Stuck in the 80's

March 19, 2018
By Chase246 BRONZE, Buckhead, Georgia
Chase246 BRONZE, Buckhead, Georgia
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A perfect life is hard to have, well at least for Billy Niche.

He parked his Mini Cooper in the St. George Madison High School parking lot, Billy met two of his closest friends, Tim and Sheldon. Well, it happened to be the first day back at the old school, but the students were already having a replica of the past year. All of them brain dead, confused, running into walls and lockers. First period just started, and Billy ran up the halls to get to his favorite class, Physics. Billy played on his computer the whole time in the back of the class without the substitute teacher knowing. With his other teachers he would do that, but they would come over and see him move his hands to get to another tab. Their teacher had an unexpected death in the family, and couldn’t make it to school for two weeks. They became very happy because Halloween was coming up, and all of them had amazing costumes to wear to the party at the school. The year grew cold, for winter brewed. Winter meant the Science Fair for the students of Madison High. Billy loved science, and he decided to make the most out of the science fair, a time machine.

  The day of the Science Fair came, and Billy sprang from wall to wall with excitement, and couldn’t stop smiling. The time machine happened to be fully operational, and he wanted to make sure it worked. He tinkered with it, but the machine went rogue, shaking and rumbling. Tink, tink went the metal of the machine until a burst of light shone through. What is happening? He thought. I didn’t program it to do this. Hey! He screamed. People from all around the room looked his direction, only to be unsatisfied by an empty booth. He looked around, and found himself in the same school, dressed in the same clothes, with the same looks, and the same personality, but he knew something went wrong. He didn’t know what time period he ended up in, but he knew he needed to get back home, back to the Science Fair.

He walked down to the last class he left, and it turns out they were having class as well. A guy in the back of the class yelled, “Wickity what is going on boss. You late for class in the hizzle.”

“I . . . I’m sorry what did you say? Am I in the 80’s or something? ” questioned Billy.

“Wickity what are you talking about boss, this is the 80’s.”

It took Billy a minute to figure out that he ended up stuck in the 80’s, but the slang words. Who says Wickity any more? He thought. Who dresses in baggy jeans, and leather jackets any more? These people look like they didn’t even brush their hair this morning, let alone look to see what they were putting on. This is just too crazy for me, I need to get out of here. He didn’t know what to do after that.

Meanwhile, in the present, his friends asked to be excused from class to find Billy. They were sent from class to look for him. Looking around every corner, checking every locker, searching any place a 6’7” 320 lbs. 16 year old could be found. Then they finally checked the time machine. The switch on the machine pointed to the on section, and they tried to turn it off, but in doing so, they got sucked in too. They did the same thing Billy did. They thought like him. Finally, they found him in the boys' bathroom. Billy told them he could make a time machine if he had the right parts, and two hours of complete silence. His friends began to get nervous about this, he would present in two hours. They did the best they could to find parts, but before they started working, the bell rang. They couldn’t find a safe place to build, so they found the robotics room, and built in there. The students just thought the guys are amazing at robotics, instead of knowing they could build the time machine if they had the blueprints. Billy needed to present because the judges walked his way, and he only had to install the battery to the machine. He hooked it up and jumped in. When he came out, everyone watching stood with mouths wide open when he jumped from the portal with his friends. He told his story about what happened, he got first place in rankings, and got the Nobel peace prize for outstanding creative youth inventor.

He created more adventures to have, and created more things, but in the end, he became the greatest inventor ever.

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