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Boxes This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Falcor’s brow furrowed, his fingers quivering as he slowly fit the S-piece into the socket of the Q. The interior of the box that he was fitting the pieces into bathed him in a soft golden light. With a satisfying click, the yellow cube... (more »)
The Internet White Whale
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Cubo Minecraft Fanart Forest, Spring of 2012. Once, not too long ago, there lived a beautiful comic-lope named Cubo. He was a real work of art, with thin gray lines gracefully traced on his paper-white body. Cubo contained plenty of... (more »)
LARPing This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Middleville, MI
Walking across a windswept field, I could see my destination: The Great Fortress of Hundar.  A battle cry broke the silence around me.  I, turning quickly, drew my wand.  A fireball rocketed from the tip of the wand, flying wildly past a... (more »)
Up in the air
By , Southborough, MA
“Now boarding flight 93 to San Francisco.” I look around. Where am I? Judging by the amount of people bustling around the open room I put together that I’m in an airport. However, something seems odd. Everything looks... older not... (more »)
Tony the baloney
By , Austin, TX
Tony walks into a story, tony is really craving some sugary cereal. Now tony is a tiger, tony the tiger, the character that advertises frosted flakes. But he can’t even try his own cereal because of the law. The law states that if any... (more »)
Galaxy Unfound
By , Simms, TX
 It was a date still not known, the night was bright or was it the day. He was still floating in what felt like either jelly or a liquid or something. He could see other creature that looked like him, but what was he. This was the only thing... (more »)
Cube #146
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A few years ago I created Cube #146. Yes, I had already created 145 universe cubes, but they all had their flaws. Due to my technological knowledge when I started, some had vacuums that they were pulled into, so I could never harvest their extra... (more »)
A Nameless Enigma
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Dis paused at the clearing in the forest. He began doing this lately, staring out to the subtly beaten path that disconnected from the normal path. He slowly paced towards- “Dis!” Alex, Dis’ adoptive brother, interrupted. He was a young... (more »)
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As he lays in his bed waiting to be awoken from his alarm, Jason sleeps calmly in his blanket. It's quiet throughout the house, you could hear a pin drop. The alarm blares and Jason shoots straight up. The alarm is the song of an old 80s show... (more »)
Midnight Death
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The midnight wind whips my hair around my face. Scanning the windows I search for my next victim. Fireworks go off in the distance. New Year’s Day is always fun for deaths… well actually any day is fun for death, being the angel of death... (more »)
The Candle Lit Room Part Two
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We are now back at the same place where Part One was narrated just a day or so ago. The narrator looks the same since the last recording, except his tux seemed to have suffered plenty of minor burns, and the white fur on his face is now covered... (more »)
Fire and Ashes
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That night, roar of flames drowned out most of the noise, except for the frightened shouts of the lady behind the wall of fire. Her terrified shrieks for help broke through the hot air like a knife. My mother. She tried dosing the scorching... (more »)
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Don't move. My body itches to move, I've been standing here with my back against a tree for who knows how long. The woods are quiet, but it's only a façade. There's something here, I don't know where it is. The... (more »)
Don't Breathe/ Stop Running
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Don’t Breathe I try to catch my breath as I sprint away from him. He’s only walking, but somehow he’s closing in on me. I can’t help but look back to see how far he’s advanced, taking long, elegant strides... (more »)
Golightly's Revolution
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  The skies were bleak, as gray as everyone’s eyes, clothing, or their expressions. People were trudging along the dark gray stones, on their way to morning count. Daisy Golightly, one of the bright, beautiful faces in the crowd,... (more »)
They Watch
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Mr. Troy Fuller, aged 28, lived at 1355 Primrose Dr. He had your typical family of four: a wife named named Martha, as well as a son and daughter, Ralph and Bree. They lived in a little white house in the suburbs, just like everyone else, and... (more »)
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