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Most Recent Sci-fi/Fantasy Articles

Here are the most recent sci-fi/fantasy articles:

Star Wars: Child of the Rebellion
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 This is the story of Leia's childhood, her rebellious spirit, her adoptive family, and her choice to fight the Empire. Chapter 1: The Battle Leia, the youngest member of Alderaan’s House of Organa, skipped out into the royal... (more »)
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My standard clock flashes at me, taunting me. It reads "12:53 am" in bold red letters. There were only two words I managed to conjure in my mind before the dull hum of the AC lulled me to sleep.  "Dang it!" Chapter... (more »)
An Angel Among Monsters
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The shadow fires a blazing bolt towards my left wing. Absorbing the light from the scorching sun, I conjure up a shield of golden flame. Upon impact, the bolt shatters into a shower of glints; the shield bursts, fire raining down. As the fire of... (more »)
Prologue This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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March 28, 2961 I stand next to my mother, sobbing into her sleeve. The officers jostle my little sister forward to the edge of the cliff. Does she not realize what is about to happen? Does she not realize that if this goes as the government... (more »)
The Self Improvement of Mary
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Mary is an antisocial high school girl. She doesn't want the company of anyone not even her adoptive parents. This due to the fact she has visions that allow her to glimpse at the darker sides people. No one knows about it except for her or so... (more »)
Yellow or Red?
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At the end of the wormhole, the first thing Graal saw was a flurry of asteroids. Archon shook violently as it entered normal space-time. An alarm sounded and the cabin flashed crimson. “Incoming! Incoming! Autoshields disabled!”... (more »)
The Internet White Whale
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Cubo Minecraft Fanart Forest, Spring of 2012. Once, not too long ago, there lived a beautiful comic-lope named Cubo. He was a real work of art, with thin gray lines gracefully traced on his paper-white body, which was graceful even without... (more »)
The Happiness Pill
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They dreamed of a world with no sorrow. There was no suffering that could not be soothed. No tears that could not be dried. They conceived the idea of a pill. A quick fix to all the problems that existed. Sunshine would spill from every corner.... (more »)
The Girl with the Strange Secret
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My name is Jacob Morgan and I live in a kingdom called Bakersville, and I'm the prince.  I'm seventeen years old with short brown hair, blue eyes, and I'm quite tall.    One day, I was walking in the woods because I enjoy some time to myself... (more »)
The Journey Forthcoming
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It is spring. Cecilia has always admired springtime. The flowers were beautiful and she didn't like anything better than to sit in the garden and read whenever the flowers had sprouted. She would tend to them when they were broken or in... (more »)
Your Family's Lives Depend on it
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Prologue A knock on the front door startles me, so I put my pencil down on my math book and go to open the door. Opening the door, I see my best friend, Vivian, standing on my porch. She is wearing a vintage dress made of thick wool and... (more »)
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Lilithia-Soul Thief (Part 7)
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Three serpents surrounded Kristy, giving their odd hiss cackles. With her sword, she spun a wall of fire around her, then shot a bright orange ring into the sky that cracked and dissipated when it was high above her. The move surprised the... (more »)
Sir David and The Dragon
By , Versailles, KY
“Sir,” the Knight said, hands fumbling with his heavy helmet, “the ate my horse.” The King stared at him with burning eyes, then threw a brass vase at the knight head. The Knight dodged it and ran back a little, it was... (more »)
Sakura Petals
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His chest was rising and falling. The petals of the sakura tree seemed to be flowing down his body. Suddenly, it seemed a breeze made its way across his chest. So surreal. It was as if I actually felt the wind kiss my skin. I was so infatuated... (more »)
A hidden mystery
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Day after day, evening after evening, all remains complete. Exact in its definition of society.  Today, I awaken from a sleep unlike any other. A dream, distrupting my minds silent peace. 6:59am, quickly turns to 7:11am. My eyes, foggy from... (more »)
Death Date
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Joan walks through the door to the cafetorium and scans her identification marker on the scanner. It runs over her forearm and the machine beeps when it gets to the tattoo. Everyone has them. They separate you from the other humans, they contain... (more »)
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