March 31, 2018
By Anonymous

One morning, Walter Mitty woke up from the sound of the screaming cars. He walked towards the window and saw a little yellow car honking furiously in front of his drive way. He ran down and out the door and he saw a man by the name of Jimmy telling him to walk closer. “Have you seen the moose.” asked Jimmy with a calm and mysterious voice. He repeated. “Have you seen the moose!” This time with a more angry voice. Without saying any words, Mitty shook his head no. Jimmy drove off into the mountains. Walter Mitty, hesitantly grabs his keys and races off into the mountains, following Jimmy.
On the way he took a stop at a stop light. He began to daydream about a volcano about to erupt. He begins to smell smoke and then drives forward. He drove up the volcano with no second thoughts and sees something running behind him. With only half way to reach the top, he snaps back to reality when the strange creature chasing him runs into his car, hurtling the car forwards, Walter Mitty stops his car. He gets out and sees a moose lying on the floor. He walks up to the moose and he gets up and runs off.
Jimmy slowly going up the mountain, sees Walter Mitty on the side of the road and he stops to see what happened. He examines the markings on Walter’s car and asks him, “Where did the moose go!” This time even more serious. Walter points the direction the moose ran and Jimmy runs off into the woods to catch him. Walter with nowhere else to go, he also charges behind Jimmy. By the time they find the moose he was floating on the top a lake without moving.
Both Jimmy and Walter Mitty head back down the mountain, this time Jimmy treating Walter as a friend, more relaxed and calm. Jimmy takes Mitty to a BBQ place in front of the mountain. This time Mitty smells meat cooking. His ribs arrive at their table and both dig in to the well cooked meal. “Have you noticed what this moose has done to this city? He is the cause of people waking up so early.” said Jimmy. “What did the moose do?” “He chewed on peoples gardens, broke peoples windows, and scratched many cars.” Later that night, both of them head home to their wives and have a long sleep they wished they could have after a long day.

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