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April 12, 2018
By RoseWolf BRONZE, Huachuca City, Arizona
RoseWolf BRONZE, Huachuca City, Arizona
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“I need you to try to relax, Mia, alright?” Doctor Charles tightened the straps that bound her wrists and ankles, her entire body convulsing as she fought against them.
Her eyes bulged and the veins along her forehead and neck popped as another, violent shock reverberated down her spine. Tears and blood dripped into puddles below the table, staining the cold, cement floor. She gasped for air as the last attack faded, preparing herself for another. Several seconds passed, her body shaking in exhaustion. She looked to her left at the doctor, who was a few feet away, hunched over a monitor.
“…Gone…” She mumbled.
His head snapped up in surprise, “What?” She had never spoken to him.
“They’re… gone,” Her words were broken and weak, barely audible over the steady beeping from the machines.
He crossed the room to a large computer, typing several long sentences on the keyboard. She watched him, trying to steady her breathing and regulate her heart beat.
“Good… Now we can begin with step two…”
Screams of terror and pain echoed down the dark, abandoned corridors.


Dr. Curt,

Subject 22 has completed the first process of the new Schizophrenia Relief and Recovery Program. The patient, Mia Bradford, was delivered a series of micro-electric shocks directly into the spinal column after variable evidences of hallucinations, either visual or auditory. After 47 hours of this treatment, I noticed an irregularly long break in the pattern of paranoia, and whilst checking the data on the Electroencephalograph, the patient spoke. She verified what I had guessed, that the hallucinations had stopped, and she was ready for the second process. Will follow with an update after the estimated 2-month long treatment.
Kind Regards,
Dr. S. Charles


Dr. Charles,

I was delighted to hear the news and have relayed it to our supervisors. Hopefully, before the end of the year, they will approve of the treatment and release it to the public. I’m sure there will be many hoops to jump through, but we must remain hopeful. The SRRP is going to be the first permanent cure to Paranoid Schizophrenics. We’re going to help a lot of people with this.
Write to your wife, she misses you.
Dr. J. C. Curt


Dr. Curt,

After several weeks of grueling work, patient 22 died on July 30th at 0400 hours. After much progress in the treatment, she seemed to be improving and had even begun speaking to me. It seemed, however, that the machine missed something and I hadn’t noticed until it was too late. I delivered the prescribed dose of the serum accompanied with a powerful electrical shock. The patient reverted to a severe mania and slipped from her binds. With the closest weapon she could find, one of the needles near the table, she attacked, delivering a fatal dose of midazolam and hydromorphone – lethal injection directly into my blood stream. I returned the favor with a newer needle, killing her instantly, but the concentration in my injection was off and I will remain alive for several more hours, racked by pain and vomiting. I suppose I deserve it for what I’ve put her through.
Tell Melissa and the girls.
Dr. S. Charles

Police Report
Case Number: 237065                                                                                                                    Date: 08/02/4027
Officer: Sherriff Walsh, W.
Incident: In response to a call sent in by Dr. James Curt, me and my team of 4 made our way up Mount St. Helens to the old laboratory in search of missing persons. Using the bolt cutters, Officer Clark broke the chain that secured the doors and we proceeded into the building, our pieces drawn. Upon entering the inner chamber, we discovered the bodies of Dr. Charles and an unknown, Caucasian female of about 5’7, medium build, dark brown/black hair. A few items in the room were strewn and knocked over, clear evidence of violence. Dr. Charles was propped in a sitting position against the far wall, a printed email clutched in his hands. The email reads as follows:

I know you won’t get this, but I called the police. We’re trying to tighten everything up in case of a lawsuit, so I’m sending a virus to extract your files and fry the computer. Your girls are okay, they’ll get through this. I’ll help them, I promise. Melissa collapsed. We don’t know if she’ll wake up. I’m sorry about this, I know it’s my fault. I know you felt responsible for the subjects, but we were doing the right things and I’m going to try to keep it going. The company is failing and we’re losing money fast, we have been for a while. I’m going to try the lab up in New Mexico, no one’s been there in years. You were a good friend, Steven, and I’ll always remember you as one.

Your funeral is on a Sunday this winter. It’s what you said you wanted.


Audio Log: 1                                                      Date: 06/27/4028                                    Time: 0630
(Curt): “Beginning subject 23 on the SRRP treatment has gone smoothly. Her first series of micro-electric shock has been successful and I will be starting the second treatment today. The patient has already been temporarily cured of Paranoid Schizophrenia, the second treatment is an attempt to remove the memory that triggered the first hallucination and then to repair the brain tissue using the serum. The program and machine that will be performing this painful operation have been designed by Dr. Charles and myself before his passing, and have been recently updated by me based upon his findings. The treatment takes about two months to finalize. Stop Audio Log,” --------------------------Dr. Curt

Audio Log: 33                                                           Date: 07/30/4028                             Time: 0400
(Curt): “The procedure has finished and I will now be injecting the brain tissue repairing serum followed immediately by an electrical shock. I’m injecting the serum now. Alright. And now the electrical shock,”
(Unregistered Voice): “Stop! No, let me go!”
(Curt): “Hold Still!”
-Voice Not Found-
(Curt): “There. Now it should- Melissa? What are you doing? No!”
-Voice Not Found-
(Curt): “I’ve subdued the patient… but she got to me first… Stop Audio Log,” ----------------Dr. Curt

Audio Log: 34                                                          Date: 07/30/4028                             Time: 0700
(Curt): “I can…. Feel it finally…. kicking in… You know, it took…. Me until just now to realize… the date…. July the 30th…… what a day…. What a day to die”……………...............................................................
………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………....................-Audio Log Crashed, Send Report?-

-Audio Log Crashed, Send Report?-

-Audio Log Crashed, Send Report?-

(Unregistered Voice): “Send it,”

-Report Sent, Thank You for Choosing Audio Log-

The author's comments:

Two scientists work together in an attempt to cure a post-apocalyptic world of rampant Paranoid Schizophrenia, a disorder accelerated by war, polution, and imminent human extinction.

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