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My Sister's Killer

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There is a body in the middle of the stage. A girl enters. She does not see the

SARA: Ally? Ally? Where are you? [To herself] If that stupid slut left me here I
will be so pissed. Ally? ALLY! When I find you I’m going to kill you! [She sees
the body] Ally? Oh my god. [Runs over to the body] Oh, Ally. [Yelling] Help!
Help! [Takes out her cell phone] Crap! No signal. Help! Oh God, they’re going to
think I did it! I need to get out of here. [She starts to leave then turns back
to the body] I am so sorry Ally. [She starts to leave again as a guy enters]
DAN: Sara?
SARA: Dan! I didn’t do it I swear!
DAN: What?
SARA: Oh my God, Dan. It’s Ally. I swear to you I didn’t do it.
DAN: I know.
SARA: What?
DAN: I found her a little while ago. I just called for help.
SARA: Oh. Well, I tried. I didn’t have a signal.
DAN: I had to walk off for awhile to find one.
SARA: So is help coming?
DAN: Yep.
SARA: What do we do now?
DAN: We should probably wait for them to get here.
SARA: You mean . . . by her?
DAN: Well yeah. Otherwise they won’t know where her body is.
SARA: Oh. I guess that makes sense.
[They both sit]
SARA: I’m so sorry Dan. I know what she meant to you.
DAN: She was your twin, Sara. I should be comforting you not the other way
SARA: But you loved her. Hell, she may have even loved you . . . in her own way.
DAN: She didn’t.
SARA: . . . The last thing I said to her was that I hated her.
DAN: What did she do this time?
SARA: [She debates whether or not to tell him] I’m sorry Dan. She was kissing
DAN: Wow. My best friend, your boyfriend. Figures . . . What were you doing all
the way out here anyway?
SARA: We were on our way home from Jake’s party. All of the sudden she gets a
text then said she had to do something. She did a U-turn in the middle of the
road and headed for the creek. So actually, I guess the last thing I said was
“What the hell is wrong with you”. Oh, and then I called her a stupid whore when
she was getting out of the car. She knows I hate this place at night. I waited
in the car for her to come back for, I don’t know, twenty minutes? Then I
started looking for her. And then I found her.

DAN: She never said what she had to do?
SARA: No. I can't believe this. We were all going to graduate in a few months.
She had her whole life ahead of her. Wait . . . what were you doing out here?
DAN: I went for a walk.
SARA: Weren’t you at Jake’s party?
DAN: Yup. It got kinda boring. I guess he wasn’t bored though.
SARA: Nope. Not bored at all.
DAN: Sorry.
SARA: Me too . . . So what do you think happened to her?
DAN: Well I would imagine that whoever asked her to come here was the one that
killed her.
SARA: You don’t think that it was random? I mean like she could have been trying
to find whoever it was and then someone may have tried to rob her or something.
Maybe whoever told her to come here is still waiting for her. Maybe they’ll
start looking for her. Maybe they’re going to come through those trees any
second now and see us just having a normal conversation beside her dead body!
They’re going to think we did it!
DAN: There's nothing normal about this conversation. Besides - they did it. That
means they are long gone. I know I wouldn’t stick around here if I had done it.
SARA: Why are you so sure they did it? Oh my god, Dan! They could come after us
DAN: No, we’re safe.
SARA: What makes you so sure?
DAN: Because they left to get a head start on running away from the police.
SARA: How do you know that? Wait, while you were walking, did you see something?
DAN: I saw a rabbit, an owl, a snake, a squirrel, a dead bird, a raccoon, and a
diaper. But not the kind of something you mean.
SARA: Oh. Hey, maybe we should wait in the parking lot for help to come.
DAN: Why would a creek even have a parking lot?
SARA: I guess for all the bike trails that go through here. Did they say what
kind of help was coming?
DAN: No.
SARA: I really think we should wait in the parking lot.
DAN: We’ll stay here until we hear the sirens. Then we’ll go.
SARA: But it took me forever to find her. If we leave when we hear the sirens
then we won’t get there in time to lead them to her.
DAN: We’re staying here. Someone needs to guard her body.
SARA: No one comes out here this late.
