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Here are the most recent sci-fi/fantasy articles:

Once Human.
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     I was human when this world was young. I remember it well. I was young and beautiful. But beautiful back then isn't the same as it is now in this era of computer generated woman and expensive lazier treatments. I'm considered plain by... (more »)
Queen Sasha's past
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The fire expanded across the village, and water was far from reach. Our homeland, that we took time to build, was now being destroyed in front of our eyes and there was nothing we could do to save it. My mother cried in the arms of my father, as... (more »)
The Fountain
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It was a beautiful day in the Amazonas, you could smell the sense of peace, and you could hear the water going down the rivers. All the animals were so excited since that spring was finally here the wait was over and everyone knew it. As any one... (more »)
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     This room is nice enough, except for the machines I’m hooked up to that won’t stop beeping. I’m sick of this room and everything in it: the whitewashed walls, the backless cushiony chairs, the antiseptic smell. Hospitals are no... (more »)
Mars: The Untold Story Of Its War
It was a typical afternoon at Mars, something like the most normal of days. Cukita was watching enormous war ships blast by, like a laser in the red sky.  Other people in her family were watching volcanoes burst lava so high it would shoot... (more »)
Going Batty
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Rune was fifteen when his sister died. Well, died wasn’t the right word. If he had to choose a word, he’d say murdered. Murdered by a warlock. Rune had been there. He could have saved her. He thought about that whenever he killed a rogue... (more »)
Sentinel Origins: Simon This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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When I was six I took a boat from the harbor of Moranth and set out to sea. It took four days, but eventually my parents found me – beached on the shore a mile down the coast. When I was nine I strapped a sword to my belt for the first... (more »)
The Final Sunset This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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I always loved to watch the sunset; I loved the way the blue would blend with the purples and pinks, turning the sky into a canvas. For hours I’d watch as nature became da Vinci and the sky the Mona Lisa. Soon the pastels would fade to... (more »)
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At a large public library, there is a five-year-old boy. He is entertaining himself by carelessly inspecting the illustrations in picture books, rather than reading the words, as he waits for his mother, who is browsing in the next room over,... (more »)
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At a certain time, in a certain place, there is a maze. The maze is formed out of junk, miles upon miles of plastic bottles, broken electronics, dented bumpers and busted engines, empty cans, and dirty toys that have, at one time, created... (more »)
Two Hundred Pounds and Counting
By , Stockton, CA
TWO HUNDRED POUNDS AND COUNTING “Why are you so fat!” said Will. Danny stayed silent. Maybe if he ignored him, he would go away. “Answer me fatty!” yelled Will. Will pushed Danny hard on the chest and sent him stumbling back a bit.... (more »)
I Come Bearing Release
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The trees bent out like open hands, their branches curling with malice. A woman stood between them; beneath an open gray sky with a cloak covering her shoulders. She was holding out an open locket, trying to get a better perception of what was... (more »)
In The Wrong Silhouette
It was year 3014, this was the year of total chaos and abruption; however, little did anyone really know this for themselves. Aliens hit Earth and spread very quickly throughout. The two  species, the Greys and the Reptillians had... (more »)
Myth & Human History: America's...
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Close The Mayflower is getting close, too close. They've set out for the newly discovered, uncharted land, where the daughters of Athena and the sons of Artemis lie. As Poseidon, I cannot let this area be colonized by my biggest rival.... (more »)
Meeting Cher
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I walked down the hall, I was surprised to see so many statues and paintings along the wall. It was amazing, with light blue walls and lamps suspended on the wall, the shades the shape of a tulip. I gasp at the magnificence of everything and... (more »)
wanting her dad
  “Goodnight munchkin” says Zathura’s dad. “Goodnight daddy” says Zathura.     Zathura wakes up the next morning. “Goodmorning mom wheres dad” says Zathura.... (more »)
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