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The Cinderella Prince

May 4, 2018
By jadynpoggi BRONZE, Salt Lake City, Utah
jadynpoggi BRONZE, Salt Lake City, Utah
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  Once upon a time there was a prince, his name was Cinderella. He had short brown hair with big brown eyes. He was very pretty and lived in the city. He is very rich and has 2 evil sisters, his dad passed away when he was 2, he does everything he can to make him proud. He lives with his step mom who loves him the most. The prince’s mom has a dog and a woodpecker. They have a great life, rich family, big house, nice mom, everything goes well until the ball. The ball is only in a few days, will Cinderella make it? Or will her sisters ruin it all?


Me? Well I am Cinderella’s fairy godmother. I love him to death. The main thing I do is grant him wishes, He seems like he has a bad life but his life is actually perfect, Besides his 2 evil sisters Cinderella is living in the dream...literally. Cinderella’s wish is to one day go to the ball but his evil sisters keep distracting him. Cinderella is 17 years old and his 2 sisters are 18, they don’t think Cinderella deserves to go to the ball, but I i do. Cinderella’s mom is so kind that she didn’t mind the evil sisters taking Cinderella out of school, the reason for that is so cinderella has to do all of his sisters chores.

One day Cinderella finally got his wish to come true. My goal was to get Cinderella the most amazing dress of all time, it had stones and diamonds on it with a hint of pink, it was perfect, until his evil sisters threw the dress in the mud and ripped it to shreds. The next day Cinderella woke up and had nothing to wear to the ball, he snuck out of the house so his evil sisters wouldn’t see him. He had to get another dress, I the fairy godmother, had to help him so I poofed him up a less perfect dress.. “ It’s good enough,” Cinderella says. It is now time to sneak out of the house, When Cinderella arrived it was more magical than he thought.

Cinderella danced until the clock struck 10:10 he ran off without a word. The prince he danced with found a wood shoe. He then followed the prince home and asked if it was his shoe. “No, said the prince it’s not my shoe.” “Then whos shoe did I find?” Asked the prince. The 2 evil sisters rushed downstairs and insisted that the shoe was there’s.” What a shocker “says the prince in a sarcastic voice , “the shoe doesn’t fit you.” The prince moved on and tried the shoe on the beautiful mother, but it still didn’t fit.

“Oh yes dear, don’t you remember when I said he’s living the dream,? said the fairy godmother, “Well he was literally in a dream. Then whos shoe did the prince find you must ask?,Well it wouldn’t be any ones wood shoe but the woodpecker!!” I hear my mom call my name as she wakes me for school.                                                     

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I doubt that I will win but this is just for fun.

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