DAN: Three people did.
SARA: And the killer.
DAN: Yeah that’s what I meant. If there was a killer out here who knows what
other kinds of nutcases are lurking around. I don’t want to lose sight of her
for a single second.
SARA: She really did a number on you, huh?
DAN: What are you talking about?
SARA: I’m just saying, she really messed you up. You guys were only together a
few months but she cheated on you, what? 5 times?
DAN: Six.
SARA: See what I mean?
DAN: Don’t you feel even a little bad about saying this stuff when her dead body
is less than 10 feet away from you?
SARA: What’s that supposed to mean?
DAN: It means your dead sister is right beside you and you don’t even care. Wait
sorry, you do care but only because you think you’ll be blamed. What kind of
sick person are you?
SARA: I’m the consistent kind. I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I was
her best friend just because she’s dead and I feel guilty.
DAN: But you were her best friend.
SARA: We hated each other.
DAN: I’m just telling you what she told me.
SARA: She lied.
DAN: Do you honestly think she had anyone besides you? We both know she’s hard
to get along with.
SARA: She’s impossible.
DAN: She was impossible.
SARA: Why do you keep saying that?
DAN: What?
SARA: was.
DAN: Because she’s gone. Everything she may have been is in the past now.
SARA: And you accuse ME of not caring?
DAN: Care? Of course I care! Trust me, you have no idea how much I care!
SARA: Wait, you were walking?
DAN: What?
SARA: You said you were going for a walk.
DAN: When?
SARA: When you found her.
DAN: Oh. Yeah. So?
SARA: So why would you go for a walk way out here in the middle of nowhere?
DAN: I wanted to be alone.
SARA: Why?
DAN: Just because.
[They are both silent for a bit]
SARA: Our alibis suck.
DAN: Oh will you shut up already?
SARA: Do you have any idea what this will do to my mom? Thinking her daughter is
a murderer!
DAN: You don’t seem too worried about what she would think about having a dead
SARA: Mom hated Ally. She blamed her for dad leaving. She said no guy could
handle Ally for long periods of time and that dad was no different.
DAN: She said that?
SARA: Yeah. Ever since then they haven’t been able to stand each other.
DAN: That’s crazy. I can't believe she said that.
SARA: It’s true.
DAN: But crazy.
SARA: Maybe I should call mom.
DAN: They will.
SARA: Who will?
DAN: The help.
SARA: We don’t even know who the help is.
DAN: We’ll find out soon though.
SARA: What did you say to them when you called?
DAN: I told them what happened.
SARA: But we don’t know what happened.
[DAN shrugs.]
SARA: What did you say?
DAN: I told you.
SARA: No you didn’t.
DAN: I don’t remember ok? I was freaking out.
SARA: How long have we been waiting here?
DAN: I don’t know.
SARA: When will they be here?
DAN: Will you shut up about the help? It’s not like anyone will be able to
“help” her. She’s dead.
SARA: How do you know? Did you check her pulse?
DAN: She’s dead.
SARA: You don’t know that!
[She starts to stand up to go check for a pulse. DAN pulls her back down.]
DAN: Don’t get your finger prints on her.
SARA: Are yours on her?
DAN: Yes.
SARA: Maybe we should leave.
DAN: We need to stay. We owe it to her. We knew her best. We can't abandon her.
SARA: It’s not like she’ll know.
DAN: She’s your sister.
SARA: You’ve mentioned that.
DAN: We need to stay with her. We’re the only ones that will care. We know how
messed up she was. I mean, her own mom hated her. I knew all that and I still–
SARA: Still what? What did you do?
DAN: She kept cheating on me.
SARA: What did you do?
DAN: She wouldn’t stop.
SARA: Dan! What did you do?
DAN: I made her stop.
SARA: [scoots away] you didn’t call for help did you?
DAN: They’ll find me.
SARA: Why are you still here?
DAN: I’m watching her. I’m making sure nothing happens to her.
SARA: You mean other than dying?
DAN: Those disgusting animals could come eat her.
SARA: Yeah. The squirrel will chew her fingers. That would definitely hurt her.
DAN: Stop.
SARA: You killed my sister.
