Underwater Tea Party

March 21, 2018
By lexi_hayleigh BRONZE, Merritt Island, Florida
lexi_hayleigh BRONZE, Merritt Island, Florida
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I sat up groggily, as the sound of the phone ringing hit my ears. I slowly threw off my covers and yawned as I made my way to the kitchen. I grabbed the little house phone, and said “Hello?”

A robotic voice answered and said, “Hello Mrs. Kent, there has been an interesting report about skeletons on the bottom of the Colorado River. Can you please go check it out?”

I put down the phone and, I blew out  an excited breathe. My whole body was alive, any remnant of sleepiness gone. My mind was twitching with curiosity.

I quickly ran upstairs to grab my swim suit. As I started to walk back down the stairs, I frowned. Where was my scuba gear? I scurried into the garage and smiled when I saw it lying on the shelf next to the door. I ran over and dragged it all inside. Slowly I started to put my swimsuit on and pull the wetsuit up to my waist.
I grabbed my goggles, waterproof camera, flippers, and air tank and pushed the garage door opener. I stood standing for a second as the garage opened slowly. I then raced out to my Jeep and dropped off all my gear. Without a moment's hesitation, I turned the key and started the Jeep.

I pulled out onto the road and started off toward the river. Within ten minutes I arrived at the scene. There were police cars everywhere and people were crowded around  behind police tape. I grabbed all my gear and hopped out of my Jeep.

One of the police officers spotted me and lifted up the police tape so I could get through. I set down the air tank, and put the goggles so that they were resting on my forehead. I turned to the police officers that were holding back the crowd. The one who had lifted up the tape for me nodded slightly and then turned back around.

I picked up my air tank and strapped it on my back. I bent down slowly, careful not to fall over, and hung my feet over the edge into the river. I grabbed my long flippers and strapped them expertly onto my feet. I took a deep breath, pulled my goggles over my eyes, and hopped into the water.

The chill of the cold water hit me instantly. Every hair on my body stood on end. I pulled my camera out in front of me, and started to swim downward. Suddenly I froze. I couldn't believe the picture I was seeing in front of me. There were chairs and tables with cups and pots all set up like a tea party underwater. But that wasn't even the weirdest part. There were skeletons in every chair at the “tea party”.

I slowly raised my camera to my face and started to take pictures. I swam around each of the tables and tried to capture every angle of the oddity. As I was backing up to get a better angle, my foot got caught, and i got pulled onto one of the tables. I tried to kick my foot free of the seaweed, but my foot wouldn't budge. As I looked over to survey my surroundings, I almost screamed. The table I thought I floating on was in fact a skeleton. But the urge to scream faded away as soon as I noticed odd lines on the skeleton. Suddenly an idea dawned on me. Were the skeletons plastic? I laughed as I thought about them being part of a movie set, or an elaborate joke. I reached out a shaky hand and touched the skeleton. I let out a breath of relief when all I felt was indeed plastic. I reached over and tore apart the seaweed that was holding me down. When my foot was finally free, I started to swim toward the surface. But I stopped halfway there and turned back to look at the “tea party”. I smiled, no one would ever know the adventure I had down here. I'm glad skeletons, real and fake, cant talk. I can only imagine the tales they would tell...

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Whats life without a little adventure...?

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