The Land Forgotten

March 16, 2018
By F1R3FLY543 BRONZE, George Town, Other
F1R3FLY543 BRONZE, George Town, Other
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All was perfect in Logan Miller’s life. He had finally gotten married. He had two kids. Logan sat slouched at his desk in the Palace of Westminster. He looked over at his calendar. The day was March 9, 2053. A day that would be remembered forever as the day of destruction. It was the end of the day, so Logan decided to call his friend, Olivia Ross.
“Hey, how are you?” Logan uttered.
Before she could answer, a loud ringing came from the corridor. Logan walked out of his office and asked his secretary, John, what was happening.
“We have been asked to evacuate the building. We’ll have more information when we get outside,” he said.
By the time Logan had strolled out of the building, he saw sheer terror. At least a thousand people were gathered outside of the Prime Minister’s workplace. For the first time, Logan saw the faces of Brits, poor and rich. One family was about 50 feet away from the building. A couple and their infant. There were parts of metal on their fingers that resembled rings. Soot covered their terrorized faces. The infant drinking from a bottle that looked as if it hadn’t been cleaned for several years.
From that moment, Logan knew that something terrible had happened or could happen. A luxurious Rolls Royce suddenly pulled up in front of the crowd. The chauffeur opened the door and signaled for Logan to get in. Inside, Logan met his boss. King George VIII.
“Hello your majesty, how are you?” Logan wondered.
“Go, go, go,” said King George. “Shall I inform you that we need to get you into the safes?
“What is happening? What are the safes?” asked Logan.
Before King George could answer, Logan started to recall the day 25 years prior. The United States declared war on France, threatening to send atomic bombs. In an attempt to keep important people safe, England had the idea of building Safes. The Safes were entire civilizations built five miles underground. The air was filtered and radiation could not get into the safes. In theory, you would be put to sleep in the safes, and could be woken up when it was safe to leave. However, these were only for emergencies. Logan thought about what would happen to his family.
By the time Logan Miller got to his house, he  saw distress. Coming from his own family. His infant and wife were waiting outside their house. Logan sprinted from the car towards his family. His infant was wearing a shirt with a purple dinosaur scribbled on it. Before he could say anything, he felt a warm loving hug coming from his wife.
“Honey, what is happening?” exclaimed Logan
“Logan, a meteor is heading towards the Earth. It will arrive in a few minutes. You have to go!”
“We have to get to the Safes then,” said Logan.
“Logan, you don’t understand! We are not important enough, we have to stay here,” said Mrs. Miller.
By the time their conversation was done, the meteor could be seen in the sky. Logan felt a strong pull on his arm. He could not feel his arms, nor his legs. The next thing he knew it, he was in the car.
Logan reached for the door handle, but it wouldn’t open. His legs were strapped onto the seat, unable to move. Logan’s vision was a blur until everything went dark.
Logan woke up in somewhat of a modernised facility. However, there wasn’t a person in sight. Everything was the same shade of white from the fans to the bed. It reminded Logan of an isolation chamber, in which people gain mental illnesses from being inside. Logan came to a realization as to what happened. He was in a Safe. His family was probably dead, there was no way out. Logan lay on his bed for what seemed to be days. But when he looked at his clock, he realized that he had been there for ten minutes. There was a red button on the wall, marked Emergency. Logan flipped open the panel, and the door opened.
Outside of his chamber, Logan could see that people had obviously been there.
How long have I been in there?he thought. “My machine must have failed, I was in there for too long.”
In his voice, he heard a beautiful, gentle voice that reminded him of his wife. What the voice was saying made sense.
“Go on, we’ll be okay-,” said the voice in his head.
This caused Logan to fall to the floor, sobbing in his uniform. He lay there until he recovered feeling in his legs. Inside the facility, there must have been a kitchen. Logan searched for it until there was nothing left. The only thing he found was a pan. Without knowing it, Logan sat for an hour bashing his head with the pan, looking for a way out of this lonely life.
An elevator was at the end of the hallway. When Logan stepped inside, it shook. The button was about to break. It seemed as if thousands of people had pressed the same button in a matter of days. When Logan pressed the button, the elevator jolted up in a fast motion. The light at the top of the dark shaft was blinding. Logan’s eyes burned as he stepped out of the elevator.
Logan was met by the barrel of a firearm.
“Who are you?” the voice said. “Which faction are you in?”
“I’m Logan Miller, what faction? I just left the-”
“Tell me, is it Earth or Htrae?”
Logan looked around and saw a fort the size of Buckinghamshire looking down on him that was titled Earth. Without knowing it, Logan said the name out loud.
“You made the right choice, welcome to Earth. I am George. Formerly known as King George of England. But call me George”
“What is this place? Am I dead? Where’s my wife and-” asked Logan.
“Wait, I recognize your name, you were-”
“The Prime Minister of England,” said Logan
“Yes, that’s it. Welcome to Earth, formed in 2240, when we all left the Safe.” We stand for democracy and a unified world. On the other hand, Htrae wants to rule the world.”
“Where did the meteor hit, where did my family do?” The ground rustled under his feet.
“I don’t know-,” said George, “Let me show you around.”
There were at least a thousand people in the Earth. “So all of the people from Safe 1 are in Earth, and people from Safe 2 are in Htrae,” thought Logan.
The tour took several hours, but one spot shook Logan the most. He saw the ruins of his mansion. The walls had changed from a luxurious yellow to a dark, empty black. It was filled with guns and had bodies that people would shoot at. One of them was an infant and another was a grown person. A grown woman. The infant had lost the top of its head. Miraculously, its clothing was still intact. A purple dinosaur. Logan reached out and felt the t-shirt. He fell to the ground. Wanting to die, he reached out to grab one of the guns.
Before he could do anything, he was grabbed by George.
“I have lost my family too! Grow up!” he yelled. “As I know who you are, you can come with me to an important meeting. With the leaders of Htrae.”
“You’re coming anyway!”
Logan heard the voice in his head.
We’ll be ok, it said again
Logan strolled over to the painting on the wall. It was more like a photograph, but reminded him of his family nonetheless. Logan lay down in front of it, crying until his body couldn’t cry anymore. He looked at the clock, it was 3:00 in the morning. But it was still light outside. George found Logan on the floor and ushered him into a car. This car was not normal, however. It was running on a material that reminded him of molten rock from a volcano. In fact, it was similar to the rocks found on Mars. Logan’s legs were strapped onto the seat, making him unable to move.
“This will be a long ride,” said George
“Where are we going?”
“We don’t know, for safety reasons.”
Logan felt himself drifting off. Logan woke up at least five times in the car. The smell of molten rock was toxic, forcing its way into the former air-conditioning vents. The car door opened, screeching its way open. Logan peeked out the windows. He saw heavily armed guards, and the so-called leaders. When they were allowed to leave the transport, George shook hands with the leaders.
“He’s my friend, he knows how to make an agreement,” he said
“Get him to come out,” said a voice
When Logan got out, he recognized the leader outside. A caring, loving face. It reminded him of his wife. While admiring the leader, he was thrown to the side.
“Who are you?”
“I am Logan, Logan Miller of Earth,” said Logan.
“Nice to meet you...wait, I know you- I recognize your voice.”
“Who are you?”
“My name is Olivia Ross, leader of Htrae.
“You mean… my best friend. The Olivia Ross,” said Logan
Logan walked back toward George.
“You know that’s my best friend,” he said.
“We have to win this war,” said George.
“Be quiet, they don’t know”
“Excuse us, we need a private chat,” said George
The sound of the wood cracking under them felt as if it was going to give way.
“We will attack tomorrow,” said George.
“We need a unified world.”
They walked back toward the extensive roundtable. The conversation raged on but appeared to be unproductive.
“Well, we must get going,” said George
Logan blacked out to the thought of a war. He had never been a part of one. Not since he was a child. He remembered his father leaving for Greece. He said that the Europe would never go to war. He was wrong.
When he woke up to the sound of soldiers scurrying.
“Get to your stations,” came a voice.
Logan thought to himself, “This is for my family.”
“Get on your suit,” exclaimed George.
“Why? Where are we going?”

