Somewhere in Space

April 26, 2018
By Anonymous

Somewhere in the Milky Way, there are three teenagers chilling in the rocket Pandora 037, before years were even a thing. Luna, Dawn, and Leo were chosen to be the first people from their planet to be sent into the Andromeda Galaxy. They are from the plant Norma located in the Cartwheel Galaxy. Their mission is to find a habitable planet for the Normas to live in. Luna, Nova, and Leo were chosen to be sent on this mission due to their high tech abilities.
“I hope we see something soon. I am tired of just sitting in this rocket with nothing to look at or do. I’ve already read all of the books we brought with us,” Luna says. Luna is fifteen years old with pale skin and pastel blue hair. She has bright violet eyes and is short for her age.
“I hope we do too. I really wish I had some chocolate to snack on, but someone had to eat it all the first few days in space,” Leo says looking at Nova. Leo is a muscular seventeen year old with emerald green eyes, platinum hair, and tan skin tone. Back on Norma, Leo was a star basketball player.
“I’m sorry I was the only one eating any! If you wanted some, you should have taken some,” Nova replies to Leo. Nova is a beautiful sixteen year old. She is tall and slim with black hair and dark blue highlights. She has bright blue eyes and a dark skin tone.
As the teens sat around the lounge and bickered, they did not see the small planet they had just flew by.
Luna says, “I am going to look in the control center to see if they have anything to read while you two continue to argue about chocolate of all things.” She got up and walked out the door leading to the control center.
“I wonder why she is so shy. She is more worried about reading her next book than if we are going to find anything out here a billion light years away from home,” says Nova gloomily.
As soon as Nova finished, Luna let out a high-pitch screech.
“What’s wrong?” Leo yelled as he and Nova ran to the control center.
“I see something! I see something! Finally!” shouted Luna as she jumped up and down.
There was a huge planet surrounded by rings which were pink, gray, and brown. The planet itself looked yellowish-brown.
“This planet is ginormous! Norma looks like a speck of dust compared to this. I wonder if anyone lives on there?” asked Leo.
“Let’s go check it out. You all need to buckle up, I’ll steer us there,” stated Nova as she started to walk towards the controls.
Leo and Luna strapped themselves into the gray space seats they used when they first blasted off of Norma. The control center did not have much besides the seats, the controls, and a chest with instructions, directions, and supplies in case of an emergency. Nova strapped herself in and prepared to steer the rocket towards the unknown planet.
WHOOSH. The rocket was off and speeding towards the yellowish-brown planet.
Nova had to go up and over the rings so as not to hit any of the rocks, ice, or small particles that made up the rings.
“I don’t know if we should go explore this planet, Nova. It doesn’t look like we can survive on here especially if there is ice is one of the components of the rings,” said Luna shakily.
“I agree,” Leo said. “Maybe this planet is like the gas planet Ophelia next to Norma. We should turn around and keep looking. There is probably other planets out there.”
“Fine,” Nova says, “but I want to test the air and see what this planet is made up of.”
Nova stopped the rocket from approaching and unbuckled herself. She got up and walked out of the control room to the lab in the back of the ship with Leo and Luna were right behind. Nova grabbed a telling device from one of the cabinets and strapped it into one of the testing windows. The testing window is a window that can be opened to the inside and the outside of the ship but not at the same time. There is a strap at the bottom that allows any device to be immovable.
“Now we wait a few minutes,” mumbled Nova.
“We do know how to use the assessor, Nova,” Leo said to Nova as he watched the screen located near the windows. “Look! The results are on the monitor! This planet is mainly made of hydrogen, helium, ammonia, and methane. No way we would have been able to survive there or even breathe.”
“Well now what do we do?” asked Luna.
“We continue looking we can’t give up now since we made it this far,” said Nova.
“I think we should stay in the control center because there might be planets nearby,” said Leo.
The two girls and the boy walked back to the control center and sat around. They just looked out the glass windows and looked at the stars the rest of the night.
The next day the teens were hanging out in the control center playing cards when Nova said, “Do you all see that light way back there? It is really small, but it looks like it is getting bigger the closer we get to it.”
Leo said, “I noticed that too, but I wasn’t sure if I was making it up.”