DAN: I didn’t mean to. You don’t even care.
SARA: I care!
DAN: Not enough!
SARA: What do you mean?
DAN: You waited twenty minutes before you went looking for her.
SARA: This is not my fault!
DAN: You could have found us and stopped me.
SARA: Or you could have stopped you.
DAN: Aren’t you scared Sara? Don’t you think that I’m going to kill you too, now
that you know?
DAN: Why are you still here? What do you want from me?
SARA: I don’t know.
DAN: I can't believe I killed her.
SARA: Me neither.
DAN: Do you think she’ll forgive me?
SARA: No. She holds grudges.
DAN: You’re joking around with a murderer.
SARA: I’m just happy they won’t think I did it.
DAN: Why aren’t you scared of me?
SARA: Because you feel bad. Because you want to get caught. If you wanted to get
away with it then you would have run off a long time ago . . . Because . . . I
love you.
DAN: [dismissively] No, you don’t.
SARA: Trust me, I do.
DAN: Well, you shouldn’t.
SARA: Why?
DAN: Because you have Jake.
SARA: No I don’t, she had him and you know it. What’s the real reason? Why
shouldn’t I love you?
DAN: Because I could have called for help. I could have saved her. There was
still time, I could have fixed what I did . . . but I didn’t. I let her die. You
deserve better than a murderer.
SARA: I didn’t know you cared.
DAN: Anyone deserves better than a murderer.
SARA: Nothing could have saved her.
DAN: You don’t know that.
SARA: Sure I do. If you could have helped her then you would have.
DAN: I killed her didn’t I? How concerned do you think I was for her welfare?
SARA: Dan, I love you and I know you. If you could take it back, I know you
DAN: Will you stop saying that?
SARA: What? That I love you?
DAN: Stop!
SARA: Fine. So what are you going to do now?
DAN: I don’t want to leave her.
SARA: I know.
DAN: What will they do to me?
SARA: I don’t know.
DAN: You aren’t helping! [Has an idea]. . . Wait . . . you love me?
SARA: . . . yeah?
DAN: You know I don’t believe you right?
SARA: Yeah, I’ve figured that out.
DAN: Sara . . . I can't let them catch me. Who knows what they would do to me.
SARA: I know. You should run. I would help you hide the body. We could run
DAN: Sara, that won’t work. Someone needs to take the fall. I don’t want to
spend the rest of my life on the run. Do you?
SARA: No, I guess not but who else could take the fall for this?
DAN: I have so many plans for my life . . . Sacrifices are romantic don’t you
SARA: Wait . . . what?
DAN: Sara, if you took the blame for this I would believe you. I would believe
that you loved me. I would be able to let myself love you back. They would let
you out of jail after a few years. Then we could be together. I just can't
believe you without proof.
SARA: Do you understand what you are asking me to do?
DAN: If you really loved me then it wouldn’t be a problem.
SARA: I do love you!
DAN: Then do this for me Sara! They would believe you! People saw you leaving
Jake’s party together. They knew how mad you were at her and they knew you hated
already hated her. No one can say they saw you when she was killed because you
were way out here. It’s perfect.
SARA: I don’t know Dan . . .
DAN: Look I want to be with you. Really, I do. I just can't if you don’t do this
for me. I promise I will visit you every chance I get. If things work out we
might even get married when they let you out.
SARA: If I do this . . . you’ll love me? Like you loved her?
DAN: I would love you so much more than I ever loved her.
SARA: And we would get married when they let me out?
DAN: I promise.
SARA: What if they don’t let me out?
DAN: They will. I can guarantee it.
SARA: This will prove that I love you?
DAN: Yes.
SARA: If you promise . . . Then I guess I need to do this.
DAN: That’s my girl. Do you want me to give you a ride to the police station?
SARA: That would be nice, I guess.
DAN: Let’s go.
SARA: What about the body?
DAN: Leave it.
[They both leave]

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I love this. Beautifully written! It is amazing! :) Please take and rate my poetry,I will appreciate it.
tintin said...
May 19, 2014 at 1:52 pm
this is great loving it
pddy said...
Mar. 29, 2012 at 8:19 am
Great play. There were a couple of great plot twists in there!
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