Peace of Cake

March 8, 2012
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Mary- Daughter
Mom or Maria
John- Son
Aunt Lisa- Aunt
Danny- Dad of Maria
Lara- Mom of Maria
Sarah- Friend of Mary
Mary- Mom, may I go to Aunt Lisa’s house?
Mom- No, we were supposed to watch a movie tonight.
Mary- But Aunt L………….
Mom- No butts about it, I said no.
Mary- Erg, I hate you.
Mom- I love you, too
(Mary Slams Door)
Mom- Thank you, now I am twenty five cents richer. Do you want to slam your door again?
Mary- No!!!!!!!!!!
John- Mom can I borrow ten dollars.
Mom- I do not get why kids say can I borrow, I know I will never get it back.
John- Yes I will pay you back on another day.
Mom- Yeah in one thousand years, oh wait, I would be dead.
John- Why are you making such a big fuss about it, it’s only ten dollars.
Mom- Sorry, what do you need ten dollars for?
John- I wanted to go to the movies with Marisa.
Mom- Who?
John- Oh, this hot chick I have been dating for like two hours.
Mom- You met a girl two hours ago and you take her to a movie.
John- I didn’t say that, I said I have been dating her for two hours. We have known each other for three days now.
Mom- Oh sorry that makes a big difference. No, you can’t go we are going to watch a movie.
John- I will only be like four hours.
Mom- No!!!!
John- Oh well can she come over here?
Mom- NO!!!!!
John- Whatever mom…
Mom- I just want a family night!
John- Erg, whatever you just hate me.
Mom- No, I love you, which is why I want you and your sister to stay home with me.
John- Why did you bring up Mary? I swear you love her more than me.
Mom- You know what there is ten dollars in the bathroom. You need to take your sister to Aunt Lisa’s house. At least I will get a moment of silence.
(Later That Night)
Sarah- Hey I heard your family night with your kids did not go like you planned.
Mom- No, all they want is to leave, or to do something else like date.
Sarah- You finally hit what I call the headache stage of being a parent in this world. It is called a teenager.
Mom- Oh it is so quiet in here. Why do my kids hate me, Sarah? I gave them life.
Sarah- What?
Mom- Both of my kids told me they hate me this morning.
Sarah-They don’t hate you, Maria, kids say thing they don’t mean.
Mom- I ordered a pizza for my kids, I was trying to surprise them.
Sarah- Can’t me and my best friend have a movie night.
Mom- Yeah I guess that would be fun. The pizza will be here at eight. Are you able to come back in an hour so I c……………
Sarah- You do not have to explain your situation to me, this is your house.
Mom- Thank you for understanding.
(Thirty minutes later Maria heard the front door shut)
Mom- Who’s here?
Mary- It’s just me, I forgot my sweater.
Mom- Ok, Have fun at you aunts.
Mary- Oh I will, trust me.
Mom- I love you.
Mary- I love you too.
(Maria got dressed and went to the living room)
John- Hey, mom, what movie did you get.
Mom- What are you doing here?
John- I felt bad for leaving you for a girl.
Mom- Oh, so am I a man.
John- No you know what I mean mom.
Mom- I wanted to watch Never say Never by Justin Beiber but it is your choice, I don’t want to make you bored.
Mary- I want to watch what mom wants. Don’t you think that was an awesome choice?
Mom- Mary, what are you doing here?
Mary- The matter is I am here right.
Mom- Yeah, I guess.
Danny- Hey Honey. How are you feeling?
Mom- Daddy, what are you doing here? I thought you had no money to get here.
Mary- Me and John have been working to bring grandpa and grandma down here.
Mom- Wait Momma is here too!
Lara- Hey baby, how are you?
Mom- Momma, oh I have missed you guys.
(Door bell rings Mary answers it)
Mary- Grandpa the cake is here.
Mom- Cake? For what?
John- Mom we may get on your last nerve sometimes, but we will never forget your birthday!
Danny- Jonny, come help me cut the cake.
Lisa- Happy birthday sis.
Mom- Was you in on this too Lisa.
Lisa- I was told if you called while the kids were working, to say that they were here.
Mom-If you remembered that it was my birthday why would you argue with me this morning?
John- Mom you know if I would have said “I am going to Aunt Lisa’s too you would have caught on to what we were doing.”
Mom- I guess you’re right, but I thought you and your sister forgot about my birthday.
John- Not in a million years would we forget you.
Mom- If your dad was here he would be so proud of the mature teens you’ve become.
John-He is here in our hearts momma. He has seen everything
Mom- Wow a little sound of silence might relax my soul, but the love from my family makes me feel whole!

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Arpana said...
Nov. 2, 2013 at 4:43 am
this is an awesome play i liked it a lot. you are a good writer. this play touched my heart.
. said...
Jan. 1, 2013 at 4:00 pm
I agree with SilverSun. This is still amazing though. :)
SilverSun said...
Apr. 30, 2012 at 10:39 am
This is good, however, the dialougue is very stiff and unreal. That didn't matter when you actually read it though, because the theme is beautiful. Good job!
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