Pryo, the Last Flame

April 17, 2018
By Adikmanas BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
Adikmanas BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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Let`s get one thing straight, I`m not a bad person, I just do bad things for even worse people. I do what others consider wrong for others who pay me to do it. I guess you can call me a bounty hunter that takes things too far and gets out of hand. But as I`ve always said, “Go big or don`t do it at all.” In my line of work, there is no such thing as too extreme. 

The flames of the fire reached towards the stars, scarring the sky with a red aura against the black of the night sky. The building was excellent tinder for a great bonfire. As I heard the sirens of the fire truck coming closer, I turned and sunk into the shadows and made my way back home. I saw it and sighed in relief. It wasn`t much, just an abandoned warehouse with everything I need to survive. Water, heat, electricity and a roof over my head.

As I crept into the building, the red-blue flashing colors of the police cruisers on the way to the house. I walked over to where my bed, laid down, looked up into the night sky, and fell asleep with a massive grin on my face.

When I woke up, I turned on the television to see if my event got any notices. When the television turned on, I heard “And the mass murderer, who people are calling the Pyro, has struck again. Still no clue who this person is, but if you have any idea who it is, please inform your local police station right away. Now to weather with Ryan Smith.” I smiled to myself and shut off the television.

“Now I just have to collect my bounty from the contractor and find another one. Now if I can find my phone.” I thought. I instantly reached towards the pocket on my blue jeans, only to find it empty. I checked my other pocket. Nothing. I glanced over to my bed and ran over to it. I found it under the cloth. I opened and dialed up the number she gave me to call her on when I finished.

“Hello, may I ask who this is?” the voice asked.

“Your partner.” I responded coldly

“Is it done? Is he gone?” the voice inquired.

“The job is done. I expect my payment in the next few days. No less than five days. Your late, and you`ll be next.” I responded sharply

“Of course. The next few days. It should be outside in a few minutes.” the voice said sharply, and the line died.

Just as the line ended, there was a loud banging on the door to the warehouse. I turned to see the door shatter into an explosion of oak wood and the SWAT team filled the warehouse and pointed their weapons at me.

“Is that how you greet everyone? It needs work” I remarked sarcastically. “Nice to know I need so much to be caught.”

"Ava "The Pyro" Winters, you are being charged with countless accounts of arson, murder, breaking and entering, and vandalism. Surrender now or we will be forced to use lethal force." The leader shouted pointing his gun right at her chest.

"Come on, a girl has to make a living somehow, and this is what I choose. I`ll tell you what. You can take me to jail if and when you catch me" As she finished she dropped through a hole that had rotted away and she hit the beach under with a thump. She took off running as fast as her agile body could take her.

As she was running, she heard the sound of a helicopter above her. As she was running, she came across a parking lot that went both up and down. She plunged down into the lower levels and waited. She knew the helicopter couldn`t come, but it would be at the very top of the parking lot. So, she would have to wait and watch out for cruisers and SWAT trucks. She crawled under one of the cars and waited. As she was waiting, a couple cruisers drove by, followed by a SWAT van. A couple hours passed and she didn`t see any more cruisers drive by. She decided to slip out from under the car and scope out the area. As she ran back to the entrance, she discovered no cruisers, no barricades, no nothing.

"That’s odd, it seems that they gave up and went home. I can't go back to my warehouse, they would be expecting that, I have one other route I can go, and that’s to my best friend Sally Summers house." She thought to herself.

So I started the trek to her house and walked right into the ambush.

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