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Here are the most recent sci-fi/fantasy articles:

Revenge Isn't As Sweet As You
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The memory of my death is fading away slowly, but surely. My human life ended with silent bubbles escaping my mouth and the ropes binding my legs too tight. My new one begins in the black abyss far from the surface, stronger and wiser than a... (more »)
The Stars and Astro
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It was in the early morning when Catness woke up to the sound of two others breathing.  She rose up from where she was lying and crawled over to the two bodies that were on the wooden floor.  When she got closer to the bodies she... (more »)
Happy Birthday Ekta
Monday July 24, 2016; 10:58 P.M. It was a starry night. Not so much artificial light illuminating the sky to hide the stars over Davis Island. From a birds eye view cars were crossing streets, houses were lit up and the MacDill Air Force... (more »)
Project Icarus: what lies beyond
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The world isn’t in very good shape.  After the dispute over land between America and Germany, a mysterious country decided to launch a nuke in the middle of Washington DC.  After the HAZMAT team arrived, it was discovered to be... (more »)
Immortal Children Chapter 1: What’s in the lake?
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Mary’s screamed in horror at the collapsed and bloody body in her front yard. Will was still conscious and the scream gave him hope that he’d be able to survive. He looked into the girls eyes with the little strength he had left. He... (more »)
The Invasion
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“Aliyah. Aliyah, wake up.”     My eyes flutter open at the sound of my name. My vision blurs, but I blink a few times and it clears. My older sister, Tana, is leaning over my bed, her forehead crinkled with worry. Her chestnut hair is... (more »)
Soaring Heart
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I was jumping along the tops of buildings when I first laid eyes on her. My heart skipped a beat and I couldn't move despite being chased by the local law enforcers. I stood behind the corner, hiding from the man when I noticed her, humming as... (more »)
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International Safety
If you like dystopian, and hate politics, this is for you! Chapter 1: S.O.S The constant fear of being caught made my bones rattle. Paper thin, lightweight, and plastic. I was one of those cheap skeletons made of hollow plastic. In one... (more »)
The Myth Untold
During the dark age the lord's forces had been working on a project to win the war that would enslave all unloyal followers. While the dark force was creating its massive army the rebellion had been working on a project. This project was to... (more »)
The Little Boy
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Was it a dream? Or did he really bring me there? I had just gone to bed a few hours ago. I felt the warm summer breeze brush over my head, and could smell the field grass and flowers. My peaceful sleep was interrupted. I woke up in my bed dazed... (more »)
Dino Travel
It’s 2015 and I am confused about where and what I am, I had a bad day at school about some things and I wanted to just get away, I sat there in fear and decided to try to sleep. Then things began to get weird over the next few hours, it felt.... (more »)
Running Out
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A stiff, concerned looking government official slides a keycard through a slot and looks into a scanner. Humongous steel double doors slide open and he hurries through. This is just another day for me. Millions like him have passed through me.... (more »)
The Little Boy in the Picture
I don’t know why people stare at me. They always look at me with sad or mean expressions. Those with mean expressions often call me “trash” or “filth.”  I just give a smirk back at those people, but I... (more »)
The Fairy Circle
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His was a world of colors and dancing. A world of music and laughter, intense, but blurry enough to be manageable. He lived his nights in parties, his days in sleep. For a while he dreamed, dreamed of days lost, of a girl, of a kiss, of a dance.... (more »)
What Happened at the Carnival was just the...
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The news was on and I, Elisa, was watching it, but barely.  There was a news item about aliens invading the Earth.  I wanted to watch it to make fun of all the people that said that aliens were invading the earth.  But sadly, it was not shown... (more »)
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Edmund June 8, 2046 Any day like the other I was woken by the morning wake up broadcast “Good Morning sector 10! The weather for today shows clear skies and warm temperatures going up to 93. In the latest news the amount of Skin Stretchers in... (more »)
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