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May 1, 2018
By Unoriginal50 BRONZE, Ravenna, Michigan
Unoriginal50 BRONZE, Ravenna, Michigan
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You walked alone through the empty city looking for someone else, anyone else. The was once bustling with people, but now it was empty as a desert, and the only living thing here, and even the rest of the world. That’s why you walked. You walked around the world looking for another living being, and right now, you were looking in the city. There used to be skyscrapers that went passed the clouds, but now they were almost all collapsed.  There were broken buildings and abandoned cars all around you, but you were used to this so you continued walking in the ruined city. Eventually, you stopped in front of a store. You couldn’t tell what store it was because the sign was completely gone, but it was big enough to be a Walmart, or a Meijer. As you adjusted the worn-down backpack onto your shoulder, you went inside.

When inside you looked around the mostly raided store, you saw a sign that pointed to the food so you went to follow it. There wasn’t much, but you grabbed what you needed. After collecting the food, you headed towards the exit, but your backpack broke and everything fell out. You sighed and wandered through the store, leaving the food there to find another backpack. Eventually you did find one. It was a lot better than your old one because it had a spot to hook a flashlight, small, zip-up pockets on either side that were big enough to fill with batteries, although kids would probably put snacks in those pockets for school. There were also three separate sections in the main part of the backpack, and finally, it came with a hydration pack connected to it. You grabbed it and speed-walked to find a flashlight, and batteries, and then to the food you left near the exit. As you packed the food in your new backpack, you realized it was getting dark, so you went across the street, where there was a hotel. The top half was missing, but you figured there should be a room that is usable enough on the first or second floor, so you went inside.

When you got inside, you grabbed the skeleton key from a maid cart that was abandoned in the middle of the foyer, and then headed to the first room you found. You opened the door, threw your backpack on the ground, and did a belly-flop on the bed. As you lay on your stomach you repeated your name so you wouldn’t forget it. Every movie you have watched, and every book you have read about people being by themselves for the rest of their lives had said that they forgotten their own names because there wasn’t anyone to say it. So now, every single night, you repeat your name until you fall asleep.

You woke up at home with the sun shining in your face through the window. You instantly knew it was going to be a great day. You look outside and see the sun shining, hear the birds chirping, and smell breakfast cooking. You get up and put a robe on to go in the kitchen to see your significant other standing there cooking. They look over at you and smile. You always loved their smile, it brightened your whole world.

“Hey sleepyhead, I’m making pancakes.” They tilted their pan towards you so you could see. You smiled, but that smile disappeared when you checked the time.

“Weren’t you supposed to go to work?” You said, worried.

“No, silly! It’s Saturday!” They said

“You work on Saturdays.” You frowned

“Yes, but this is a special Saturday. Don’t tell me you forgot.” They looked at you with a smirk. And your jaw dropped.

“Oh no! That’s today? I totally forgot! I’m so sorry!” You went over to give them a hug, but they dodged your arms and kissed your cheek.

“It’s okay,” they laughed, “but I have to head across the street to the store. I forgot some stuff last night.” They walked out the door and you smiled. You watched them cross the street, but the sky got dark, except for the flashes of light. You looked up and saw a lot of fiery meteors falling out of the sky. One of them headed straight for the store. Your eyes darted from the meteor to your lover. The meteor hit the store with a loud bang. You screamed in agony of knowing you lost them forever, and when it hit, you felt the ground shake, and heard the knocking of rocks hitting the roof. They hit three at a time as you stared at the store. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. Silence for a few seconds. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. Silence again. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. You woke up for real this time and you looked around to see the glum hotel room, and the disastrous scene outside the window. Tears were in your eyes as you thought of the past, but then you got startled.

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. You quickly turned your head towards the door and stared at it, hoping it was your imagination. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. You walked slowly to the door and stared at the handle. You knew somebody was there. Maybe it was them… but how could it be, after all, you watched them die. Or maybe… they didn’t die, but how did they survive. You were about to reach for the handle, but it started twisting on its own. You stepped back, and the door swung open.

The author's comments:

In this short story I purposely left a lack of character descriptions and wrote it in second person POV so that it could relate to the reader just enough to make them feel like they are actually in the story

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