Finding Hope For The Village

April 23, 2018
By ShayleeP BRONZE, Ridgway, Pennsylvania
ShayleeP BRONZE, Ridgway, Pennsylvania
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Once upon a time long, long ago sat a village. Miles and Katie Roseberry lived in a cramped village where there was little wealth. Since Queen Dominique Rhoda Evans took over everything went downhill. Children were not allowed to play outside during their freetime; instead they would have jobs to do everyday to keep the queen satisfied. The world was now a dark place. Nowhere was bright and sunny, no place was clean and child was happy.
    In the afternoons, Miles and Katie would meet after their daily chores. Miles chores included: cleaning the animal stalls, feeding the animals and butchering any of the sick ones. Katies chores were: doing the queen and her servants laundry, washing the nice china, and giving the queen her meds. This was the life that they had, and it would never change. They were grateful working in the palace because the village they lived in was miserable to everyone.
    One day Miles and Katie met at their favorite spot to eat lunch after the chores.
Miles said, “I'm tired of the Queen treating us like garbage! Lets run away Katie to a better village where life is equal and no one is punished!”
“We would get caught, and you know it.” said Katie
“We’ll do it at night when no one's watching. We’ll do it tonight; it's the perfect time!”
Katie replied to Miles “Let’s do it!”
    So Katie and Miles went to the end of the village and at that point they entered the badlands. This was a place where no one would go. The forests were mysterious; any who entered would not come out. The swamps were filled with creatures that could kill. The meadows had skulls of the screeching birds prey. Katie and Miles did not care; they needed out of the village. They needed out. Their lives were terrible, and they needed to search for better.

    Three days have past. Katie and Miles have been in the forest without food and little water; they were starving. They needed to find a way out of this never ending forest. They thought to themselves, “Is this why its called the badlands, because you can't find your way out?” Finally they came across a wonder; one would  say a delightful sight. Red apples hanging from a ginormous apple tree. They were in such amazement.
“Are they real?” asked Miles
As Katie carefully started to climb the apple tree she shouted, “Im not sure , but I bet we will find out.”
As Katie got higher and higher on the tree, she began to pick every apple her small hands could reach. As she picked them, she would throw them down to Miles, and he would then make a nice pile of the apples. Miles began to get hungry, so he shouted,“Katie, I'm starving. Will you please get down here before you weaken and can't get down.”
Katie called back, “On my way!”
Almost as if Katie glided down the tree, she landed safely right next to Miles and sat down to eat three juicy apples she had picked. Both taking an apple in their hands and opening there watering mouths to take a pleasurable taste; they began to eat them.
About ten minutes had past and Katie said “Something doesn’t feel right. Are you okay Miles?”
Then Katie looked over to see that Miles was knocked out cold. Her efforts to wake him up were useless, and soon enough Katie began to get restless and fall asleep.
Both waking up to a strange aroma, as they regain consciousness. Miles eyes flicker and start to look for Katie. Looking to the left of him and then to the right, he realized that he was in a cage like structure. How could this be, how did he get here and where was Katie? In that moment, he heard a faint cry. Looking out infront of him, there she was. Katie was chained to the floor.
Miles called out, “Katie don't worry, it’s fine I’m right here. I'll get you out; I promise!”
Out of nowhere a voice called, “Oh no you won't little boy, I’m starting with her!”
“Who was this, why can't I see them, and what do they mean by “starting with her” thought Miles.
“Who is that? Come out where I can see you!” shouted Miles.
Out of the darkest part of the room came something so horrid, something so not appealing Miles could barely talk. It was a witch. 
“Let go of her!” said Miles
“My plans for her will be delightful and for you I might as well get rid of you now!” said the witch.
“There are no plans let us go right now, and we will never bother you again, I promise.”
“For heaven sake, eat this and keep your mouth shut!” the witch said as she pulled the gumdrop off the wall.
Miles hadn't even noticed the most obvious. The house itself wasn't made out of straw, sticks, or bricks; but it was made out of candy. “Was the witch planning on eating us?” thought Miles.
    As the witch was over at her oven looking through spices to add to the pot, Miles and Katie whispered to each other.
“I'm sorry Miles, if I had never climbed that tree to get the apples, we wouldn't be here.”
“It's not your fault Katie, I'm going to get us out of this mess; don't you worry.”
The witch called angrily,  “Don't you fouls be making any plan over there!”
When no one was looking, Miles peeled a candy cane off the wall suck it in this mouth and began to suck on it. After ten minutes, Miles had molded the candy cane into a sharp stick like figure. Now taking it and the lock on the cage structure, he gently twisted it until the lock popped open. He escaped the cage. Katie had noticed what had been happening and kept her eyes on the witch making sure she wouldn't catch Miles. Miles slowly crawled over to Katie without making a sound, took the chains and unlocked the lock attached to Katie with the same candy cane. They both were free and needed to act fast.
Thinking the same thing, they grabbed the tablecloth off the table and wrapped it around the witch.
Katie opened the oven as Miles pushed the hideous witch inside. Her screams echoed in their ears as the two of them hugged.
The children ran out the door and did not stop running until they came across a bridge. The bridge was old and wooden. Every breath of wind Miles and Katie could hear the wood creek. They were both scared to cross, and they wanted to find a different way across to the other side. After looking around for a couple of minutes, they both realized that this was the only way. Miles began trying to show Katie that he was brave and stepped first on the  bridge. With a surprise, the bridge began to shake. Seven little dwarfs crawled up the side of the bridge and were ready to attack.
“Who is stepping on my bridge!” said an angry voice.
This must be the leader of them thought Katie.
“Such little people can not do much harm Katie ,we will be okay let's just go!” said miles happily
“WAIT!” called Katie “let’s just listen to them and maybe we can leave with no harm at all.”
Miles ignored everything Katie had just said and began to walk across the bridge. Sticks and rocks began to hit Miles from left to right.
Katie yelled, “STOP! STOP!”
The seven little dwarfs had stopped but it was to late, one of them had knocked Miles out.
    Miles had woken up to Katie and the dwarfs having what looked to be a tea party. He thought that this was a strange sight and did not like it. Katie had realized that he had awoken and hurried over to him.
Miles asked, “Where am I? Tell me right now!”
Katie said,  “You are in these lovely peoples’ home, please be nice. They have told me that they know of a village where all is fair and equal, and the days are bright and nights glow. They can take us there, and we can live a happy life finally! Isn’t this just great, Miles!”
“Lovely people? They are not lovely, they could have killed me Katie! We are not going anywhere with anyone. Can’t you see these dwarfs can’t be trusted?!” screamed Miles.
“I have been talking to them and they know our story. Can’t you just trust me on this one?”
    “Fine” Miles said with attitude.
And on they went with the seven dwarfs.

