A Different Twist (Goldilocks)

April 14, 2009
By Melissarae9590 GOLD, Mesa, Arizona
Melissarae9590 GOLD, Mesa, Arizona
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Once upon a time there was a dark shadow- filled forest. Everyone in the town next to it was terrified of entering the deep dark mass of shadows, due to the fact that a family of angry wild bears lived in a cottage deep into the forest. One day, a fearless young girl decided to go into the forest because she wanted to prove she was braver than the boys. So as every boy and girl in the town watched, Goldilocks slowly walked into the forest that they were all forbidden from entering. With the children from the town finally out of sight she began to look around. After about an hour of wondering she realized that she had become lost. Not knowing what to do, she stopped and looked around. After about ten minutes of exploring her surroundings, she spotted a cute little cottage in a clearing. Forgetting all about the fearsome family of bears that resided in the forest, she entered the cottage without even thinking.
Looking around the quaint little cottage she noticed a table with three place settings. On the table she spotted the most amazing pudding she’d ever seen. Thinking no one would notice she took a bite. However, the first bowl was too hot, so she tried the second one, and it was too cold. As she went on to the third bowl, it was just right. So she ate and ate until her stomach was about to explode! Feeling tired from eating all the pudding she went on exploring through the house. Finding a room with three beds she realized that she was getting tired, so she tried each one out. The first bed was too hard, and the second one was way too soft, but the third bed was just right. So she fell into a deep sleep.
When Goldilocks woke up, she had heard a loud, terrifying, hart- stopping roar. The next thing she knew there was pounding up the stairs and into the room where she was sleeping. The family of bears had found her. And they didn’t like the fact that she had eaten there food and slept in their beds without their consent. Realizing that she was in grave danger, she tried out running them. She ran and ran and ran, but she just wasn’t fast enough. When the bears caught up to her, they ripped her limbs off one by one. As they ate her mauled body, they savored her sweet taste. Knowing that after this day, no one would ever enter their forest again because no one would ever hear from or see Goldilocks ever again.

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