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The Epidemic

April 27, 2018
By maddieomara BRONZE, Grandville, Michigan
maddieomara BRONZE, Grandville, Michigan
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You know that thing you do when you’re really, really bored? Where you concentrate on something really hard and try to make it move using just your mind? Now, don’t laugh because this is something I know everyone has done at least once in their life. This brainwashed society developing habits that tie into technology, we see movies and read books about superheroes and their epic powers, and we wonder, what would it be like if it were real?
“I have had enough of you little brats!”
Shouted Mr. Esau on his usual Monday rant one particular day, this time it was because a kid called him by his first name, Hank.  Hank was all about respect and if one kid stepped out of line even the slightest bit, they got yelled at. I would know, it was a miracle I even knew his name considering the fact that I get kicked out of his class almost every single day.
Mr. Esau paced back and forth ranting and raving about how he was going to give everyone in this class detentions, he even boasted enough to the point where he stomped up to the filing cabinets, grabbed out a stack of detention forms and threw them on the kid’s desk.  He slammed the drawer close with a loud bang on his way back to his desk, the drawer bounced back open a little bit because of how hard he shut it. Now you make think this is weird, but this is on the list of little things that bother me and seriously trigger my OCD. Others on that list include marker on the whiteboard not being completely erased, people who get too close to you when they talk, and when people cause traffic in the school hallways.
I stared at the drawer, irritation quickly building up inside of me. This class wasn’t worth listening to anyways, so I concentrated on the drawer really hard, narrowed my eyes, and tried to shut it with my mind. Dumb, right? I don’t blame myself because I was really bored anyways so that gave my imagination something to do. But what I didn’t expect to happen was actually making the drawer move, even the slightest little bit.  I’m not crazy, I swear it did move!  But it stopped as soon as it started and made me almost jump right out of my chair.
I sat up quickly and stared at the drawer with utter shock, feeling the color drain from my face.
“ALANA KEENE.” shouted Mr. Esau
I took that as my que and quickly grabbed my things and headed into the hallway. Maybe I was being dramatic, but that stuff doesn’t actually happen in real life, it shouldn’t!
I noticed the eerie silence on the streets as I walked home from school. I unlocked the door to my apartment and stepped inside, I was met with the news on the television, volume all the way up.  I nervously walked towards where my mother was sitting on the chair as she slowly turned around to face me with a shocked expression on her face.
“Many people who have studied this unbelievable possibility say that it would only affect kids 14 and up in this generation,
The screen flashed to horrific images of a kid bursting into flames, another walking down a street while buildings toppled all around her, and more unexplainable supernatural examples.
“We advise parents and guardians to take the following precautions and notice the symptoms, these include…”
I didn’t hear rest due to the overwhelming noise of the pounding of my heart. I started to walk away but my mother’s hand shot out like a dart and grabbed my wrist.
“Do you know anything about this?” she demanded
“No, I can’t believe this is actually a thing!” I lied
She wore a concerned expression as she watched me walk up to my room. I walked into my room and paced the creaky, wooden floors. Maybe I was being dramatic, but that stuff doesn’t actually happen in real life, it shouldn’t! It just wasn’t the ways things worked in the world, compasses always point North, gravity pulls things downwards, and humans don’t have superpowers.  But the way things were in the world was going change, big time, and I didn’t know this then but I do now. I started The Epidemic.

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