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Most Recent Sci-fi/Fantasy Articles

Here are the most recent sci-fi/fantasy articles:

A Mother’s Choice
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Charlotte shifted her weight. She couldn’t seem to get comfortable in her white hospital gown. The fabric was coarse and itched her pale skin. The walls of the room were bare except for a couple generic paintings on the wall and a... (more »)
The Internet White Whale
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Cubo Minecraft Fanart Forest, Spring of 2012. Once, not too long ago, there lived a beautiful comic-lope named Cubo. He was a real work of art, with thin gray lines gracefully traced on his paper-white body, which was graceful even without... (more »)
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Cafeteria Foster was suspended from school for ten days. It wasn’t necessarily his fault, but he was suspended for it anyway. It wasn’t his fault that he was a bad cook, in a matter of fact that was why he took the culinary class in the... (more »)
Magnolias in Autumn
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It’s autumn once more. The breeze is filled with a fresh crispness that clings to any living thing it can find, almost as if it were endlessly searching for the warmth that left along with summer just a few weeks ago. Most of the leaves... (more »)
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After days of being in Puerto Rico, visiting. Araujo had sat in  her mother’s house. No car to go anywhere. Her mother had passed away, she was there to sell her things. She sat there, watching her Aunt’s soaps. Her Aunt was old and never... (more »)
The Forest
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The elders used to tell stories of a demon that lived in the forest at the edge of town. It would lure its victims into the forest and put them under its spell. They would return unharmed and seem normal except they would have actually become... (more »)
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What is a fallen angel? It’s a Pure being living in Heaven alongside God. What happens when this angel breaks Heaven’s Law? She falls back to Earth as an Impure. What is a reaper? Just like the angel, a reaper was once a Pure... (more »)
In The End
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I am the full-blooded son of the Summer Court rulers. My mother thinks I am an abomination. My father might as well think the same since he barely pays attention to me. My only friend is my father's court jester, and we only talk for a few... (more »)
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  It couldn’t be explained. It couldn’t be contained. Unmoving forms crowded the allyways, and had overtaken gardens, and the bare land. I couldn’t remember any time in my life that my beloved city was so void... (more »)
Mother Grim Reaper
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Like many many families with no room in their hearts; they abandon their children in a secluded forest. No one can hear their cries, for they are completely alone in this cruel world. The children cannot survive on their own, so that is when... (more »)
Melting Away
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  He was an exceptional child, but so many people took his intelligence as insanity, with his thinking more clinical than compassionate. He would often get a far-away look, where you knew that he was thinking of something more complex... (more »)
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“Wow, we caught a lot fish today!” “We sure did!” John replies. “Your pond is an everlasting stream of fish! Have you EVER had it run out before? Maybe its magic!” I say “I don’t-“ he starts but I cut him off. “The... (more »)
Hungry Food
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My least favorite sound suddenly blared in my ears and made me sigh and squeeze my eyes shut for as much longer as I could. The repetitive noise my alarm was making at 5:30am got on my nerves after the first “beep beep.” I slammed my hand on... (more »)
Ghost Town
By , Sarasota, FL
I was nineteen when I died. It wasn’t a painful death or expected, it just kind of happened suddenly one afternoon while I was on vacation. One second I was taking a picture of a “no trespassing” sign, then everything went black for I... (more »)
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      "Baby, I miss you" Jin whispered to me and I was about to reply her when I remembered that she was dead. "Help. Me.  Please. " Those were the last words I heard my girlfriend say. Five years had passed since Jin died but I hear her... (more »)
Where Am I
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When I opened my eyes, I saw a white tiled ceiling with small glow in the dark stars glued to it. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and slowly sat up, my back popping as I did so. I looked around the room, it was whitewashed and nearly empty,... (more »)
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