Side of a Bullet

April 7, 2009
By SILVER, Lockwood, New York SILVER, Lockwood, New York
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In a far off planet named Eaon a similar planet to Earth with inhabitances named kyhigans the troops were getting ready for war. The three countries on the luscious planet with all different ideas on how to bring the planet in to a secure and peaceful planet without conflict. The leaders of the parties have tried to put and end to the fighting but their differences got in the way of progress. Their senseless fighting left them unaware of situations outside of the planets moons. The time is a dark day when the planet of Eaon is ruled by a fourth form of race a new type of government. Three weird creatures took the lead over the government and control of the entire planet within days. The new rulers of the planet forced laws into the kyhigans with some slaves working in a volcano to where other escaped.
The former leaders of the planet and decided to meet with each other what to do about this problem. “What do you suppose then?” asked Shawn, “well we should fight and take it back and resolve the government problems later” replied Zack. “We don’t have the weapons to do it” said Thompson, and then Shawn interrupted and asked “what do web do.” They talk about what their going to imply to the situation. They decided to attack the armory before the aliens destroy it and them. Only a select few would be able to take the assignment to collect the weapons for their army. Forty-two men and women geared up for the assault on the armory. They drove tucks two miles away from the target area. The soldiers ditched the trucks and walked cautiously to the target. Seventeen alien soldiers stood outside the building, four other aliens walked up to the building and then inside. The forty-two soldiers surrounded the area to get a good eye on the place. One soldier stood up from his kneeling position and said “Open Fire.” The bullets raced to the aliens the force of the bullets impaled them to the wall. All the soldiers stood up and searched the area for more of the creatures. “You people stay out side to see if we get a surprise, you one, two, three, four you twenty-six fallow me” shouted Lieutenant Cerzen. The twenty-four of them walked inside and searched the area. Four alien soldiers stood in the middle of the room with weapons on the ground with some taken apart. The lieutenant signaled seven to fire upon the disgusting creatures. Several bullets pierced their skulls and they fell backward. One soldier walks over to an alien and says “disgusting” so he kicks it. Another soldier says “be careful he could still hurt you.” The lieutenant comes over and says “stow it private.” The soldiers snap a solute and respond with a sir. Cerzen dismisses them and tells them to go out side and watch. Five minuets the Lieutenant steps out side and sees something in the sky. He yells out “take cover, bomb.” The lieutenant runs out the others hide somewhere the bomb hits the building hard and sends the lieutenant flying. The lieutenant gets up and his arm starts hurting. His arm was about three ft away from where he landed in the sand. He walks over to the rubble of the building and does not see any survivors alive and heads back to a truck. He is driving the truck to the base about thirty miles away from where the bomb killed his troops. When he gets to the base he falls out the truck and runs in to the base. The doctor at the base patched up the lieutenant and put a mechanical arm on his missing limb. Weeks later when he is stable Cerzen is ordered to be debriefed on the assignment. “Lieutenant how did you mission go” asked General Cybonant. “Well sir we made it to the trucks and small armored cars. We ditched the trucks as instructed and started or assault on the armory. The outside threat was taken care of and some of us went in side to clear it out. The remaining aliens were killed. I went out side to check up on what was out there and found nothing. About twenty minuets later I saw something in the sky it was a bomb. I told everyone to take cover and they did. I was running out away from the bomb. It landed in the armory and sent me flying twenty ft. when I woke up none no one of my squad was moving they all died. Me with my arm blown off from it, it was a terrible mission sir.” “Dismissed Lieutenant” said Cybonant. Cerzen got up out of his chair and left the room with a solute to his superior officer. “Lieutenant I will make a request for you to get medical leave” said Cybonant. Cerzen left the building and made his way to his bunk to grab some shut eye.

The time Cerzen is sleeping he is dreaming of his previous mission before his disaster. The soldiers he served with are next to him shooting to an enemy of in the distance. Then it switches to a place where he is sitting laughing with his troops eating a meal around a fire. When it switches to the images of his when he sees them dead. Rock, steel covered his soldiers and he was all alone in the dark. He wakes up from the terrible nightmare and is sweating. He gets out of his bunk and goes to the mess hall in his uniform. He sits alone at a table thinking about his friends and does not touch his food. General Cybonant walks in looking for the lieutenant. “Good news you have been able to go for medical leave for a week.” The general shakes his hand Cerzen stands gives him a solute and the general leaves. The lieutenant eats his food and goes pack up his things for his medical leave. He takes a jeep to an airport and gets on a plane and moves to his home town named sypolius. When he goes to his little house on Cypress Street he digs out his keys with his robot limb and looks at it for a while. He thinks of the tragedy that he went through and shoved it away. He opened the door and threw his stuff in the chair next to the door. He first grabs the phone and dials some numbers. “Hello” asked a person on the phone. Cerzen answers “yeah is Carline there.” The voice answers “yeah hold on a second.”

