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Most Recent Sci-fi/Fantasy Articles

Here are the most recent sci-fi/fantasy articles:

Urban Fairy Tale This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Our fairies don’t have wings but they are brightly colored. Their neon bodies camouflage with graffiti and construction cones. They have teeth like rusted metal and they’re not afraid to use them. Our unicorns live in... (more »)
Keebler Pass This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
The coastline was dotted with rocks, refuse, and the occasional sea gull. The sky was gray, as it had been for the past week, and the sand had been interrupted by two pairs of footprints. Keebler Pass 1 mile Gas That was the... (more »)
Beneath Stormy Skies
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From an early age, I had no fear of thunder. To me, thunder was just the snap and rumble of white bedsheets in my mother's hands, their clean-dried linen scent nestling beneath an equally clean, grey sky. The sky that was the same color as... (more »)
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Life in the Disparately Contemporary Wild
By , Mobile, AL
        The air was soft and hot, the sky was clear, and the golden, shimmering rays of the sun were bestrewn across the sky. In the late 1900s in Umbra, an island located near the equator, such a summery scene was very common—in fact, it... (more »)
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She was sitting at a table across the café. Sipping her drink innocuously, expression placid. Nothing about her was wrong, exactly. She wasn’t behaving in a particularly unusual manner, not really doing anything to warrant my attention. But... (more »)
Cursed: The Gifted
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Will. Who is Will? He was the Chosen One. The one who was suppose to save everyone from the evil to come. But, he didn’t. It wasn’t his fault. It was my. I was suppose to be his protector. Protecting him from the temptations of the darkness.... (more »)
By , Arcadia, CA
    The first thing she felt, was that something rough was rubbing her hand. Already known what that would be, she turned her head and, with joy instead of surprise, saw a white Samoyed licking her hand.   “Morning, Petty.” Greeting... (more »)
Insane Interrupted
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I’ve written a few screenplays recently, but people keep telling me that they lack vision, that I lack vision. So recently, I’ve been having visions of those people drowning in shallow water, and that makes me feel better about the... (more »)
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The Last Day
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This was it. The last day on Earth. The words echoed ominously in Annabelle’s mind. She watched her baby brother playing in the corner, his chubby fingers gripping the blocks tightly, and it occurred to her that he would never live to be... (more »)
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    There was the lick of the ocean on his face, and she tasted like the lover in his dreams. Its cold brine on his cheek was not unlike the sensuous kiss of ice, where one knows it will burn and fade as all things do, but basks in its glory... (more »)
The Patient
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She swore she was drowning but there was no water, it was ll in her head. Over the years her paranoia got worse she feared it would happen again but, this time it would be real. Nothing could match the fear she had. After this occurred more than... (more »)
Alien Invasion
By , Bandar Bukit Tinggi, 41200 Klang
                 Hello there. The name's Ellie Hoffman. I'm 19 years old. And right now, I'm a survivor. From what you might ask? Well, I'm going to answer that one later. But first... (more »)
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“Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.” ~ Terry Pratchett, Reaper Man The humanoids marched... (more »)
Mirror Child
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The tapping intensified the more I tried to ignore it. I rose from bed and checked my window for what seemed like the millionth time and still there was nothing there. I had thought originally that it was a tree or bush or even someone throwing... (more »)
By , Fort Worth
There are few places on earth that are a sanctuary of all life, and all death. The field was one of them. Sir Lijart remembered the field well. He played in it as a boy. He remembered chasing that other boy… oh, what was his name? Even though... (more »)
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Mythically Mad
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May pulls the brim of her hat low over her face, staring at her lap, trying to entertain her senses any way that she can. She listens to the roar and clatter of the train and studies the intricate pattern of the skirt draped over her thighs.... (more »)
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