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The Outside

April 2, 2018
By Anonymous

I reached as far as my arm could stretch. I needed that pin. It was my only escape. My only way out. The tip of my finger grabbed it with all of my might. I gripped it in my hands firmly. I'm not the smartest, but I'm not the dumbest. I could pick a lock. Well, I'm not really a criminal, I serve the truth. CLINK! The heavy barred door opened. I’m out. I raced through the shadows of the cell filled hallways. They are all empty. Of course, this is a perfect world… No one commits a “crime” around here.
“HALT!” I whipped my head around. A guard was standing around the bend. My mind is racing. My feet moved faster as a gradually pick up the pace. I'm at a full force sprint, racing for my freedom. Just past those gates, I can be free. The gates start to shift closer, I run faster. I bump into a door that's sealed shut. No way out. But there is a window, so if I want to live, I have to jump. I take a few steps back, and I run, really fast. The glass shatters like a mosaic in front of me. I could see the little glass specks circling me in slow motion. On the way down, my arms try to grab the of the shingles hoping for a grip, but I keep tumbling without any luck. My only hope was the open shutters under me. I extended my arm I made it. I slide myself down and crawl through the platform onto the surface. I look around at my surroundings. I'm at the central park. All I have to do is follow the river north and I will be out for good. The doors of the tower opened with a screech. I hear footsteps and metal clinking. I don't even think, I already know it doesn't matter who it is because no one is on my side. I just mark my location and run.
They are after me. I’ve waited 5 years in that dungeon. I won't let this opportunity away from me. Faster I think to myself. I can't waste a second. I cut through the forest and down the valley. My legs are aching with pain, but I can't stop. They are on my tail, the guards. All of the sudden I feel a jolt in my neck and my vision went blurry, my mind spun with confusion. I gently felt my neck and I pulled out what felt like a needle. Darkness came upon me. I’m out cold.
“Wake up traitor!” I shook myself awake. The 2 guards said. I was back in my cell.
“What do you want from me!” I responded angrily
“What do I want? Oh wow. What do I want! I want you dead. You are ruining our reputation. You are destroying the society! You are making them believe that there is hope for them!”
“Maybe there is,” I mumbled. The soldier ordered his assistant present.
“I’ll handle him,” The assistance said.
“Take him away,” he responded. Once he left the soldier glared right at my face.
“You better listen to me. No questions. I'm going to get you out of here.” he whispered.
“Who are you?” I asked.
“None of your business,” he repeated
He took me out of the castle the same way I tried to escape.
“Don't get lost kid,” He handed me a piece of paper.
“Go outside the dome, follow the central river north and find him” He pointed to the paper.
I sprinted even fatter than I did before, I felt alive. I warped past the dome expecting to see the glory of the outside. I see darkness. Nothing but darkness. I should've just gone back to my cell because it would've been better than living out here. Ask I turned around I heard a faint voice.
“Hey, you!” A voice whispered
My head slowly drifted towards the unknown voice
“Follow me.” the figure said as he disappeared behind a boulder.
I curiously look over to the rock. The figure reached his hand through the rock
“Don’t be shy, c’mon. We have been waiting for your arrival for 6 years.” Behind the rock, a bright light glistened around me as I followed the stranger. I was never to be seen again.

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