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Most Recent Sci-fi/Fantasy Articles

Here are the most recent sci-fi/fantasy articles:

The Rubik's Cube
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My mind barely kept pace with my hands, working to finish the cube, twisting and locking rows and columns into place.  My eyes saw nothing but fleeting colors of the Rubik's cube, contrasted with the green of the carpet.  My... (more »)
Bipolar Opposites
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It was 2020 in a planet far far away called Same. The iPhone 7 wasn’t good enough for the people, they needed more. All people wanted to do was be on technology and Earth didn’t have advanced technology. Planet Earth had... (more »)
The Runaway
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On the far side of the Milky Way Galaxy, a young boy was born. His name was Soney. Soney is the name that means all power put into one energy with control. Why did his parents call him that? He was born with a gift. A gift that everyone wants.... (more »)
Silk in Spring This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Silk, soft, soft, silk, dips and swishes from the white window, a red ribbon sewing the ledge shut like a prize bow, a gift-wrapped hair band, a rainbow banner inked in glitter and beads. Slithering across the dust and bronze planes, arises a... (more »)
Brave and Nobel Warrior Princess
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            I am now the leader of the rebels. My heart was full of fire as I was going to give the rebels the plan. I was about to tell them that I don’t care if we get Angelina dead or alive but I caught a... (more »)
"Chris and the Robots"
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2016 When Chris was around 18, he was throwing out the garbage at the old dumpster and saw a little glowing machine. He took it home, fixed it up and found out what it can do. It was amazing! He could practically rule the world with this!... (more »)
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Am I upside down? Or am I in a world that has been flipped upside down? By a leader who is a misogynist , and who only cares for himself. Our leader, Donald Trump, has ruined our world. It all started when I was five years of age, my mother was... (more »)
The Dream
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“The Calamity” in 3100 was the day the whole world changed. Anonymous people ruled earth and created a REB society. The REB founders never explained to anyone why they prefer to be known as R-E-B, because they believed it’s... (more »)
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They found them. How did they find them? I could feel the cold air pressing against me,almost like another layer of skin. I would not let it through,not this time. I would rather die than let them take me. They have already taken everything... (more »)
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Eleven years ago: “Go to the room! Go, Go!” my dad yelled. I’ve woken up by his yelling to go to our secret hiding room in the basement. As I’m walking down the stairs I     hear the door break open. I run as fast as I can, scared... (more »)
The Scary Sequel
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It was a dark morning and finally after escaping the clutches of the figure that had them trapped, Earl, Michael, and Juan decide that they should find shelter. Juan said “I think we should find somewhere to lay low and stay safe”. Earl and... (more »)
No Tribble Necessary
By , Amery, WI
“Dad, did you see the finished U.S.S. Enterprise?” an excited voice sounded from the backseat of a red Chevy.  The man who was asked the question, Marcus, sat in the front seat, his focus on driving.  His son, Tommy, had just climbed into... (more »)
Painted Skin
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The moon glowed high above the sky, reflecting the light from the sun millions of light years away. Each and every piece of leaves of the forest jiggled in joy as sprinkles of raindrops glittered onto them. Under the shelter of an ancient cage,... (more »)
The Witch's Game
I heard my name. Over and over again. Derek. Derek. Every time I heard the word it became louder. Derek Woods it came again. Derek! this time the word itself was deafening and becoming slightly annoying. I felt warm hands press against my... (more »)
Faces of the Beast
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“May!” Steven yelled from the middle of the meadow. My body filled with relief when I saw him, smiling only the way that he could. I ran out of the woods towards him, my skirts making me trip. He opened his arms wide and I ran into... (more »)
The Candle Lit Room
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The story is to be narrated at a dimly lit room built of dark gray stone embellished with carved-in murals. There is a wooden desk near (not against) one wall of the room and is illuminated by a few candles to the desk’s right end,... (more »)
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