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Here are the most recent sci-fi/fantasy articles:

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The lukewarm rain pelted down upon the gravel road and nearby grasslands, sending up aromas of crisp sweetness. Speeding rivers in the gutter roared past Katherine as she stomped her way through the vast lakes that sloshed and churned on the... (more »)
Hidden Among Thieves
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Chapter One How many times did he have to keep giving before they appreciated anything he did? How many times would he have to give up his life to do what they wanted him to? How many times would he promise himself that he wouldn’t do it... (more »)
An Untimely Death
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Introduction Chances are that you’re picking up this book because you think the cover is cool. Or you believe that it looks interesting. Let’s be real here, folks. Everyone judges a book by its cover. Which is why in order to get... (more »)
The Silence of the World Without Words
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The man with sharp eyes arrived on this Earth precisely at the right time, with the right intent and at the right location with a Click click, click click. This was not the first time he had made this trip, but it just might be the last.  He... (more »)
The Black Beauties
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The world darkened around him. The energy drained from his body, as though someone had taken a straw to his lungs and sucked out all the air in one clear wisp. He dropped to his knees, gazing ahead of him. The women zeroed in on him their cold... (more »)
Mind Stealers
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“Wake up. It is time to wake up.” Xavier’s eyes opened, his mind calculating. But there was nothing to calculate. There was nothing in his mind to process. Just a bunch of empty space. He sat there a moment before they... (more »)
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I turn the corner off of West Boulevard and slowly make my way to the sweet sound of running water. Could it really be? I haven’t heard the sound of water for a long time. I follow the sound, making sure to avoid the toxic waste barrels that... (more »)
The Timekeeper
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     I am at the gates. For the first time in my life, I see them swing open from the inside. Someone walks out. He is tall, nearly six feet, and entirely black, like a shadow. The only color on him is gold, two eyes shining out from his... (more »)
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Where am I?   I don’t remember how I got here, but right now, all I can see are beige walls, stretching as far as the eye can see. People –who are they?- are scattered in little groups, some standing off to the side, but no matter how... (more »)
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                                                               HoloTron  ... (more »)
'Til Death Do Us Part
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In the Kingdom of Ayrith there is a war that has torn the country in half. With the late King Gramm passed with no living heir. Both the Druids and the Necromancers want to take the throne for themselves. Chapter 1: Introduction Here in the... (more »)
The Girl From The Sea
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The year of the Great Storm was the greatest flood anyone could ever recall on the small island of Maredoyl. Grey clouds swiftly rolled in with the crash of thunder and lashing of the waves. It poured for five days straight with no pause. The... (more »)
Coyote Chaser This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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   The night rang with the sound of screams as the woman fought desperately to push their child into the world.    Outside the man paced, back and forth, back and forth. When he tipped his nose to the wind he could smell the blood.    He... (more »)
The Assassin's Tree
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I was running for about a mile now and my legs were burning. I couldn’t run anymore. I was far enough ahead that I could rest for a minute. I might as well tell you what is going on. I’m trying to outrun the company of soldiers following me.... (more »)
The Beggar
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Walking down the street, I was as bored as ever.  The only thing I had done today is buy an apple from the local market.  I was dressed simply because I wasn’t very wealthy, and I am very unhappy with that; I want to be... (more »)
The Dalenian Hero
By , El Dorado, KS
When I was born, my parents argued about what to name me. My mother wanted my name to be Bridget, but my father wanted it to be Astrid. Eventually, they agreed on Astrid. When I was two, I wrestled a pink and purple monkey that my parents kept... (more »)
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