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Here are the most recent sci-fi/fantasy articles:

Target Practice
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Five gunshots rang sharply through the air, the first of which tore my open my eyes from what I now consider “peaceful slumber.” I looked down to see my pink and purple skin. My eyes fixing on the marks left prominently from the previous... (more »)
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“Do it.” She clawed feebly at his hand, her voice thin and strained. His grip tightened around her neck as she struggled. “We both know you want to.” Eyes narrowing, he lifted her up a low growl rising from the back of his throat. “Do... (more »)
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The lady and the tiger. The lady had a tiger that she cared for that killed people in the arena. Everyone was so afraid of the tiger but he only killed the people in the arena because that was his food source.Most people did not care because... (more »)
The veil opened.
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Cold, weary, and stolid, he trudged on in both action and personality. To him, the city markets were a freezing hive of warm bodies walking every which way. A slight scent of citrus broke through the assault of rotting meat onto his nostrils.... (more »)
The Unspoken
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"Dad! Could you come here real fast I need to show you something!" Miles's dad marched up to his son's room furious with him. He violently opened his son's door and walked into his room, which was pretty well kept for a 14 year old to own. There... (more »)
Loveless #6
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I sit on my knees, with closed eyes. I'm prayin to a statue of the Upper Worlds Ruler. I hear the echo of footsteps behind me. I look behind me to see the God of Faith walking towards me, her shoes click against the marble of the floors.... (more »)
Night's Blood
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As I floated in darkness and embraced in nothingness the only thing I heard was a voice saying, “You walk the path of a demon, never forget that.” A light suddenly appeared in the distance. I walked toward it with curiosity until it... (more »)
A Light to Work By
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In the beginning, the world glowed with a strange light - deep blue, like a sapphire. It was barely enough to see an arm’s length in front of oneself. It was in this light that Aura, famous across the seven seas for her delicate stone jewelry... (more »)
The Fraudulent Gods
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     Guards circled the horse-drawn carts of vegetables like one massive shield. Hungry people began to shout at the armored men as the carts, filled fresh roots and tubers, rolled straight past their homes and continued to move towards the... (more »)
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Chapter 1                The October wind whistled through my hair. Where I stepped, fresh, crisp leaves broke and decayed. The smell of cinnamon was in the air on this magical day. Tonight would be All Hallow's Eve, known to... (more »)
Red: A Short Story
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  Deep within the Andromeda galaxy located in the Virgo Supercluster, twin planets orbiting binary stars embarked on another consecutive military campaign that marked an indefinite year of intergalactic conflict. To the untrained... (more »)
By , Oak Ridge, TN
I found myself unable to sleep as soon as I lied down for bed, which was extremely frustrating, as I wanted to know if my dream state would be active anywhere outside of the forest. I would not know this if I couldn’t sleep, so I tossed... (more »)
Refuse It All
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 Refuse It All They clustered in the room waiting for the clock to turn. When they saw movement everything went silent. As time dwindled she knew exactly what she had to do. ‘I refuse’ she whispered and they held their breaths as time... (more »)
The Lost Princess
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  Once upon a time long ago there lived a prince, a very brave and handsome prince. This prince was not no ordinary prince, he was very energetic, very hyper I should say, his name was Prince Joseph. Prince Joseph lived in this... (more »)
The Evil Witch
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In a far away kingdom lived a king named Steffon and a Queen named Elena .They had a nice big blue castle and tons of gardens . The gardens were like Elena’s children she cared for them nonstop.However there was one locked away garden... (more »)
The Kambria Star
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Deep in the most secret place in the Andes Mountains were no human had ever been, the closest thing to a human was the ghost of a 10 year old girl named Laina. One night when the rain was pouring on the evergreen trees, and the wind was... (more »)
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