April 11, 2009
By ATerrifying BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
ATerrifying BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
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The girl blinked.
But it was already gone. The bright shimmering something that had been right in front of her, floating above her mother's body-she looked down at the still form in a slight moment of panic but she was only asleep. The girl relaxed with a sigh through her nose. She didn't dare make a noise to wake either her mother or the tiny form asleep next to her, wrapped in a deerskin.
The girl's brother. As she watched, as if sensing her eyes the infant boy opened his eyelids to reveal to violet pools of curiousity that stared up at her that completed the expression of pure awe.
She stared back, unsure what to think. She was fairly young, after all. She would be a full eight summers in a month, and the boy was less than a fortnight old. She didn't even know if her mother had decided on a name for the thing.
Thankfully, though, it wasn't squealing like it had been three days ago and yesterday. It was awfully, dreadfully loud and hurt her ears.
She reached out a cautious hand to touch his tiny wrist and he held fast onto her fingers with a quick, unexpected jerk. The girl inhaled sharply and pulled back, but still the boy held on. She glanced at her mother.
Still asleep.
The boy was still staring at her.
“Do you know who I am?” she whispered, for a split second actually expecting it to open its mouth and say something back. What came out of its mouth, however was not a word at all. It was a soft, bubbly sound.
Their mother stirred and opened her eyes, first laying sight to the scene before her. The girl held her breath, expecring a scolding but her mother only smiled and closed her eyes once more. Within seconds she was back asleep.
That was close, the girl thought as she turned her attention back to the boy.
What would his name be?
Perhaps he could be named after her father-their father.
No. It didn't suit him. The name was already taken anyway.
What about an animal name? He was wrapped in animal skin.
His eyes look curious, she thought. Jackal.

The author's comments:
This piece is just a little snippet of a short story. I cut a bit due to lack of room, but I hope it's enjoyable either way.

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