Logan thought as hard as he could, using all prior knowledge. He remembered that his Safe was located in central London, but he was unsure of where the second one was.
“The second one is in Scotland,” he said
“You mean, we’re fighting in-”
“The Crater,” George murmured.
The most radiated area on Earth would soon become a war zone. Logan put on his suit and strolled into the truck waiting outside.
A northern English voice started giving orders, “We know that the enemy will be traveling from Moscow to the Crater to collect samples. We will be intercepting their convoy and killing all people of importance on board. The success of this mission will be vital in this quest for unity. Logan had never held a gun.
The Crater was a dusty mess, filled with molten rock from outer space. The smell of sewage filled the truck, making Logan’s eyes water. He could see the dust that had been radiated. There were huge skyscrapers, fully abandoned. Homes were filled with goods that could not be brought with them. This oddly reminded Logan of his own home. Then his family. This caused Logan’s eyes to water even more, but he played it off as if it was the smell. Hundreds of cars filled the view, and people started getting out of the van. Logan followed them, but was fairly confused as to what was happening.
Before he knew it, Logan was part of a full-scale battle. For three hours, Logan ran and hid in a house nearby. It was on the top floor of an apartment complex. It was interesting because he could see all sorts of people, he saw how people could come together if they are fighting for something they believe in. Suddenly, he heard footsteps downstairs. The building was shaking as the base had been stripped off.
The footsteps stopped. In their place was the sound of stomping. As if trying to draw out movement. Logan stayed still until he knew what the noise was. He knew this was war. In war people’s lives are lost. Instinctively, he remembered how to defend himself. This was taught to him on the first day of being prime minister. He needed to find a knife. Luckily, he found one on his suit. The steps came closer. Logan’s heart raced.
I must do this. It’s why my family died, he thought
A shadow approached the doorway, and a figure followed. Without looking, Logan lashed out and inserted the knife into the person’s back. Blood gushed from the wound as the person screamed, looking around the room. After ten seconds, the body lay motionless on the cold marble floor. When Logan went to look at the body, he noticed something strange. Logan saw the suit that the person was wearing. It was a commander’s suit, with the word Htrae written on the back. As for the person, it was a familiar face.
“Olivia,” he thought.
For three hours, Logan stayed in that apartment complex. The crack of gunshots was heard all around the town. Screams for help coming from the battlefield. All of a sudden, it stopped. Cheering was heard all around Logan. He walked down the stairs, past the body of his former friend, and towards George.
“What happened?” asked George.
Logan started to explain what had happened in the building. But he was cut off when someone in the crowd heard him talk about how the queen was dead.
“The queen is dead?” George asked.
“I guess she is,”
At a funeral, people gathered round in 2550 at a statue in New London titled, “Sir Logan Miller, Our Hero”, death by suicide.

The author's comments:

Logan Miller is the Prime Minister of England. Suddenly, he is forced to leave his family behind in order to escape a disaster. When he wakes up, he has to fight to survive.

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