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April 23, 2018
By Anonymous

Once upon a time, there was a princess named Veronica Evergreen. She lived in the biggest palace in Versailles. While she was sleeping one night, she was taken by her family’s archenemies, the Lodge’s. Veronica’s family was horrified to not find Veronica in her room. The family was scrambling all around the palace to plan a search for Veronica. While the guards are out looking for Veronica, the Lodge’s are about to approach their castle in Belgium. Veronica is trying to find answers as to why they kidnapped her. Veronica found out that were planning an arranged marriage for her and their son, William Lodge. William was a handsome, charming young man. Now, Veronica wondered why they had to kidnap her to arrange a marriage. They told her that they feared the Evergreen’s would decline their offer. Veronica told them they should have at least tried. Meanwhile in Versailles, the Evergreen’s were wondering who would take their precious Veronica. Soon, they come to the conclusion that their archenemies, the Lodge’s, took Veronica. But why, they wonder? The Evergreen’s sent their guards to Belgium to retrieve Veronica from the Lodge’s. At the same time, Veronica’s mother, Helen, called their palace. William’s mother, Lucy, answered the call. Helen asked, “Where is my daughter?” Lucy said, “Here with us. She is safe.” “What do you want with her,” Helen asked. Lucy answered, “We would like for Veronica to marry our son, William.” Helen, trying to keep calm, replied, “You kidnapped our daughter so your son could marry him?!” Lucy answered, “Yes. I am so sorry for the measures that had to be taken.” Helen said, “Yes, you should be. That was very unnecessary. You could have easily called.” “Veronica said the exact same thing,” Lucy said. “Veronica? Where is she? I would like to speak to her please,” Helen said. Lucy replied, “All right. I will go fetch her.” A few minutes later Veronica answered the phone. “Mother, Mother, is that really you?” Helen answered, “Yes, darling it is me. I miss and love you very much. We will see you soon. We have sent guards your way to retrieve you.” Veronica replied, “Marvelous! Just to let you know, I am safe here. They just want me to marry their son. And, I think I want too.” “We can talk more about the marriage when we see you,” Helen said. “Mother, I am going to marry William later this afternoon. I would be delighted if you joined the ceremony,” Veronica said. Helen replied, “You will found out the answer at the ceremony. Good bye. We love and miss you very much!” Once Veronica and Helen ended the call, Veronica began preparations for the big day. The Lodge’s palace was decorated with white and gold. It was so elegant and beautiful. There were 3 hours until the ceremony. She was already in her white laced dress with her hair half up in a messy bun. There was still no sign of her family. It was time for her to walk down the aisle. When she turned her head, she saw her family in the distance. Veronica began running with joy towards her mother and father. It was time. Veronica and her father were walking down the aisle. The heartfelt ceremony ended with William and Veronica sharing a kiss to begin their new life together. The Evergreen’s and the Lodge’s put aside their differences and supported their children’s love.

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