Torn (pt1)

April 6, 2009
By Paola Alvarado BRONZE, Lufkin, Texas
Paola Alvarado BRONZE, Lufkin, Texas
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The air was light and crisp. It’s gentle breeze was calming. The branches of the forest trees swayed from side to side. It was nature at it’s finest.
But even this picture perfect scene could not calm the soul of one.

Seth Anderson lay on the ground in a large clearing. His large arms were useful as pillows for his head. He had sandy hair with gentle blue eyes. And even though his size was large; his heart was larger.
On a tree branch laid another figure. Heero Knight was peacefully sleeping. His messy brown hair blended easily with the trunk of the tree. And the closed eyes hid his striking green eyes.
Seth groaned with dissatisfaction at the hard ground. He then proceeded to hurl a rock at Heero. He grunted to signal that Seth had hit his mark. Heero jumped down and stretched his massive arms.
“Is she here yet?” Seth asked impatiently.
“She’ll be here any minute.” Heero answered, hitting Seth over the head, who returned it with a whine.
Then, as if on cue, a young female stepped into the clearing. She had a pale, round face. Her hair was snow-white and hung around the backs of her knees. And on each side of her head was a dark red bang that was as long as her hair.
“Rhea!” Seth greeted her cheerfully. Heero merely nodded.
“Dark.” Rhea never figured out why Heero called her by her last name.
“Sorry guys, I had class cleaning duties today.”
The three had met their first year at the private academy they were currently attending. They were now in their senior year. Heero and Seth were known as Rhea’s ‘bodyguards’. She was not allowed anywhere without one them with her.
Rhea sat down in the clearing. The class had been cold but the air outside was warm. And Seth’s hot body was a great help.
“I thought you guys were hungry so…” She turned herself and picked up her neglected bag. She then pulled out three lunch boxes. One was clearly outsized by the other.
Along with a large size comes a large hunger.
“Awesome!” Seth roared and jumped for the lunch box. Rhea took her smaller box and opened it. A small lunch greeted her and soon a lovely aroma hugged her nose.
Heero took his box and began to eat. Unlike Heero, who ate neatly, Seth ate like a dog. They both ate in huge quantities, thus the larger boxes.
After they finished, they laid in the clearing resting.

“How’s Chairman?” Seth asked. ‘Chairman’ was Rhea’s guardian. Her mother had died and her father had left when she was born. After the death of her mother Rhea was sent to a foster home. That’s where Chairman found her. His real name is Ryan Winters, but since he was the head of the school, Rhea called him Chairman.
“Ok.” Rhea finally answered Seth’s question. She sighed.
‘It’s almost another year.’ She thought. It was going to be ten years. One whole decade. One whole decade without her mother. She tried not to think about it. So she closed her eyes and focused on the warming breeze…the soft grass…the calming sounds of nature…. And soon she fell was asleep.
Heero was the first to notice. He couldn’t help but smile at her child-like face. Her breathing was calm and steady. That was good. Both he and Seth knew that Rhea had horrible nightmares when she slept alone. Then Seth noticed. He too smiled and curled up beside her, to keep her warm. He then slid his arm under her head so she wouldn’t get her silky hair dirty. Heero laid on her other side. She was a kitten who needed to be protected.
“When do you think she’ll change?” Seth asked quietly.
“When she’s ready.” Heero replied coolly yet softly.
“Why won’t she change now?! She’s ready!” Seth whispered in a hushed tone.
Rhea turned slightly to her left at the hissing sound. Heero looked at Seth and put his right pointer finger to his lips before pointing at Rhea with the other. Seth bowed his head slightly and bit his lower lip.
“You know you can’t make a shape-shifter change. It has to happen on its own.”
Seth nodded in agreement and sighed. “I guess your right.
Heero bent down and over Rhea. He stroked her cheek softly with his fingers and whispered.
“Take your time Leader…Take your time.”

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