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Most Recent Sci-fi/Fantasy Articles

Here are the most recent sci-fi/fantasy articles:

A Dream Within A Dream
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  I open my eyes and all I see is black. I’m lying on a hospital bed and am sweating like I just ran a marathon. “Hello” my voice echoes off the walls, it seems as if there’s no one else in the hospital. I... (more »)
Night Giants This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
Everything and everyone you know is made of stardust … except for the night giants – no one is quite sure what they are. They’re a quiet, contemplative people by nature with a curious taste for Indian food. Giants are... (more »)
Cyber This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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I look over the sleek metal paneling uncertainly. Channels of blue run down the sides, pathways for electronic messages to flow from my brain to the makeshift foot, not yet connected to my temporarily mangled leg. It’s nothing special,... (more »)
The Ring
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Life was boring for Garrett Dunwell, until the day everything in his world changed. Garrett had lived in Denver, Colorado for nearly a year, his mom working at the convenience store a few blocks away from their apartment. Garrett was cleaning... (more »)
When I Wake
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When I wake, my arms are speckled in goose-bumps and my face is slick with cold sweat. I let my fingers stretch out into the dark, reaching for Evelyn’s warmth, but my hands find only the freezing cot. She must have climbed in with someone... (more »)
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Love Must be Murdered
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Prologue I see him. He’s across the room from me, only a sliver of him between the myriad of heads. The deafening roar of the cafeteria room dies away as he looks up and catches my stare with his bright emerald eyes. The glowing glint in his... (more »)
Rings in the Sky: Prologue
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The respirator hissed as John walked out into the dark, open air. Black smoke filled the sky, blocking the sun from view, along with any blue in the sky. John looked around, scanning for incoming cargo trains before he crossed the road. Along... (more »)
Shadows of Mankind
A glass sits on a table with dust coating its brim. A door slams and rattles the rickety old house, knocking a speck of dust from the cup. The speck floats slowly from room to room through the empty house past broken windows and shattered... (more »)
Crimson Colored Sunshine
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Wind combed through my hair as I sped by on my red bicycle. A light glow of the sun gave the saturday morning a joyous air, a sweet and charming time to be alive. The gravel road beneath me crunched noisily, carrying me up and down the hills.... (more »)
After Death: One with the Forest
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What an idiot. Juniper rolls her eyes and groans as Tweeter flits into a tree, his tiny body springing-as though a bouncy-ball- back twice as far as where he’d charged towards the tree from. Juniper sighed and slowly inched her body upwards.... (more »)
After Death: From the Ashes
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Coughing. That’s the first thing that happens when you are trapped in a burning building. Coughing and sweating. But the coughing is the worst. I run to the window and pull at the lock, tugging and fighting it with all my strength but to no... (more »)
After Death: Sounds of the Seafloor
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I cough, trying to get the water out of my lungs, but only more comes in. I don’t understand. Why is more water coming in? I fight for breath as I kick my legs. I’m submerged in water? Why? What happened? I thought I was lying on the beach... (more »)
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Time They think the ticks keep us sane. How is that even possible? The ticks, they’re supposed to be time, but I know thats just a joke. It’s all a joke. This place, this world, these walls, all a joke. Yet, no one finds it funny. Maybe... (more »)
Wounds That Refuse to Heal
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Wounds That Refuse to Heal As I sat on my childhood bed across from a mirror, and stared at my long brown hair, and deep brown eyes, I thought that my life could not get any worse. I inhaled as the perpetual and unmistakable smell of alcohol... (more »)
Max Alan
Hello, my name is Max. Max Alan. I am about to tell you my story, and my story is strange- very strange. When I was just a little boy, my father died of an unknown sickness, only later to be found out to be the deadliest disease to mankind. This... (more »)
One More Chance
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Honors Language Arts 10 11-16-2014 My favorite part of the day is the first ten seconds I am awake. The alarm wakes me in it’s harsh demeanor and for that brief moment, I don’t know who I am. I don’t have to face the... (more »)
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