
Vic: "What you hiding for?"
Terra: "Don't say that. I'm not beautiful...I never will be. Plus, it makes me feel uncomforatable."
Vic: "I'm guessing no one has ever told you that you are beautiful before."
(Terra shakes her head)
Vic: "Well, congratulations, you have been told that you're beautiful...and you really are."
Terra: "Stop it!"
Vic: "No."
(They sit in silence for a few moments)
(Vic looks up to the sky)
Vic: "You know what reminds me of the sky?"
Terra: "What?"
Vic: "...You...You not only remind me of the sky but...You are the sky.(Vic looks at Terra) You're the pearl pink and the purple and the night and the moon....and all of the stars.
(Terra and Vic gaze into each others eyes and kiss)(Terra pulls away, but is still centimeters far from Vic's lips)
Terra: "And you're my canvas."
(They smile and kiss again)

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Poetrylover_1 said...
Aug. 14, 2013 at 2:55 pm
i think that this is more like a poem than a script. "engulfs the sky" sounds like it should be in a poem. this is not relaistic enough.
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