The Silver Orb

April 15, 2018
By bbusch SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
bbusch SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
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I walked over to the string hanging down from the ceiling, which goes to the attic. It took a few tries to get it to open, probably because it hasn't been used in awhile. Even though I knew it would open, it still made me jump.
I pulled down the stairs and started to climb up them. There was dust all over them, which made me sneeze a few times.
“When was the last time someone cleaned this place?” I mumbled to myself.
Pulling myself into the barren attic, I looked for a place to start. There was a loud sound that came from the shelf, about ten feet away. I heard my mom’s voice coming from downstairs.
“Everything alright up there?” she asked.
“Yea, I just knocked some stuff down,” I called back.
“Alright, just be careful, there’s some antiques up there,” she informed me, with momentous in her voice.
I walked over to the box, noticing the lid was half off. There was some glass inside; I could see the light reflecting off. Crouching down, I slowly removed the lid, revealing eight orbs that had a type of hue in them. Some had just one color, while others had a mixture.They seemed hallowed, all except for one. It was just clear, like a depreciated and defaulted snowglobe, with nothing inside.
I turned it around in my hand, moving my arm to the light. I thought I saw the outline of a palpable face looking at me, pressing against the glass. In shock, I dropped the small orb. I wasn't far from the ground, but it was enough distance to shatter it. There was a sudden grotesque noise coming from the diverged glass, and I blacked out.
I started to hear voices, but they were faint. I tried to open my eyes, but all I saw was a few blurred figures in front of my face.
“I think she’s starting to wake up!” I heard a cheerful voice exclaim.
“Shh! Don't wake her too fast! If she does she could have a bad headache,” a darker voice discreetly argued.
“Like you know anything!” the first voice snapped.
“I’ve dealt with these events happening before so shut up!”
“What do we do then? Since you know everything,”  the first voice sassed.
I slightly open my eyes and groaned, “Ugh, I hurt all over.”
“ I would expect that, idiot,” the first voice profoundly degraded me.
“Who are you?” I asked.
“We should be asking you that,” chimed in the second voice.
I indolently stood, with my fiery red hair cascading and disheveled behind me. I realized the voices were two teenage girls. They were the same age as me, give or take a few years. One had cat ears and a tail, and the other one had a black aura around her, so I figured she was a ghoul.
“Okay, a proper introduction would be nice, don’t you think?” said a degenerate girl with black hair, and mismatched eyes of purple and red.
“Okay then, I’m Phoenix, it’s a pleasure to meet both of you,” I stated, unsure of my wording.
“That’s better, the name’s Lunar,” the girl with black hair, now known as Lunar stated.
“And I’m Destiny, the nicer one, per say,” the cat girl stated.
“Hey what’s that supposed to mean?” Lunar asked, instigating a fight with Destiny. 
“You know too well what that means.” Destiny snapped.
“Sure I do, just like you know what my knife means,” Lunar oppressively said.
“Uh, am I interrupting something here?” I asked.
They both looked at me, wide eyed, as if I just appeared out of nowhere.  
“Oh sorry, Lunar is headed sometimes.” Destiny said dejectedly, excusing Lunar’s words.
“No I’m not! You just get on my nerves. You’re far too prudent for me to not get mad at,”  Lunar exclaimed, continuing to ignore my existence.
“I mean, I’d like to know why I’m here, if you don’t mind explaining to me,” I asked
“ I don’t mind explaining, but am I willing to explain something to a normal human,” Lunar stated.
“Since I’ve had more experience, I should explain to her,” persisted Destiny.
   “Do whatever you want, it’s not my decision, though I don’t think she’ll like the answer,” uttered Lunar.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“Basically, when you broke open the orb, you were sent here. And now that you’re here, you have to help us,” Destiny explained.
“Help you with what?” I questioned her, faltering for a moment.
“Help us go back to where we belong,” Lunar trailed off, “though you seem to be in a constant naive.”
“We shouldn’t defer your travels,” Destiny added.
“This is a welcoming into your nightmare tread lightly if you wish to survive,” Lunar said, horrifically.
“Just so you are aware it is futile to run,” Destiny said, as if she was trying to help me in a weird way.
“Do not place your creed in the wrong people, for it will kill you,” Lunar whispered.
I scruple to run away from them both. I was running as fast as I could, but I was getting nowhere. All of the sudden, there was a bright light above me. There was a flash of blinding white light and I sat up, out of breath.
I was back in the attic, with the box back on the shelf. I made my way to the wall, noticing the box had the lid on. I gently grabbed the lid, and gingerly opened it. The clear orb wasn’t shattered, or clear. It had a blood red hue, illuminating from the inside. My nightmare was ultimately real. And somehow, my presence was living in that orb.

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