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Here are the most recent sci-fi/fantasy articles:

Death Waits for No One This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The first and only time you had ever been to the hospital was when you were born. Your mother loved telling the story - you were quiet and calm, looking to all the world as if you were fast asleep, she says. Within the screaming and your father... (more »)
The World We Live In
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I swear I can hear everyone’s hearts beating in the darkness around me. Maybe it’s just my imagination. Maybe I’m just imagining this whole thing. Maybe if I close my eyes and count backwards from 100 then when I open my eyes... (more »)
Whispers From the Dead
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It is the human condition to think that every individual is significant to the history of the world. However, absurd that ideal may be, a person cannot deny that in their existence, they wish to leave a mark. In reality, there are only a... (more »)
Dadelia's Journey
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I ran my fingers along the edge of the mirror frame, enchanted by the sparkle. It was definitely antique. The silver frame almost glowed under the moonlight. When I looked into it, I saw myself, but at the same time, it didn't look like me. My... (more »)
Because of You This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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For many years the moon and the earth have danced their duet together. They have been with each other from the beginning and have fallen in love since then. The moon loves the earth’s many colors and enjoys watching it change throughout time.... (more »)
Lovely Poison #5
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I hum to myself glancing from my book once in awhile to watch my son play with a spirit. It was much like this peaceful day when I met the boy I would call my son. A year earlier. I sit on a bench in front of a park. No one notices me.... (more »)
Expensive Magic This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Jade had done her fair share of adventures. She’d defeated giants, made deals with dragons, stolen hidden treasure, captured goblins and dwarves, and fought almost every type of creature in the realm of dark magic. She’d done tasks... (more »)
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The Evolved Ones: Prologue Sneak Peak
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Lights… oh how they danced above me, blinding and blurring my vision. The haziness… dizzied from being drugged. My innocence - what’s left of it at least – is finally and truly gone. I am so young; ten years to be... (more »)
giving birth to a ghoste
By , Shah Alam, Malaysia
  It was four in the morning. The rain wouldn’t stop and I swear the trees were clawing at the outside walls. It was probably the fifth time I woke up, so I slipped on some longer shorts and went into the kitchen. I poured myself... (more »)
Tables Turned
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Levi fought back tears as he ran. The fight was over. All of his allies were gone. Many of the servants from the castle were dead or wounded. Many of his loyal knights had been taken captive and were under the sorceress’s control. His noble... (more »)
The Final Warning
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Invasion That was the only thing that described the surprise attack. It was so sudden, I didn’t have time to act quickly enough. And I almost got killed because of my slow movements. Everything on planet earth is destroyed and I haven’t... (more »)
Heads or Tails
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She breathes, properly, for the first time in the Underworld, inhaling the damp, stale air of the caves like it belongs outside on a spring day. Her abductor dismounts from his chariot and holds his hand up to help her, hesitant worry on his... (more »)
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Everything Changes part one
By , groton, CT
Your life can change at any moment. For me it was at a dinner party in New York. Everything was going great, we had just finished the construction of a very upscale, fancy, expensive looking building for some very wealthy people in... (more »)
The Four Princes
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On the 25th wedding anniversary of King Cameron and Queen Natasha, the four royal princes were called into their parents personal suite after all the guests had gone home. It was late, and the grand tower clock that stood regally in the main... (more »)
Frost Plums
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Theo tosses me a plum, eyes sparkling. “It's ripe,” he announces, biting into his own. I look down at the tart red fruit, coated in lair upon lair of frost. “Are you sure?” Theo nods. “Sweet as can be.” A mischievous smile slides... (more »)
Blood Moon
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The icy wind is digging into my skin, the freezing temperature chilling me to the bone as I run towards the shore. The biting cold not bothering me as I ran as hard as I could. My feet pounding against the uneven ground. My bare feet moulding... (more »)
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