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Today I died

April 30, 2018
By Girl.Behind.A.Screen GOLD, Council Bluffs, Iowa
Girl.Behind.A.Screen GOLD, Council Bluffs, Iowa
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“Luis hurry,” Terry sucked in a hard breath and let it out, “She’s coming.” A mother sat in the backseat of a car with her daughter as her husband sped down the street in a hurry. The little girl that sat beside her mother stared at her mother with big brown eyes gleaming with awe. Ann had always wanted a little sister. Though she was only 12 she made the biggest promise a sister could make. She would protect her with her life. 

“Honey, keep taking your deep breaths just as Dr. Wallace showed you. We’ll be there soon.” As the words left Luis’s lips Terry turned around with anger written on her face. Sweat was drowning her whole body.
“I know what Dr. Wallace said. Just turn around, shut up, and drive.” A giggle slipped between Ann’s lips. She found it funny when her mother would snap off. She barely ever did so it was rare.

Screech. A enormous truck not that far away began to skid around on the damp street. It’s headlights were shining straight into the car that held Terry, Luis, and Ann. The lights blinded Luis to the point where he couldn’t see enough to dodge the truck carrying steel pipes in the back. THe truck slammed into the car head first causing one of the steel pipes to loosen from the hold the ropes had on it.

“Luis are---” The loosened pipe was sliding down over the top of the truck and crashes through windshield heading towards Terry and her stomach where her unborn baby stayed unaware of the horror..

“MOM!” Ann hurried and shoved her mother out the way before the pipe could leave a deathly mark on her. Tears streamed through her eyes. Ann could feel the coldness of the steel as it pierced through her. “I promised to protect you my dear sister and I did. I always will.” Ann whispered before her eyes shut and her breathing stopped.


Darkness is all I could see. Warmth was spreading out upon my body as if the sun were shining down on me. My back ached from the points pushing into me. Slowly my eyes began to flutter open. I was blinded with a light so bright. As my vision began to focus I could see the top of towering trees over me. Trees surrounded me in every direction. This has to be a dream. Last thing I remember is falling asleep at home. Suddenly my heart begin to thump over and over again. No longer could I hear the sounds of nature and wildlife but only the thumping of my heart in my chest. With a quick motion of a blink a little girl that looks about the age of 12 appears of few yards ahead of me.

“Hello? Do you know where we are?” Instead of answering my question all she did was stare into my eyes. Chills fled my body in an instance. I felt transparent with her eyes peering at me. Slowly I began to stand up. My legs were wobbly at first but quickly I found the feeling back in them. As I started to walk towards the little girl she just up and disappeared. Turning in circles and circles I tried looking for her but it was as if she vanished in thin air. That proved it, I was definitely going crazy. Who the heck see’s little girls vanish in thin air? Not to mention but who the heck wakes up in the middle of the dang woods?

My heart began to thump quickly again. Sliding down the trunk of a tree I buried my hands into my face. I just want to go home. I’ve never missed my family so much. Tears were streaming down my face. The more I tried to wipe them away the more they came. It’s better I face the truth now. I’m stuck here and i’m not going anywhere. Within an instant my eyes flutter shut again.

I opened my eyes to see that daylight had passed and it was night now. You’d think that after waking up in the woods would lead me to not wanting a nap. The moon hovered over the canopy of trees. Great just great. My mouth started to feel dry and clammy. My thirst was taking a peak out the dark and decided to torture me. Again, just great. Turning my head I peered through the woods. If I weren’t stranded here i’d be beautiful. As I was looking something caught my eye behind a tree. A white piece of cloth was hanging out from behind as if a person was behind it. Slowly I got up and starting walking towards it. I’m totally earning myself something horrible. In every scary movie the one to go towards the unknown thing is also getting a step closer to death. When I finally got to it there stood the little girl. Like last time she disappeared but she just went a couple more yards in front of me. I would follow her and she would disappear farther away. A cat and mouse game really isn’t what I want to be doing right now.