“Let’s check it out,” said Nova as she walked up to the controls. “Guys, strap in.”
Everyone strapped in and prepared to speed off. WHOOSH. They were off.
“No way! Do y’all see that planet over there?!” exclaimed Luna.
The teens were super excited to finally see something that proved there were other living being out there. Nova typed a message to the people monitoring the rocket on Norma.
“You were right, Luna, there is a planet right over there,” said Leo as he pointed to the planet that was becoming bigger by the second. “Let’s head towards it and check it out.”
As the got closer to the blue and green planet, the kids went to the lab to test the air. Leo put the accessor into the space window and waited.
“What if this is a planet with life on it? We will be famous for discovering it!” yelled Leo. “Look! The components of this planet are nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and argon. This is perfect to live in!”
“No way. This cannot actually be happening! Luna, pinch me to make sure I’m not dreaming,” said Nova. “Ouch! Not that hard, Luna!”
“Can we please go land and see what is on this planet?” Luna begged. “Please, please, please!”
“We are definitely going to check out this planet,” said Nova confidently. “Everyone hold on tight.”
With a WHOOSH, they were off. They were off once again going even faster than last time. As they got closer to the planet and could point what was land and water, the kids grew nervous.
“Are-are we sure this i-is a good idea?” stuttered Luna.
“Yeah, I’m not so sure about this,” mumbled Leo.
“Guys! Are you both serious right now?” exclaimed Nova. We might be making the biggest discovery in Norma’s history. We cannot, and I mean cannot, chicken out right now. Now, put your big girl or boy panties on and get ready for the greatest adventure of your life.”
As they got closer, they started to notice more things like huge rocks, forests, and mountains. Nova prepared to land them in a flat, grassy field where there was no buildings or forests.
“Hold on!” Nova shouted.
The rocket landed roughly, but everyone was okay and safe.
“So,” said Leo. “Time to meet the people of this planet.”
As Luna, Nova, and Leo stepped down from the ladder of the rocket for the very first time, they noticed the tall, green grass and the huge oak trees with birds flying around. Although they saw various physical features, they did not see any beings. 
“Well, the land is habitable, but there are no people here. We should report back to Norma and let them know of our findings,” suggested Luna. “If we could let them know, they could come here and help us startup the new nation. But for now, we should stick near the spaceship, so we don’t find or cause any trouble.”
“Good idea,” replied Nova. “I’ll go send a message to the Norman government informing them of our findings. You both should go explore a little but don’t travel to far.”
“Sure thing,” said Leo. “Come on, Luna, let’s go.”
While Luna and Leo were walking near the spaceship, they heard and huge ROAR that shook the ground they were walking on.
“What on Norma’s orange ground was that?” said a freaked out Luna. As soon as she stopped speaking, she saw a huge reptile-animal thing. It was very tall with long bony legs and short arms. It also had a huge head and sharp pointy teeth.
“Maybe we should head back to the ship,” said Leo.
“I do too,” replied Luna.
Back in the ship, Nova was listening to Luna and Leo describe what they saw when Nova got a message back from the Norman government.
Leo read it out loud: “‘This is very exciting news for all of you as well as for all of us. We are thankful for you three for agreeing to take this job. We are starting to pack of ships with tons of supplies to send to the current planet you three are on. We have the location from your rocket, so we know where to go.’”
“I am so excited to see my friends and family from home! I haven’t noticed how much I’ve missed them since now,” cried Nova.
“I feel the same. Hopefully they remember to bring some of the books from the library with them. Maybe we should send them another email politely asking if they could bring some,” said Luna.
“I’m sure they will,” said Leo. “Let me finish the rest of the letter, so we can go out and explore some more: ‘Your families will be on some of the first flights out since you three volunteered for this mission. Stay near the spaceship for now until we arrive there. Thank you three so much for this. Sincerely, the Norman government. P.S. We have come up with a name for the planet instead of just calling it the blue and green planet. We have named it earth after Nova described the ground and trees to us. Thanks again and see you all soon.”

The author's comments:

As of recently, I have been obsessed with space so that inspired me to write about something in space. 

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