    They had been traveling for three days through the never ending forest. Facing challenges and more battles they never thought they would win. Out of nowhere, there had been an opening in the forest. What they had seen was amazing. It was a very large castle at the top of a hill. The castle was surrounded by a village, but something was different here they thought. It was different from their other village.  Things here had been peaceful, and everyone was treated equal. The village had bright smiles and kids playing. The dwarfs were just as surprised as Kaie and Miles.
    “Thank you dwarfs, I can’t thank you enough; you have brought my brother and I hope!”  said Katie.
    All at once the dwarfs were all flattered. Soon the villages people welcome Miles and Katie. They loved Katies unique caringness to the village and made her the new Queen in minutes of meeting her. Miles would live in the castle with his sister, and for the dwarfs; they will stay in the village and guard the gates to make sure that Queen Dominique would not come to get Miles and Katie.
Katie had still felt like she had left something back in her old village and wanted to fix that. She had left her friends. Miles and Katie would have to go back and get them knowing that Dominique would threaten to kill them if they had not returned. Miles had told the village what the new queen had planned. They felt bad for the people that had been left behind.
    One villager had called out, “Let's form an army and attack!”
Soon there were shouts and screams agreeing with what one of the villagers had said.
    “I will talk to my sister about this.” said Miles.
And so Miles had gone up to the castle to ask Katie if she had agreed with the villagers.
Katie simply replied and said “No, I can not put my village in such great danger.”
Miles agreed and went to tell the villagers the queens decision. They had listened, but did not agree. They knew they would follow the queen in any of her decisions and decided to let her and Miles go by themselves. They helped prepare them for the journey back through the badlands. Katie had already planned on killing Queen Dominique when getting to her old village. Miles and her knew exactly how to do it. They would travel to the apple tree that they had ate the apples from and give one to the queen as a forgiveness gift. Queen Dominique would then go into a deep sleep and Miles will kill her. They were ready to follow through with their plan and nothing was going to stop them from bringing their friends back to the new village where Katie was Queen.
    Miles and Katie were at the gates and ready to leave now on their journey back to the place they never wanted to see again.
“Are you ready?” asked Miles.
“More than ever!” said Katie.
And on they went to face a new challenge.

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