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To Die Today Pt. 01

April 3, 2018
By MasonAlce SILVER, New Paris, Indiana
MasonAlce SILVER, New Paris, Indiana
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"You know my methods, Watson."

An indestructable army.

A secret only she knows.

A government bent on world domination.

A boy that could ruin everything she has ever done.

Will she do what is right?

Or will she fall for the whims of a bad boy?

Chapter 1: Not Today

It was not the day to do this.  She knew that.  She knew the Seekers would be out soon, and when they came looking…  She shivered from fear as much as from the cold autumn night.  The Seekers didn’t bare thinking about, Anna knew.  But still, the idea of staying out at night while they hunted her was enough to make her wish to curl up in a ball a scream for her mommy.  Either way, thinking about it wasn’t going to make it any better.  The only thing she could do now is run.  Run to the safe house.  Run to Jack.  Run to her protectors.

After four years of running, she would have thought she’d be used to it.  But it was still hard.  Day after day, leaving the life she knew behind another mile.  She knew the reason, but that didn’t make it any easier.  Just because her father was the man who founded the experimental project that created the Seekers, giving their military the power it needed to bring the world to its knees, and therefore the one man that could stand in their way.  Just because he had told her the only weakness in the system.  Just because he had died, leaving her the lone carrier of the secret to a tyrant’s destruction.  To the liberation of the world.  That doesn’t just get easier to bear overnight.

  And tonight was not the night she could afford to slow down.  They were closer to her than they had ever been before, and they were only getting closer.  Lucky for her, she was only about a mile from the portal that would take her away, where Jack and the other protectors would be waiting for her.  Unlucky for her, however, was the fact that she had only a couple hundred yards between her and the Seekers, their howls so loud the genetic enhancements her father gave her weren’t even needed to know they were coming.  They weren’t trying to hide their presence this time.  They had tried that before, and knew that being careful with her was just a waste of time.

  There was no hiding from her.   She could see better than any sniper, hear better than an owl, and could smell anything within an 80-mile radius.  Her body was in better shape than those in the Olympics, and could probably take down a bear or two with one hand behind her back…  But that didn’t mean that she could hide from them any better.


And that didn’t mean that today was any less dangerous.  The Seekers had just received their new experimental update, and unless someone had actually screwed up for once, they would be able to tear her to shreds before she could even blink.  So getting to the portal was her only chance this time.  And if she didn’t, the next time would be nonexistent.

The author's comments:

This is going to hopefully turn into an awesome series, and I need feedback, feedback, feedback! I have absolutely no idea if you will like this, but please let me know what you think! Thank you!

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