The Invisible Man

April 15, 2009
By Erich Gleichner BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Erich Gleichner BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
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One day, there was a man walking down a jam-packed street. The buildings were tall were he lived, and you could get lost easily. The people were all mean here. And the town at night was one of the brightest places on earth.

People were staring at Jimmy differently today; the way they glanced was peculiar and confusing. He didn’t like the way they looked at him so he sprinted home, despite all the traffic.

When he proceeded into his house, he looked in the mirror and his arm was vanishing, he was shocked! He could still feel it and use it like before but it was invisible. He was worried though if the rest of his body would turn out like this.

The next day, he woke up and jogged to the mirror to see if his arm got better. It didn’t get any better. He walked away disappointed and looked at his hand and thought, this could be fun.

After awhile his head disappeared but he didn’t care. He thought, “Let’s make the best of this.” So he called his mother up and said he got in an accident. She rushed over right away and asked what was wrong. He covered his body with a blanket so she wouldn’t know he was playing a trick.

By now his whole body had turned invisible. He opened his covers and screamed his mother was so afraid she bolted out of the house and into her car. She was so worried and confused that she hit a tree on her way home and died.

When Jimmy found out about this he was devastated. When he got over it (20 minutes later) he went off to scare more people. He made things float, break, and do things that people would not expect. By the time he was done with the city it was a wreck.

Jimmy was just getting started, and was acting a little too crazy. He ran over to a gang and started slapping their faces and punching their backs. The gang members were so furious not knowing what was going on. They pulled out their guns and started shooting in random places.

Jimmy then realized that he was harming people and felt bad for what he had done. Just then, he was shot multiple times and didn’t get to apologize to the people he hurt. This concludes my story of an ignorant man who needed help but denied it.

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