The Magical River

April 2, 2018
By Anonymous

The world was joyful and happy. Everyone would come together in one small pond once every month to celebrate anything their hearts wanted. One day when they were all gathered a giant gust of wind blew the entire little town and flooded the ground to their knees. Out of the little pond came bubbles, little bubbles then burst into many massive bubbles.
After the bubbles died out, there appeared a new little creature, one that looked and talked like all the others. She had majestic beryl hue wings that glowed in every sun set. Everyone came to call her River as she had the powers to control the flow of water. Her eyes were bright blue with two darker blue spots that appeared to release tiny bubbles.
One day she met was alone and went out into a field of tall flowers. “Dolphine. Dolfinium. Delfin.” she repeated. “What are these called?” Out of the blue came a young little girl about her age named Delilah. “Delphinium” she said. “How did you learn the name?” “I have lived in this flower field for about thirteen years now.”
After talking for hours they decided to take a walk. “Hey is that a leaf pile?” asked Delilah with a cheerful voice. “Wait I think that is yellow mud.” replied River. “It’s just an orange ruby. Hi I’m Brielle. I’ve been around here for about a year and you two are the first to pass by. No one ever walks by this rocky place. I don’t really like new people. What brings you both here?” “We were just walking a little and we were focused on the conversation we forgot where we were so we kept walking forwards hoping someone could help us.” said River.
A moment later they hear a class a loud clash. “What was that!” yelled River. “The creatures from up above dropped a fire rock at us.” replied Brielle in a calm voice. “What do they want?” “I am not sure but usually it’s a message telling us to visit them.” “Well why are we still standing here? Lets fly!” shouted River. “Okay but be aware it can be dangerous at times.” warned Brielle with a laugh. “We should head to somewhere with more light to prepare.” said Delilah. “You both can stay over for tonight if you’d like.”
They begin to prepare with food, water, and some tools like a rope. It was not long until they heard another clash. “Wow two already! It hasn’t even been a day.” With excitements Brielle goes out to see if any clues were given about the situation but as hard as she looked there was nothing. She goes back in, “We should get some sleep. It’s going to be a long day.”
They wake up and begin to fly up to a mysterious floating island in the sky. Once they arrived they were greeted by the daughter, the princess of the island. “Hi Brielle and friends, I am Ivy.” “I am River and this is Delilah. What is the trouble that you have signed us for?” eagerly wanting to know, River had to ask. “I sent you all the message to announce my brother Eden has vanished. Where you might ask. He is somewhere in the dungeons of Haven, the land of all monsters.” River with excited face feared all evil. “What are you scared River haha.” Brielle laughed again.
The girls head over to Eden with Brielle’s face looking heroic. They needed a key to open up the tall spooky doors. “How do we get in?” cried River. “I already thought about that.” Brielle opens the doors all the first thing that they see is fire on one side and water on the other. River’s eyes release more bubbles and her wings begin to sparkle. She raised her hand and a dash of water rose. For the first time Brielle saw something in River that she began to like. “Launch the water to the other side of the room and put out the fire!” River does what she was told and behind the burnt out fire was a secret entrance to the dungeon. They walk in and see something humongous. It had a long thin body, sharp claws, powerful horns, and sharpened spines along his back. The three girls worked together as a team for the first time and were able to pass by the blazes fired out.
The girls find Eden and free him. They take him back to his wonderful life back home. “Hey there is a gathering today at the pond would you like to come?” “Yes I will Brielle only if another disaster does not strike like several years ago. But I do remember something magical happening.” “Hey that is strange because everyone tells me I appeared out of some bubble.” “It might have been you River.”
They arrive to the pond and the four of them see River’s eyes give off more bubbled and her wings glow even more. When she stepped closer to the pond they all witnessed another disaster forming and getting stronger the closer she stepped towards the pond.

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