Carline talks in the phone “hello,” “Hey its me the your only son” “Cerzen oh my boy how are you wait I’m coming over.” The phone hangs up, “well at least my ma knows I’m fine, she’s probably getting my sisters around so they can see. They’ll get scared when they see my hand and that’s the last thing I need my mom going spastic over an injury.” Cerzen went down stairs and laid down on the couch to sleep. Soon as he’s asleep the visions of his troop’s bodies appear in his head and he wakes up. He hears a noise out side and goes out side to have a look it’s a car beeping as it drives by. Soon a gray van pulls in to a drive way and his mother waves hi out the window. His father gets out the driver’s side door and helps his wife out the door. Cerzen jumps off the porch and to the van’s side door. When he opened the he saw all three of his sisters sitting in the back. They waived hi and started to make their way out of the small van. Cerzen ran back on to the porch and stood at the door way. His family walked up the stairs and into the house. Cerzen put on a long-sleeved shirt to hide his arm from them. Cerzen went in to the kitchen and gave his mother a kiss on the cheek and went to the refrigerator to get some drinks. He pulled out three beers and got a cup of coffee. He gave the coffee to his dad and the beers to his sisters and went out to the kitchen to get one for him-self. He opened the fridge with his right hand and his mom looked at it. She paused Cerzen looked up and saw her reaction. Cerzen took his mother out back and started to explain what had happened they both came inside and his mother had tears down her face and she asked her husband to come outside for a moment. Cerzen sat on the couch and opened his beer. Christine the oldest looked at his drinking hand and screamed. Cerzen jumped up and told her to be quiet. The other two asked her what was the matter. She pointed at his hand the three girls started to cry. Cerzen walked over to them and gave them a hug and told them the story of his tragedy. The parents came in and tears down their faces and gave Cerzen a hug the three girls joined in and they all started crying. They stayed that way for fifteen minuets and let go. The mother went to the kitchen and started supper after supper they called friends over and had a great time.
Eleven o’clock came around and people started to leave Cerzen’s family decided to crash there for the night. Three hours go by and all are sleeping. The phone rings, Cerzen answers it the call is from the general’s office at the base. The call indicates that he must report to the general’s office immediately with the other officers. He hangs up the phone his sister Sara stands behind him he turns around. “What’s wrong” asked Sara, Cerzen looks away and says “I have to go back to the base for military reasons tell mom that I miss her and that I’ll be back.” He grabs his duffle bag and heads out to the car. He pulls out of the drive way and waves by to his sister. He drives to the air port and fids his way back to the base to the old smell he just got away from. Another lieutenant walks in and tells him to fallow him to the general’s office. In the general’s office there were sixteen other lieutenants and three captains. Cerzen snapped a salute to the general and stood. “At ease today we are going to the HQ base in Syrade to discuss that matter of the humans. We just got word that they are rounding our planets atmosphere and we have no idea of their intentions. Get saddled up and ready to mobilize in ten.” They all stood snapped a salute and said sir. They ran out the door and move to a jeep. “That is not going to fit all of us looks like we need four” said John. They hopped in the jeeps and about three minutes later the general came out and sat in the passenger’s side seat and told the sergeant in the driver’s seat to go. Another lieutenant signaled the sergeant to go and so on. They drove on to the airport and hopped on a plane to go to the military base head quarters to discuss the important matter about the human race. As soon as the plane landed the hopped in jeeps to the base only six miles away from the airport. When they drove up to the base they stopped. A guard walked over to the general and motioned them forward into the base. They moved to a hall and into a big room with tables and chairs facing a huge screen. Over ninety-two officers filled the room and took a seat. Cerzen and the rest took a seat and faced the screen. Minuets later more officers joined the party and took a seat, the lights dimmed and the screen popped on. A group of men were sitting and facing the group of officers. Five generals sat on the right thirty-two lieutenants on the left and nineteen other officers in the middle. Every one sat down even the humans as in to shock of what the other was going to do.

The author's comments:
this is just the begining of the book

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on Jan. 20 2011 at 8:40 pm
LeafHeart BRONZE, Winter Springs, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"life is but a dream"

I only read the first paragraph.  It may sound a little harsh, but I felt it was written more like a summery, a quick "here's the facts" than an actual story.  I'd suggest that you read over it and edit your sentence structure.  Work on word choice and add some more detail about maybe trips. create a picture in the minds of the readers.

This is just my oppinion.  Feel free to disregard.


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