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Your Choice

April 15, 2018
By pl222321 BRONZE, Pembroke Pines, Florida
pl222321 BRONZE, Pembroke Pines, Florida
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July 26TH 5082
“Go ahead. Choose one,” Samuel murmured.
“But how do I know which one is the right one?” Alice’s shoulders stiffened and her hands began to sweat.
“You’ll know. Trust me.” Continued Samuel, tempting Alice.
“If I choose the wrong one, Sam…” Alice trailed on.
When Sam let out only a sigh, Alice glanced down at the two glowing stones--one emerald and one sapphire. She slowly reached in between both stones, still deciding which one to pick. Alice hesitated slightly, as if most of humanity would be wiped off the face of the earth if she chose the wrong one. Oh, wait. It would.
April 8TH 2091
“Come on, Keith. We gotta find the Stone of Purification.”
“I dunno, Jace. How will you know which one is which? I mean, if we pick the wrong stone, everyone--except for two people--will be mysteriously wiped off the face of the earth and-”
“Yeah, Yeah. I know how the legend goes. A guy and a gal would be the only two people left on earth, then the stones would change--hey, by the way, maybe the right stone will be a ruby when we reach the Hidden Temple of Pastrim. I love me a nice ruby. Anyway, both stones would change and those two people have to find each other and bam! It’s practically Adam and Eve all over again!” Jace exclaimed, wonder glinting in his eyes.
“Okay. You’re missing the positive outcome. If we choose the right one, the whole world would become purified; no more wars, no more selfish rulers, no more murders. Also, we might make it into a history book,” Keith smiled.
Keith and Jace were panting, their chests heaving in an attempt to catch their breath.
“We did it. We searched all of Mount Pastrim and found the temple,” huffed Keith.
“I don’t think there’s one leaf on this mountainous jungle that we didn’t step on,” responded Jace, chest still heaving.
They walked deeper into the Temple and found it. The two stones--a ruby and a quarter sized piece of obsidian--resting upon a dusty, old podium.
“Oh, heck yes,” Jace beamed.
“Jace, wait. We have to talk about this,” warned Keith.
“Keith Sebastian Evergreen, I need you to trust me on this.”
Keith rolled his eyes and stepped closer to Jace, who was already extending his arm to pick up the ruby. Keith wrapped his arms around Jace’s torso and held onto him tightly.
“Jace. Please, wait. I don’t want to lose you. You’re the only family I have left. As your brother, I can’t let you make this choice by yourself.”
Jace stopped reaching toward the stone and rested his hand against Keith’s arm, instead. Keith relaxed his grip on Jace and sighed.
“I’m sorry,” Jace murmured, squeezing his eyes shut and reaching for the ruby. He had only one thought before picking it up: I’m making the right choice. He was wrong.

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