Star Wars VI: Legend of a Cyclops Alien

April 14, 2009
Once upon a time, there was a brave man named Luke Skywalker. He is the most dominant ally in the world. He has a partner. His name is Planktonhead. He is known for his powerful scent and leaping ability. And, you have the Jedi. They are clones that take out their enemies with great and powerful force. They help Look and Planktonhead most of the time. And finally, you have their enemy. His name is Stewie the Cyclops alien. He is known for taking out anybody that gets in his way. His job is to slaughter everybody and rule the world.

It was the first day of combat. It was a cold and dark day. Luke woke up with a very bad headache. He had to train with Planktonhead so both of them could get into shape for the season. They did pushups, crunches, and they used the brand new Bowflex five thousand. Luke can bench-press one-hundred pounds. On the other hand, Planktonhead can bench three- hundred pounds. They spent about five hours working out. And, on the dark side, Stewie was working on cleaning his Darth Vader mask and modifying his light saber. It was a good day for both sides. And then, Luke’s doorbell rang and it was Stewie. Right when Luke opened the door, Stewie sneak-attacked him. He swung his light saber toward Luke and he ducked! Then Planktonhead came in and helped him. He lifted up his right arm and put it in Stewie’s face. He couldn’t take the smell and backed down and ran away. Luke thanked Planktonhead for helping him and they both called it a day.

Next, it was the one- hundredth day of combat. The fighting really started to begin. Luke and the Jedi packed up all of their things and began to move out. Planktonhead was in charge of doing the driving. Today, they had a battle against Stewie’s soldiers. At the end, most of Luke’s Jedi got killed and Planktonhead’s knee was busted in the battle. So, Luke a couple Jedi were left. They had their work cut out for them for the war. They had about two- hundred sixty five days to recuperate which is only about two weeks of real time.

Finally, it was the last day of combat to make a statement for their team. Luke’s team had to go to Stewie’s house for the war. They took every single weapon that they had because they were much outnumbered. Their plan was to surround the house and shank Stewie’s soldiers with as much ammunition as possible. They also thought that they should use sound suppressers so they could take them out one by one so they don’t cause any distractions. Luke would walk up to the front door and just approach Stewie. They had their plan ready and entered Stewie’s house. Right when he opened the door, he realized that Stewie put some C4 on his door. He ran as fast as he could away from the house and then it blew up. Stewie wasn’t in his house. It was a trap.

Then, Stewie and his soldiers appeared. They took out all of Luke’s Jedi and he was the only one left. Stewie punched Luke in the face and he fell to the ground. Stewie now had him at gunpoint. Luke remembers this from when one of his old partners was in this same situation and got shot. Stewie asked him if he had any last words. Luke said no and Stewie took the shot. But, something happened. The gun exploded in his hand. Luke had his chance to shoot Stewie and he did. Stewie died. He will never be heard of again!

The End

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Michaela S. said...
Dec. 9, 2009 at 9:24 am
Wow! This has to be the funniest thing I have ever read in a long time! I couldn't stop laughing xD
It was just sooooooooo funny!
Oh yeah, whatever happened to Plankton Head?
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