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Most Recent Sci-fi/Fantasy Articles

Here are the most recent sci-fi/fantasy articles:

Up and Down Again
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Brad quickly shut his eyes as the pair of bright lights struck. Realizing, after a couple of seconds that it was quiet, he opened his eyes, and what he saw astounded him. There, sitting silently in its on-going orbit, was the Earth. Realizing he... (more »)
A Tale of Mirror Kingdom This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Cupertino, CA
     Far over the Ten Thousands Sea, beyond the Mroice Islands, deep in the continent that was called Wophentree, there was a kingdom. The kingdom had previously been called the Flighter Kingdom, but nobody remembered that name anymore; as... (more »)
Almost is never the answer
“Almost there” I wiped my forehead with my hand and rubbed my hand against my clothes to get the sweat off, I continued climbing the mountain. In faster than a heartbeat I fell back farther than from where I started. I got up and... (more »)
It's Snout About Power
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“Boy this looks delicious!” Porcupine exclaimed, enticed by the scrumptious food. The sun shined brilliantly on Dog, Porcupine, and Dove as they feasted. However, the joyous atmosphere dwindled when Pig trotted over with a herd of sheep. Pig... (more »)
Being God Sucks This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
Nothingness. The freezing blackness where I was born. It was silent. It sucked. Not that it started out sucking, at first it was... nothing. Though to be perfectly honest, it was also annoying as hell. So I made somethings. Why? Because I... (more »)
Witches Burn
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Fire scorched her ankles, licking the soles of her feet as she squirmed in the hold of the scratchy rope. Tears would have stung her cheeks if flames were not burning them instead. “Witch! Witch! Burn the-” the mob chanted, stomping their... (more »)
A Pawfully Intriguing Tale
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“Help!” the gazelle shouted as the wild dog sprinted after him in hot pursuit. Though the dog was panting heavily, he finally caught up and pounced on the helpless animal. The canine ran about a zillion miles to finally end his chase. As the... (more »)
The Monkey and the Banana Tree
Once upon a time, in the jungle, a young monkey boy named Monkey was bored. He’d played all of his monkey video games, did all of his monkey homework, and played all of his monkey sports. Now, he had nothing else to do. Feeling slightly... (more »)
The Realm
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Prologue     Everything was in chaos. People were running around frantically looking for shelter, a sturdy building, anything that would hold up against the attacks. Buildings were burning and crashing to the ground. Children... (more »)
An Unsolved Murder
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My name is Chloe and a few years ago my friend Hannah disappeared. I am not exactly sure how. I think about it all the time, but it is all a blur. I have these nightmares every night about it, but then I wake up, and I can not remember anything.... (more »)
Key to a Locked Mystery
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    PROLOGUE Dear April Beck, Subject: Therapy Hi. My name is Bella Hurl. Yes, my last name has caused a lot of puking jokes in my life. Oh well, life is too short to be upset about what other people think. I live... (more »)
The Temple This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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       The girl’s presence sent a pulse through the narrow, arching hall. Curses perched on the rafters, eyeing the trespassing human. They found something disdainful in the c***y angle of her chin and the determined set of her face. The... (more »)
A Gem For Two
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Immortals. Humans call them vampires. They have fangs that can slide out from their positions as canine teeth. They don't sleep or eat, and they feed on human blood. They have rumors that circle, like humans. One rumor tells of a deadly assassin... (more »)
By , Ludlow, United Kingdom
Mattvey and his squad are cadets - youngsters training to become dragonslayers. After a brutal attack on the slayers' base, Mattvey's squad are thrown into a world they're not ready to defend.   Trapped by rubble and monsters, hope fades.... (more »)
The Silver Skeleton Key Part 3
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“Wynn, my name is Wynn.” "I'm Terra. Even under the circumstances, it's nice to meet you." A wry smile graced my lips. The corner of his mouth turned up at my reply. Just then, a deep booming voice reached... (more »)
The Citadel
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I’m jolted awake by the sound of the fire alarm. My first instinct is to jump to my feet and grab the knife buried under my pillow, but I realize too late that my body is too stiff and sore from yesterday to perform that action properly.... (more »)
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