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Most Recent Sci-fi/Fantasy Articles

Here are the most recent sci-fi/fantasy articles:

Wizardly Miguel
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You know that kid that loves the game so much, but they are SO bad at it? Yep, that's me with basketball. People call me Hangtime. I know that sounds marvelous, but they call me that because someone aired a video of me trying to dunk, but... (more »)
Legend of the Magic Crown
By , Edison, NJ
“To this day, no-one has stolen from my king, and ‘till tomorrow and forever no-one will have stolen from my king, THE king.” Farrah declared.         3 days later “ What!! Your magical crown was stolen!!! Well then…”... (more »)
The Diamond Seed
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Archie Smith suddenly awoke when a tiny voice asked, “Is he the one?” “He has to be”, a different voice whispered. Dazed and drifting off, “Who’s there?” no response. Dismissing what had just happened, he fell back to sleep.... (more »)
Die Bremer Stadt Musikanten
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Once upon a time there was a very old donkey who worked for a farmer. Carrying sacks of grain from the farm all the way to the farm mill. But the donkey was getting old and the owner saw no more use for him and stored him in the shed. So one... (more »)
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"Yes, my lord?" I asked, curtsying, even though I was favoring my leather pants.I kept my head down, not daring to meet the King's ferocious eyes. "Why is the job not done?" He said, he voice laced with annoyance. "I hadn't had an opportunity... (more »)
The Selfish Rabbit
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“Hey, Grumpy! May I have some of that delIcIous food please?” saId Manny the deer. “I'm sorry, Manny, but I haven't eaten in forever, and I really want to eat some of thIs food,” Grumpy saId selfIshly... (more »)
The Net Wielder
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Light attracts shadows like moths  to a  flame. The Net Wielder knows this all too well. Cloaked and lurking stands she, waiting, watching. Not an inch of her flesh is visible beneath the deep folds of her cloak. The flourescent streetlamps do... (more »)
The Magic Flower
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Once there was a beautiful magic forest where sparkling streams flowed under the hanging leaves of willow trees. In this forest, many types of animals lived in harmonious abundance. Vibrantly colored birds flitted about singing jubilant songs... (more »)
An Illusion of Hope
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The only thing more vivid than the imagination of a child, is that of a psychiatric patient experiencing hallucinations. Silas Coldren was twenty-three years old when he admitted himself to Hope Haven Mental Institution in 1976. He arrived with... (more »)
Master of All Traits
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“That truck came out of nowhere. Like it magically appeared. One moment it’s a clear open road. Next there is an eighteen-wheeler coming straight for me. I didn’t have time to react. I began to serve and then I was at the... (more »)
50 days into space
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Shawn Beckham: A man in the control room tells me that I have 2 minutes till takeoff. I have been through the simulators a thousand times but now that I am about to actually go into space, I am experiencing some serious stomach aches, my... (more »)
Creators of the World
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It was a normal day for Henry until he gave away half of his hamburger. Henry thought of himself as an average person. People like him didn’t have any type of “magic” or distinguishing features except that they could blend in well with a... (more »)
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   “Blood is really warm, it’s like drinking hot chocolate, but with more screaming.” The bow was strung and the blade was sheathed, they were ready for the hunt, tonight was a big event. The people of Madlock had... (more »)
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I am sixteen. Which means I have to be tested. In the Cosmosylum. A room where they test our Powers. if we fail, that means we possess no Powers. But if you get a perfect score, you have Powers and you are given a necklace that allows you to... (more »)
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She watched the sun rise with fear and anticipation running through her veins. What tomorrow would bring she did not know, only that there was a future out there somewhere and she would have to find it.      The world had ended only a day... (more »)
The Problem With Immortals
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[A pitiful excuse of a human being, that’s for sure.]   The thief scampered through the passageway, his feet scrabbling for purchase on wet stone. Despite the silence, his ears rang with the servant’s words, “a trick, a lie, in the... (more »)
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