A Twisted Fairy Tale

March 26, 2018
By KayJean SILVER, Madelia, Minnesota
KayJean SILVER, Madelia, Minnesota
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Once upon a time in a kingdom, far from any other, lived a poor family of seven. They lived at the base of the castle were only the poorest live. This family contained an ill mother, a drunken father, an eldest sister, a middle brother, and three little babies. All responsibilities fell onto the girl, she worked harder than any other child in the kingdom. And all she had to show for her work was a cruel nickname placed upon her by her younger brother, Adam. Throughout the kingdom she was known only as Trashy.
As Trashy grew older and her mother passed away, she became rigid, no longer caring about anything besides the three babies; Maddie, Ian, and Maria who are now five years of age.
After the death of Trashy’s mother, her father drank more and remarried within what seemed to be a fortnight. This new mother had no interest in her stepchildren except for the son, who was just as cruel and unfeeling as she. Together their disdain for Trashy grew and soon the torture they put her through was too much for her to bear.
Despite what Adam and their stepmother were doing to her, Trashy  remained strong as long as possible for she couldn’t bear the thought of leaving the defenseless children, now seven years old and growing fast, alone with those horrible creatures. Trashy was determined to get them far away from that house no matter the cost.
Lucky for Trashy, there was a ball at the Castle where she could find a potential suitor. On contraire to her dreaded nickname, Trashy was indescribably beautiful. She had fiery red hair down to her waist that shimmered in light every time she moved; her hourglass figure was well adorned with dark paintings that contrasted her porcelain skin. Her one aspect the people commented on the most was that she had piercing grey eyes that could see through anyone's soul. Of course Trashy could not let Adam find out about the ball for he would tell their heinous stepmother and she would not be able to go.
Trashy, with the help of Maria, Maddie, and Ian, devised a nearly perfect plan for her to make it to the ball in the most gorgeous black dress ever made. When the clock struck 7 o’clock that night, the triplets set the plan in motion by running up and down the halls screaming at the top of their lungs. As anticipated Adam came out to deal with the three miscreants so their Stepmother could continue sleeping. As the children continued to make noise, Trashy made her escape to the ball; riding their old horse, Apple.
The castle was magical. Candles floated in the air and music played out of nowhere. Trashy was in complete awe of the this new venue, she had a mission to fill, and a deadline to beat. She was easily the most beautiful girl at the ball and she received some much wanted attention from the princes who were at the ball for the same reason as she. To find the one they will marry.
One prince caught Trashy’s eye right away, Prince Jayden, he was easily the most handsome prince at the ball with his raven hair and piercing blue eyes that contrasted Trashy’s grey ones perfectly. They had spent the entire night dancing, laughing, and having the best night of their lives. When it was time for Trashy to go, Jayden asked for her name and when they will be able see each other again She simply smiled and said her name was Tracy and they will meet again soon. And with that she disappeared into the night.
Years have passed and life for Tracy, Maria, Maddie, and Ian have been better than the could have asked for. After the ball Jayden followed Tracy home and after seeing Adam and their Stepmother he immediately asked tracy to marry him. She said yes, on the condition that the triplets could live with them as well. Jayden of course agree. And with that, they lived happily ever after. THE END

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