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Here are the most recent sci-fi/fantasy articles:

The End of the Rainbow
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Dear Diary, We’re almost to the end of the rainbow! It’s excruciating to see the band of color get closer in the sky, little by little. So close, yet so far! I want to just give up and rest, but Crystal and I have come so far... (more »)
The Hearts of Wolves
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They say when the days get colder than the hearts of man, and ice freezes to the cheeks of newborn babies, you will start to see things.  Shadows, moving quickly just beyond your vision, and monstrous things howling like the crying of... (more »)
Personification Tree
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I have rough-textured branches. No leaves remain in the sharp sticks. I have no feet; only roots. The roots remain attached to the ground; soaking up soil like plush sponges. It’s wintertime now; the ground’s powdered with snow. Despite not... (more »)
Soul Recycling
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No one actually knows what happens to us when we die. Some people see the light at the end of the tunnel. Some believe they are going to some happy, beautiful place in the sky, or some burning place underground, if they weren’t as good. Some... (more »)
Escaping Hell
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Racing into the little blue box Louie overlooks his beautiful masterpiece. He didn’t just create intelligent life; he made a utopia. Starting to spot people at the dock he hears them shout, “All hail the king! All hail the... (more »)
Earth Avi
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I’m not the dreamy type, but oftentimes I wonder what would happen if a jet’s side windows could pull down like a car’s would. Not that I’ve actually been in a car, I’ve just seen them in Earth movies. As I weave... (more »)
With You, Everything is a Surprise
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They said I was born kicking and screaming. My eyes couldn’t yet process the tragedies of the world. I knew from a young age, an infant even, that something was different about me. Every choice I could make was laid out in front of me.... (more »)
A Failed Project
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He looked upon his creation and sighed. It had been a wonderful little project, everything in it moving and working in harmony. But to look at it now, one wouldn’t be able to tell. It was ravaged beyond repair. He unplugged it and sighed. At... (more »)
To touch the face of God
By , Dunwoody, GA
We yearn for the endless abyss to send something back. We sent messages out hoping that something greater would find us. We hoped we weren’t alone in the endless abyss. We looked outwards at first, hoping something was there. From what we... (more »)
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A small congregation of various reporters and scientists stood in a warehouse in North California. As they crowded about a large object on a stage, covered by a tarp, murmurs of confusion were heard among them. They had been invited to partake in... (more »)
Anticipation This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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She woke up, unaware she had slept at all, to the crackling-leaf-rustle of her paper window shades, moving forward in the dark breeze and falling back to the glass, crinkling and crunching ever-so-slightly, stepping on eggshells around an... (more »)
Screams This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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“I need you to try to relax, Mia, alright?” Doctor Charles tightened the straps that bound her wrists and ankles, her entire body convulsing as she fought against them. Her eyes bulged and the veins along her forehead and neck popped as... (more »)
Magnetic Atmosphere This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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At 2:53 p.m. on October 19, 2022, every phone in the world buzzed in unison. It was not an Amber Alert or a hurricane warning or the news of a dangerous criminal; instead it was an update that brought hundreds of thousands of smiles.... (more »)
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BURP "Next!" Clink..Clink..Clink.. "Aworq Ronald. Judged for your crimes of Adultery. How do you plead?" "Innocent, me lord. I shall never cheat on me beloved." "That's... (more »)
Final Chapter: Happily Ever After
By , Hartland, MI
This is the final chapter I wrote of a fiction novel that does not exist. However, I did imagine this novel as switching each chapter between the perspectives of the girl, the knight, and the sorcerer. Synopsis of the novel: A young girl... (more »)
Happy Never After
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Once upon a time, long ago and in a land far away, there lived a princess who spent her days and nights trapped in a tall tower. In her tower there was one window, which overlooked the beautiful village over the mountain. Every morning when the... (more »)
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