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Most Recent Sci-fi/Fantasy Articles

Here are the most recent sci-fi/fantasy articles:

Rain drop
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      In the beginning "the earth" was nothing but water, sky with the clouds and sun already existing. One day a magical rain drop fell from the sky it was magical also powerful because, it was in the clouds for so long it got bigger and... (more »)
A Dreamer's Reality (prologue)
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Snowflakes whirl elegantly through the frigid winter air. A few flower heads poke out of the snow tentatively, but the rest of the meadow is covered in an enticing white. I watch the snowflakes fall from the shelter of a clump of trees. My... (more »)
When it All Stops
Malton was different. Everyone was here and it seemed they wanted to have a moment of the most true silence. Not a single word fell from their lips and not the slightest movement was stirred from the people’s slumber. One with a sharper eye... (more »)
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Marked This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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There’s a rustling noise off to my left, and I look up from my garden. It’s probably just another reformed criminal from the nearby community who’s cut himself and come looking for my help. A man around my age – early... (more »)
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Machinery This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Our bodies are machines that we pump oil (black and slick and shiny) through. Oil makes us run but dampens our feathers to keep us from flying. Our bodies are machines with iron (hard and thick and shiny) lungs. Iron makes... (more »)
What Am I?
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Sight-A human during the day can cast a horrific night scene.  During the day it is docile and calm; the creature longs for a compatible and compassionate companion.  Then the night comes and takes a new form.  The depth of a mind so... (more »)
Do Not Look Up
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You have never been alone. Did you really think that a life form as complex and convoluted as human beings sprang from the molten, unforgiving ground?  In its infant years planet Earth was unfit for even the simplest life, but you already... (more »)
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The Beginning of Ghosts: Good and Evil
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The darkness slowly fades away and I can now see again.  Something doesn’t feel right…Something has been shaken in my spirit.  I look around and see that I am in an empty alleyway, lying in a pool of red.  I have... (more »)
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The Slide
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Another kid had been swallowed. His inner tube, that was now drifting slowly in the pool, was the only sign of his existence. His parents waited at the end, but their son was long gone. He was just another victim of the kid-eating-waterslide.... (more »)
Lottery Ticket
By , Salem, MA
For a year, I’ve been staring at plain, concrete walls. The cracks, the rust, I could be blind and still see what these basement walls looked like. My lion’s tail tapped the wall of the corner I was sitting in. It was the only part... (more »)
Escape Plan
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I will not be ruled by time. I will not conform to the ticking, tocking, wheeling, swirling mass of humans going round and round to the clack of a clock. I will break the perfect circle of time and run free, through the fields of emptiness,... (more »)
above noise and danger
  In the ruins of the old city the quiet was almost oppressive; old stone haunted by the absence of people. He was surprised, at first, that he found her here after so long searching. But she had been born and raised within these... (more »)
Georgia Guidestones
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“No! I’m telling you, I’m different. I can be beneficial to this new society! Please, please!” she screamed. Nobody reacted. The line moved forward one step. She was shocked at the calmness of the other people around her. Young and old... (more »)
A Flower of Peace and Hope
        In one of the “Sub-Level Districts”, there lived a mundane girl with a mundane life. This young girl wasn’t as kind as a saint. She wasn’t as brave as a heroine. She wasn’t a genius and she certainly wasn’t an exotic... (more »)
The Long Lost Princess
The Long Lost Princess Lily has been raised her whole life by Chuck the squirrel in a forest. But, Chuck treats her like a servant. Lily had to make the beds, cook, clean, and with all of that work she could never see the light of day. And... (more »)
Writer's Block
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I sat on my bed, pencil in hand, having a staring contest with a blank sheet of notebook paper in my spiral journal. The empty paper seemed to be laughing at me. I bit my lip in frustration, tapping the pencil against the top of the journal in a... (more »)
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