March 26, 2018
By AubreyD67 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
AubreyD67 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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We landed. I walked onto the weird world. Sitting on top of a hill was a huge, white building. I walked up to the huge red doors and they automatically opened. After debating whether or not to walk in, I took a small step inside. This world was a lot more advanced than earth was. They had phones, but they were not just phones. They didn’t have a charging outlet in them. The phone was almost flat, like a small flat screen tv.
I suddenly heard a shriek. I walked outside and the spaceship I used to get here was floating away into the sky. The partner who I came here with was yelling, “Help, The spaceship isn’t working!” I hesitated and pulled my phone out of my pocket, I tried to call the space station. They picked up and all I could hear was beeping. My phone shut off. I tried to turn it back on but the screen stayed dark. I didn’t know what to do. I was stuck on this futuristic planet with no supplies or food! I heard more talking. I peered inside the window and there were two people at a shiny table in the corner, talking. They both had blonde hair, blue eyes, and blinding white teeth. They looked perfect, they looked too perfect. I needed food somehow, I haven’t eaten in 24 hours. I was debating on asking them for help or not. What if they would kill me for coming on their planet? Would they treat me different? I decided not to take my chances. I couldn’t bare to go another hour with my stomach rumbling like this, I had to get some food. There were no stores in sight and I had no money anyway!
Suddenly the two people walked outside. I ran and hid behind a large electronic touchpad sticking out from the house that said weather control. I was too nervous to examine it. They got into the back of a gray and white car. The car voiced, “ What is your destination?” “546 street,” they pronounced. The car’s engine made a wind noise and started pulling out of the driveway. I stood in shock. I have never seen a self-driving car before. I realized that this was my chance to get something to eat.
I walked up to the front door of the huge house. I looked inside one of the many windows and saw nothing. Coast clear! I walked up to the door but it didn’t open. The top corner of the door said locked. I cautiously walked over to their neighbor’s house. Their door also said locked! My tiredness overcame the growling in my stomach.
I went back to the huge, white house and walked up to a little shed in the backyard. The doors opened. I walked into the shed and there was a bed and dog toys. The dog toys were so advanced, they moved by themselves. I was too tired to keep looking around so I laid down on the dog bed and went to sleep. I woke up to barking. I looked up and there was a huge, white dog barking at me. I ran out from the doghouse as fast as I could, before someone came out and saw me.
I went back up to the front door and it opened. I was so hungry I forgot to be cautious. I walked into the house and went into a huge room that kind of looked like a kitchen. I looked around, not knowing how to work the high tech gadgets. I walked up to a large screen that said pantry in fancy letters. I clicked on the screen and it came up with all these weird options for food. All of a sudden I heard beeping, then the doors opened!
I tried to hide but I was too slow! A tan, blonde, blue-eyed girl walked in. She stopped when she saw me. “Hello!”, she said. I stood not knowing what to say. “ It’s ok, I saw you in the yard today. If you were hungry you could have just told me,” She said. “What?”, I said. She walked up to the machine, pressed a couple buttons and a steaming plate of pasta came out. “Thh-aaank youuuu?”, I said confused. I wondered, why is she being so nice to me? After I finished my meal she led me to a room. “ You can stay here if you need to,” she said. I guess this will be my room, for now, I thought.

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You never know someone until you really get to know them.

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