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A Crimson Rose

April 25, 2018
By Cadenza101 BRONZE, Wilmington , North Carolina
Cadenza101 BRONZE, Wilmington , North Carolina
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This story will continue but for now enjoy and I hope you enjoy it

Chapter 1: The mysterious figure

The sun is just rising above the horizon, as the waterfall reflects the light bouncing onto the plants around making the scenery a glittery glow. Yes, this is paradise but there's just one problem, Witches! Witches are among us in our troubling time. Not knowing where the be hiding, or rather where they are flying!"

As the crazy man screams into the street.

"Witches?! but are they truly real?" the children ask in fear.

"Yes they are real 'lads, I saw one with my own eye and my what an ugly creature she is."

A door opens behind him knocking him off his chair, " Ow! what in blazes is- oh my dear..." he says nervously.

She crosses her arms in disappointment. " You better not be scaring those damn kids again, I don't feel like apologizing to there parents again."

He gets up from the ground and set the chair up against the cottage wall and gathers the children, " He lets go to the willow forest and finish the story there? " The children cheer and runs off into the woods. the wife looks at him with deep anger and storms off into the cottage. (Slam!)

"Well I love you too dear... (sigh)" He walks into the woods and the moment he steps one foot over the sun line he hears a loud scream and right away he runs to see if the children are ok.

Running with all his might and no sign of the children, he wonders how far into the woods they could have gone.  Then he hears a horse running right behind him, The creature was as dark as the night covered in wight shining armor, and on top of the creature a being whose cloak was as deep as blood, leaving behind a smoky trail af ashes.

"What in blazes was that?" He yells trying to hear the children but no response, he desperatly yells for at least one last time and runs all over the woods but can not find them.

He starts heading for home. As time passes by he notice a figure in the distance, it was the same person that was on the horse.

"Hey you there! Have you seen the children?! Please tell me have you seen the children?" He bends to its knees and beggs or mercy and to know where the children are.

The hooded figure raises its cloak reaveling the chldren underneath. They giggled and rushed towards the old man. He hugs the children with tears down his face, " Your all alright, I was worried sick about you, Thank you- Its gone!"

The hooded creature was gone as he lifted his head, he looks at the children still worried, " Did that thing hurt you in any way?"

The children laugh and said no the person helped them when a wild dog apeared  and the person charged straight for it then the beast attacked the horse and it turned into ash. It sliced the beast in half and they took us out of the woods.

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