The Pen

April 7, 2009
By Marina Maxwell BRONZE, Erie, Colorado
Marina Maxwell BRONZE, Erie, Colorado
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Chills crept up her body every time the wind blew. The clouds were getting dark and the rain was getting heavier. She wrapped her body tightly with her raincoat. It didn’t stop the raindrops that felt like icicles on her face. She cuddled into her coat and that’s when she saw it. There in the puddle was a large, ornate, silver pen. It was shaped like a snake. She felt herself drawn to the unique pen. She had to pick it up. While she was walking, she was mesmorized by the odd item.

The girl that found the pen was me, Haley Holland. I am thirteen years old and have an older brother named Andrew, but I call him Andy for short. I was walking home from the library when I found the pen. I knew that I had to hide the pen or my brother would want it. I finally got in from the storm and rushed into my room. The first thing I did was to get the pen from my backpack and hide it in my t- shirt drawer. Under all the clothes, I knew it was safe.

It was a Saturday night and my parents were out on a dinner date together. My annoying brother was out to the movies with his buddies. Yes! I was home alone and this was the perfect time to get out my pen. I snatched a paper from my desk and grabbed my gorgeous pen. When my pen met the paper, I was shaking with excitement. Before I could think a thought, the pen started to move without my hand moving. I was a little bit freaked out. It started to write and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The pen started to write “Strike at night”. What? What does that mean? I’m beginning to get a little creeped out. I decided to put the pen away and forget about what just happened.

Later, I was watching my favorite show, C.S. I. Suddenly, this big BOOM hit the house. My heart started to pound hard and heavy. “What was that?” Then the electricity went out. That’s when my skin felt like it was crawling out of my body, I was so frightened. I ran right to the pantry to get the flashlight. That’s when it hit me… The pen said “Strike at night”. It was trying to warn me. Wow, maybe that’s a magic pen.

When the lights came back on, I was relieved. I rushed right upstairs to my room. I wanted to see what the pen would write next. I grabbed the pen, out of my drawer. Then I pulled out another piece of paper. The minute the pen touched the paper, it wrote out “Test your mind”. Huh? Whatever! I’m tired, I’m going to bed.

My brother yanked me out of bed and yelled, “Hurry up loser, we overslept.” Mom had already gotten him up. We both hurried downstairs to grab some breakfast and run for the bus. At my first period class, I had a pop quiz. “Dang it”, I thought. Oh my gosh, the pen warned me again! This is getting really creepy.

That night, I decided to tell Andy what was going on. I knocked on his door and his music was blasting as usual. I had to knock really hard for him to even hear me. Finally, Andy opened the door and said “What do you want?” I told him, “I’m going to show you a secret, but you can’t tell anyone else.” He followed me to my room, saying “I don’t get teenage girls” and I mumbled “You never will.” I got out the pen and Andy said, “Sweet pen, Where’d you get it?” “I found it”, I said proudly.

The pen started to write as I held it. It started to write “Beware of Black Hair”. Then I showed it to Andrew and he said, “So what… YOU wrote that”. “No, I didn’t, the pen did,” I said. I told him that the pen tells me the future. He didn’t believe me and with a “Whatever,” went back to his room.

The next day at school zipped right by. I was waiting at the bus stop as usual. I kept wondering what the pen was trying to say. So, I went with my instinct and was looking for people with black hair. I saw people with black hair everywhere. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Then I saw a middle aged man with black hair drive slowly by. He was creepy looking and he kept staring at all the girls. He was wearing red gloves and it wasn’t that cold. I moved to the back of the crowd, so he wouldn’t see me. Finally, he drove off.

More kids arrived at the bus stop and I began to feel safer. I even saw Andy talking to his friends. I didn’t notice the crowd pushing me closer to the tall bushes that were behind the bus stop.

It happened so fast, I couldn’t even scream. A red hand went over my mouth and yanked me back. I tried to fight and scream, but he was too strong. I was so scared and didn’t know what to do. I could barely breathe. No one noticed that I was gone! I saw the red gloves and knew it was the black haired guy from the car. With all my strength, I tried to fight back.

Suddenly, the creep let go of me. I ran away as fast as I could. As I looked back, I saw my brother screaming and punching the guy. It was as if he had superhuman strength. Andrew jumped on the guy like a bear attacking someone who came near the cubs. Someone called 911. The other kids came running to help. Lots of people were screaming. We heard the sirens. Then the black haired guy started to run, but it was too late. The policemen ran after him. After a chase, they caught him. He was identified as a multiple offender and three time loser. That creep won’t see sunshine for a long, long, time.
I ran to Andy and gave him a hug. I started to cry and sniffled to him, “Thanks”. He said, “I’ll always have your back”. My annoying brother became my best friend that day.

When we went home, I couldn’t wait to get my pen. I wanted to see what would happen next in my interesting life. When I wrote, it was just like a normal pen. It didn’t write by itself anymore. That’s good! Even though it doesn’t predict the future anymore, it’s still a special pen. I plan on giving it to my brother for his birthday. Even though the pen doesn’t predict anymore, I predict that my brother and I will always have each other’s backs.

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