Final Chapter: Happily Ever After

April 9, 2018
By Anonymous

This is the final chapter I wrote of a fiction novel that does not exist. However, I did imagine this novel as switching each chapter between the perspectives of the girl, the knight, and the sorcerer.

Synopsis of the novel: A young girl runs from home and finds refuge in a castle through the woods. The owner of this castle, a secluded sorcerer who was cast out of his town due to having immensely powerful magic, which terrified even his own family, gave the girl a place to sleep and eat. However, the girl’s father, who was abusive to his wife and daughter and caused the maiden to run away, hired a knight to “rescue” his daughter from the terrible monster in the castle, as was believed to be the case by the villages all around. The knight though learns the truth, and the three go on a quest to fix the wrongs done to the maiden and the sorcerer. They fight monsters, help innocent people, and work to make their world better, including putting the maiden’s father in jail. As the adventures ensue, the knight and the sorcerer begin to fall for each other. Here is the final chapter.


Flik’s words were repeating in my ear as I finished gathering my possessions. I love you. Come live with me.
I never thought I’d leave this castle. I built it with sorcery from the ground up. Every corner, every stone, was woven by me, and yet, it’s never felt like my home. I could never shake the feeling that I belonged nowhere.
Flik, though, he had a place. He was the noble knight that protected his town. All of Gridania loved him. Who wouldn’t though? He’s handsome, strong, courageous, kind-hearted. Even I fell for him, and for some unknown reason, he fell for me too.

The orange glow of sunset illuminated the entire castle, dragging me out of my thoughts. I needed to leave soon if I was to reach Gridania by twilight.

With a wave of my hand, all of my belongings began to shrink. My furniture, clothes, everything I owned floated swiftly into a red cloth bag. Flik lived in a small stone and wood cabin on the edge of town, so most the items in that bag will be there indefinitely.

I turned and began to walk out the door. As I touched the knob, I couldn’t help but remember everything that has led up to this singular, life-altering moment. A maiden that strayed too far in running from a terrible home. A sorcerer who knew too well her story, and aided the maiden. A knight, given a false task. Each one came from somewhere different.

I could still feel the cut on my arm from Flik’s sword when he barged into my castle, and no doubt the burn from my fireball  was still afflicting his hand. Had Minfillia not stopped us, I was sure one of us would have been dead.

However, without her, I never would have met Flik. She saved me, both from Flik and from my own misery. Minfillia was quite the stubborn girl though. Her initial refusal to go back to her father reminded much of my past self.

By now, she was probably waiting at Flik’s house for the first lesson in magic I promised her. Her father now being in jail meant Minifillia was safe and free at home with her mother.

I looked outside to the sky begin to turn purple and black. I needed to leave at this moment, or Flik would think I wasn’t coming. I put the bag of my thins on shoulder and mounted Feather, his large eagle wings spreading and lion tail flipping back and forth. As I lifted off, I turned to watch my castle crumble and fall as I lifted the spells attached to it. I knew I wouldn’t come back. My new life awaited,a life where I could live happily ever after.

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