I went to turn around but something caught my eye, something so beautiful. It was like a mirror on the ground. The star and the trees towering over were being reflected off of it. As i walked closer realization hit me. It wasn’t a mirror, it was lake. Rushing over to it I quickly got on my knees and through the water in my mouth disturbing the stillness of the lake. When my craving thirst was finally satisfied I turned to look for the little girl who lead me here. But as before she was gone. I sighed and laid down next to the lake and stared out upon the sky. The stars were shining so big and bright. Shutting my eyes tight I tried to close the door on the memories trying to push through. But it was no use.

Walking through the door of my home I expected a hello or how was school from my mother but I was faced with silence. My eyebrows scrunched into confusion. Usually mom would be in the kitchen cooking dinner but there was no aroma of food. Shrugging my bag off my shoulder I made my up the stairs. The light that was to my parents bedroom was on. I began making my way to it. The closer I got to the room the more I could hear. Sniffles and broken sentences were coming from my mother. What I saw when I finally got there broke my heart. There my mother sat on the ground with stained yellow picture in her hand.

That was first day my mother has ever let me see her cry. She was so broken and torn up that the instant my arms went around her to comfort her she began to cry hard in my chest. Even to this day she’s never told me why she was crying. She said that I wasn’t ready to know yet. I never understood what that meant though.

Roughly I wiped the tears from my eyes. Sat up and there she was again. Just staring. So I did the same. My eyes roamed over every aspect of her. Some part of me felt familiar with her. But i’ve never seen her. Her dark black hair cascaded down upon her back. Her big brown eyes gave a soul looking stare. Then for the first time ever she made a movement. She lifted her hand and ushered for me to go to her. With confusion I stood up and began to follow her.


Hours! I’ve been walking nonstop for hours. My feet are aching from walking over tons of branches. Every time I try to sit and take a break she ushers me to follow her again. Best part of it is I don’t know even know where i’m going. Probably taking me somewhere to be her ghostly dinner for all I know. If so I really hope it’s sooner than later. If I were to take my shoes off i’m sure to see blisters overtaking it. “Where are we going? I can’t make it much longer.” As the words leave my lips she stops and faces me. For the first time a gentle smile makes it way upon her face. Her small delicate hands raise and point in the direction ahead of us. Before I could even complain I saw it. Quickly I forget about the blisters lining up on my feet and sprinted for it. There it was the entrance of the forest.

I was one step away from being out the woods. Before I could take it something stopped me. This mysterious little girl helped me and I had no clue who she was. I turned around and faced her. “Who are you? Please tell me.” I pleaded but she never answered. She just disappeared and left a yellow stained picture at my feet. The same one my mother would cry into. I picked it up and stared at it with wonder and confusion. The same little girl was in the picture standing beside what looked like my pregnant mother. I turned it over and my eyes became teary. Little Ann and little sister Alison before entering the world. She was my sister. In astonishment I took a step back. Suddenly all I could see was white. But not before hearing you don’t belong here yet my dear sister.


“I can’t lose her too. Please you have to be able to do something.” A familiar voice said with a cracking voice.
“I’m sincerely sorry but there’s nothing we can do. She’s gone.” An unknown voice spoke in sorrow. I tried to force my eyes to open but they wouldn’t move. After that blinding light all I can see now is darkness.

Beep..Beep….Beep. Suddenly my eyes opened wide and I was lying on a hospital bed. My mother was crying into my father's chest. A man who looked like he was a doctor was about to walk out before I disrupted him.
“What happened?” Eyes shot up at me. Everyone’s face was filled with shock.

“My dear lord. Thank you. Thank you so much.” Tears flowed through my mothers eyes as a smile appeared on her face.

“Mom what happened?” Questions were running through my head. What happened I just was in the woods. How did I get here?

“Hello Allison i’m Dr Isaac. You were in a bad car accident. You died and we didn’t think we’d be able to bring you back. Thankfully we were wrong.” I was dead. It hit me like a truck. No pun intended. So that meant Ann my sister was dead. That’s why I was able to see her. That’s why she helped me. She protected me.

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