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Rapunzel's Happily Ever After

March 28, 2018
By Anonymous

In a land far away, as Rapunzel and her new-found Prince rekindle their long lost love, their two children run around the desert sand tugging on the coat tail of their father, seeking his attention.  The Prince, regaining his vision for the first time in years, squats down to embrace seven year old Elizabeth and Benjamin for the first time in their lives.  Rapunzel stood above them with tears of happiness streaming down her worn face, watching as her family came together as a whole for the first time.  While the moment was bittersweet, Rapunzel still feared the Enchantress was out to get her.  She could not help but think that the evil Dame Gothel who brought her to this very desert over seven years ago and caused the blindness of her husband might have been following her Prince all this time, and they were about to get caught.

Rapunzel regained her composure and spoke up “I think we should go, what if the Enchantress has been following you?  Can we go back to your kingdom?”

The Prince stood up quickly and reached out to grab Rapunzel’s hand’s, reassuringly he replied, “Of course, my princess.  I want nothing but safety and a happy ending for our family.  Let’s go!”

Rapunzel was head over heels for her Prince and the children were ecstatic to finally have a father in their lives.  The four of them headed into the woods to get to the kingdom where the Prince had grown up.  Rapunzel and the Prince were holding hands and walking in unison as Elizabeth and Benjamin were skipping about ahead of them.  All throughout the woods Rapunzel could not keep her mind off of getting caught by the Enchantress, but she would keep those thoughts to herself. 

Upon arriving at the kingdom, the Prince and his family were greeted by the King and Queen, and the castle staff.  Everyone was overjoyed by the return of the Prince and his new family, so the King ordered his head Chef to prepare a grand dinner for that night.  Rapunzel, the Prince, and the children were all taken to separate bedrooms of the castle to settle down and clean up before the meal. 

Rapunzel stood in the window frame on the far side of her dimly lit room and looked out into the courtyard.  To the left was the forest in which they came from, and directly in front of her was a large garden.  The garden was filled with rampion and the castle gardener was grazing through the rows, picking out the best looking rampion heads.  Rapunzel ran her fingers through her hair as she noticed the long golden tresses of the gardener as well.  Rapunzel thought nothing of it, but all of a sudden there was a swift three knocks on the bedroom door.  She turned away from the window and walked toward the door.  Before she could open the door all the way, one of the Knights of the castle began to frantically fill Rapunzel in on what was happening.
“Miss Rapunzel, someone from your past is here to see you.  We don’t want you to be alarmed but the Enchantress is here.  She is out in the garden picking all of our rampion.” said the Knight.

Although he was calm in his words, Rapunzel nearly fainted when she heard the news. Her heart began to race and panic grew in her eyes.  “Oh my goodness! I should have realized when I saw the hair.  Are you sure it’s her, the Dame Gothel, how could she have found us so quickly?” 

The Knight and Rapunzel stood in the doorframe speechless.  In the background, all that could be heard was Elizabeth and Benjamin playing in the bedroom next door. 

Together Rapunzel and the Knight walked across the hall to inform the Prince of what was occurring.  Again, the Knight knocked three times on the door and the Prince opened the door to happily greet them.  As soon as he read the expressions on their faces, his mood changed, and he became concerned.  Rapunzel explained what the Knight saw and the Prince ran across the hall to look for himself.

As he appeared in the window, the Enchantress looked up and the two made direct eye contact.  From Rapunzel’s point of view, the exchange seemed to last minutes, but after locking eyes, the Prince instantly pulled the curtains shut.

An hour went by, and now gathered around the long rectangular dining room table sat the King and Queen, the Prince and Rapunzel, and all the Castle Knights trying to devise a plan to get rid of the Enchantress.
The Knight that was previously in Rapunzel’s bedroom spoke up, “I think that we need to go out there and stand up to this woman.  She cannot be here it’s not her property!”

“NO! That’s a terrible idea, that woman has more power than you can imagine. She nearly ruined my life!” the Prince replied.

The King spoke up and forced everyone at the table to calm down and then they began to think of another idea to abolish the Enchantress. 

Finally Rapunzel said, “Why don’t we give her the karma she deserves.  We can let down my hair out of the bedroom window and sway her to come for a visit.  Once she arrives, have some Knights waiting in my room ready to capture her.  They can tie her up and we can take her to the desert where she left me.  And if we really want to get her back, you can call up the Wizard to strip her of her vision.  She won’t be able to find her way off the beach and we will never have to worry about her again!”

The Prince stood up in amazement of Rapunzel’s plan, and said, “Father this is a magnificent idea!  We have to carry it out! It’s the only way.”

The King was silent for a moment, deep in thought, then he replied calmly, “Okay, I will call up the wizard and see what he can do.  Rapunzel go on up to your bedroom with seven of our best Knights.  Wait until I arrive with the Wizard to cast down your hair.  And son, wait in your own bedroom until the spell has been cast.  We don’t need the room to be too crowded. 

The castle staff exchanged a few words amongst one another, then the King left to get the Wizard; Rapunzel and the Knights headed to her bedroom; and the Prince went into his bedroom as well. 

A few moments pass and the King and Wizard came through the door of the bedroom.  Rapunzel was standing looking out the window at the evil Enchantress, still lurking in the castle garden.  When the Wizard spoke up about what he would be doing, Rapunzel became excited to execute her master plan.  They positioned the Knights behind the curtains, under the bed, and behind the door, and hid the Wizard behind the door of the closet.  The King stood near Rapunzel as she let her wavy Golden locks flow down the side of the stone castle wall. 

She yelled down to the Enchantress “ Dame Gothel, please come to me, climb my golden tresses. Oh, how I have missed you.”

The Enchantress hesitated, and stared up at Rapunzel with her lifeless dark eyes, then began slowly climbing up her hair.  As she came through the window, she was instantly attacked by the castle staff.  Before she could get out any words, she was tied up and the Wizard was casting his spell. 

The Enchantress screamed out in horror and closed her eyes tightly, as the spell had caused a terrible burning sensation to overcome her. 

After the Wizard finished his spell, the Knights forced her out of the castle.  Rapunzel, the Prince, Elizabeth, and Benjamin watched from the grand front door of the castle as the Knights led her into the forest.  They hugged each other and finally a feeling of ease fell upon Rapunzel.  She no longer was forced to live in constant fear that some evil woman was out to destroy her happiness.  From this day forward, they would never have to worry about anyone coming between their family… and this is how Rapunzel finally received her happily ever after!

The author's comments:

This piece was inspired by the original fairy tale Rapunzel. 

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