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Here are the most recent sci-fi/fantasy articles:

Shadowy waters
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The day started off grand, The cool saltwater tickling Ellie’s pale skin as the small boat speeds across the Pacific Ocean. A calm serenity settling over her as her greyish green eyes dragged over the dark blue waters; The wind pushing small... (more »)
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Cynthia had been working as a waitress at the same diner since before the robots took over. As computers began to be better at most jobs than humans, a typical 40-hour workweek became a thing of the past. Even the robots realized, though, that... (more »)
A Crimson Rose
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Its a love, action, and magical story.  Chapter 1: The bloody pedal "So fradgile, so uniqe, so.....  so-" "Ceazar your doing it again!"  "Oh I'm sorry where we're we again?.... Oh  right the herbology class, we need-" (Sigh) " No... (more »)
Unnatural Perfection
By , Weston, CT
“Class, Can you name most common way to cure cancer?” Mr. Jones challenged my freshman class. About half of the class’ hands went up without hesitation. Mr. Jones asked all of them to say the answer out loud, and all of those students... (more »)
Shelving Dreams With Glass Plates
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When I was a little girl, I had this alien hijab that my grandmother stitched for me. The hijab was decked in embroidered pictures of galaxies and nebulas and what not. Grandmother had taken special care to weave a little alien with a hijab... (more »)
When Reggie met Jay
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    I sat in my bed, mindlessly scrolling through social media. After seeing the twentieth couple picture of the evening, I dropped my phone on my bed with a groan. I rubbed my eyes, static ruining my vision for a few seconds, before sitting... (more »)
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Way up on the millionth floor there was a little girl. Alone, Yale clutched her pink teddy bear to her chest. Peering down at the endless space below, Yale's heart beat like a hummingbird's. Her pale pink eyes once filled with laughter were now... (more »)
Daffodil Fields
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John was a stubborn boy. He supposed he got it from his father, though the only reason he thought so was because his mom said so. He guessed that this wasn’t a good thing by the annoyed and worrisome look his mother gave him whenever she... (more »)
The Dragon Who Crashed a Ball
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Valynne held up her arms and stared at the cream white ceiling as her maid tightened the constricting corset around her waist. “Is this really necessary?” she muttered, barely able to breathe. She felt as if her lungs were being pushed up... (more »)
Those from Beyond
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We came from beyond. Beyond the planets and the moons and the stars and the galaxies. At the same time, we came from within. Within the darkness and the emptiness. Our ships, thousands of midnight-black specks, entirely invisible against the... (more »)
What Happened on the Mountain
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I could hear the roar of the crowds even before my float had reached the parade street. They were ecstatic. They were cheering for their savior. Their protector, their keeper of safety. They’re cheering for me. I’m sitting in a fancy, but... (more »)
The Companion
By , Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Starting at age 10, humans are given animals that develop along side. These animals can range anywhere from a goldfish to a horse or even a dragon. The only catch is that they are assigned based on your behavior during childhood. For example, if... (more »)
The Girl With Eyes Made Of Ice
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There she was again. With her arms spread like she was a bird trying to catch a wind. Her long silver hair, that shone like the moon was flying around her thin body. She wasn't wearing anything but that wasn't what drew me to her. What caught my... (more »)
Slaves to the Alarm
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Mina, Mina! Get up now!” my mother shook me until I woke. She scrambled around the room, picking out winter clothes from my closet. The bomb threat alarm blared, ruining my eardrum. Grumpily, I muttered, “Is this a drill?” My... (more »)
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Teenage Witches
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Blair climbs out of the Uber car, and glances up at her grandfather's house. It was an old, Victorian, three story mini mansion. When it was first built in the late eighteen-hundreds, it was painted an eggshell white. Now, the paint has... (more »)
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The silence is pierced only by the ringing in my ears. Still air, bursts of heat singing the hairs on my forearms, a helmet growing hot against my scalp. The city huddles in fear, all eyes on the skies above, all prayers left unanswered,... (more »)
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