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The Life I Took Back

March 17, 2018
By Anonymous

“Get up NOW!” Eda heard.

That was the voice she heard every morning, the voice she had been hearing for the past nine years. Eda was 14 years old and trapped in experimental prison. They took her away from her family when she was five years old. At the time she didn’t know what was happening. The people that took her said that she was special and that they were taking her to school for gifted children, but no, that was lie. In the prison they would experient on her, give her shots filled with different colored liquids, and keep her in the dark on everything they were doing to her.

Eda didn’t remember anything from her childhood, her parents, or even if she had any other siblings. She was all alone with nobody at her side. There were other children at the prison, but she wasn’t allowed to talk to them. The people who ran the experimental prison would even experiment on animals, breeding different animals to get the “perfect” mix. They were evil, and they took everything from Eda and all of the other children and animals there. That is why she was so determined to get out, run away, do anything to escape the prison.

“I said get up!” the voice yelled again.

“I know I’m sorry, it’s just that-” she started to say.

“I don’t want excuses, just get up!” the voice yelled once more.

She new who the voice was, the person who she hated most in the world, and there were a lot of people she hated. His name was Dr. Rolaz, and he was an evil man. He was the one who experimented on her, made her get up, and tortured her. Everyday she would follow him the lab, the room that gave her nightmares. There he would give her the shots, poke her with needles, and take notes on her every move.

She followed him, walking in the dark halls of the whole laboratory. Once in the room, she sat on a stool waiting for what was coming. Dr. Rolaz went over to his table where he kept all of his tools and liquids. He filled up a tube with a light brown colored liquid and connected it to the shot. He walked over to Eda and lifted her arm not so gently, and stabbed the shot into her arm.

Eda was used to this, because it happened quite often, but this one stung more than usual. She flinched but that was all. Dr. Rolaz went over to his desk and sat down in his metallic swivel chair and grabbed his notepad, ready to take any notes on Eda.

Nothing happened for the first few minutes, and then the pain started. Eda grabbed her arm in agony, falling to the floor. The pain felt as if someone took a lighter and flamed it inside your body and it did NOT feel good. She waited on the floor, staring at Dr. Rolaz, her eyes begging him to help the pain stop, but he did nothing, he just kept his eyes on her and writing in his notepad. At least 15 more minutes before Dr. Rolaz came up to Eda with another shot and stabbed that one into her, but this one made the pain stop. Though the pain was over, Eda knew that she needed to get out of this experimental prison one way or another.

Because of all the shots they had given Eda through the years, she had developed talents you might call them. For example, she can make her hair stand up straight with just the flick of her wrist, she can even turn a dark green color whenever she touches wood. One more thing she can do is melt metal, but this talent she never told Dr. Rolaz about.

She had discovered this talent one day about five months ago when she was in her cell. She was leaning on the metal bars, when suddenly she started to sink down. She looked behind her and saw an imprint of her back on the bars, it wasn’t deep at all but it was there. She went over to bed to see if she could do it again, whatever she had done. Gently, she put her hands of the very edge of her bed and waited, concentrating very hard. After about 30 minutes, her eyes looked down, and again there was an imprint of her hands on the edge of her bed, deeper and more noticeable than the first. She knew she would never tell anyone about her new discovery, because she knew that she could use this to her advantage.

Eda thought about a plan to get out of the prison, a way to be free, but it was not an easy task to escape. On almost every entrance or doorway there was a guard that would stand watch for about 6 hours then switch with another guard. The guards were armed with guns but they weren’t normal guns, for inside they were filled with special liquid that if injected into a body, it will stop all movement. Basically if you were to be shot with one of these guns, you won’t be able to move or talk. The prison also has sares. Sares are animals, they are a mix between a snake and a bear. As I said before, the experimental prison breeds different animal together to create new species, and with the animals, they experiment on them and use them to do terrible things. The sares are usually used to keep watch over the prison boundaries and makes sure nothing can get out. They look more likes bears in height and weight and a very beastly, but have the eyes and poison of a snake. They are very deadly and dangerous.

Eda thought about her plan, but it was pretty much impossible to be able to succeed. For a few weeks, as she was locked up in her cell, she would study the guards, what they were doing, and where they were at all times. The guard that stands watch over her cell everyday has a lunch break for 20 minutes, and that would be enough time for her to melt the bars with her hands and get out of the building as fast as possible. Her plan was to wait 8 days until she would finally attempt her escape.

Never did time go slower than it had those 8 days she waited. Her days in her cell were long and dreadful everyday, but waiting and anticipating made it so much worse. Finally, the day came for her to escape. To prepare for the escape she put her hands on the bars to warm them up to make it easier for when the time came she could completely melt the bars. The guard left without a sound, and Eda was ready to risk everything. She put her hands on the bars and focused so hard, her brain was ready to explode. She could feel the bars oozing through her fingers until she could walk right through. And she did. She slid through doors, dodging anyone that walked by. Somehow she made it all the way to the door where she could get outside and be free from the place that gave her nightmares.

Before she knew it, she twisted the doorknob and opened the door just enough to where she could get though. Once outside she took the biggest breathe of fresh air, although it wasn’t so fresh. It smelt of metal and machines, and as she looked around it didn’t surprise her that it smelt of metal because all she could see around her was a small forest of trees and metal buildings all around her. She went and walked around outside the building, avoiding being seen. Finally, she walked past the boundaries of the experimental prison into a small grove of trees and bushes. She found a metal bench to sit on and rest. She thought about her life before she was taken away, and if she ever even had a family. It made her sad when she thought about her family and the life she could have had. The prison had in some ways destroyed her. She couldn’t trust anyone because she knew more than anyone else that humans are capable of so much, capable of things worse than death.

As Eda was lost in her thoughts, she was suddenly disturbed by a rustling in the bushes. She didn’t know what the noise was coming from, and she didn’t want to find out. She was terrified that it might be a guard from the prison. Faster than you can say run, Eda took off into a dead sprint. She was about 35 feet away from where the noise was, when she heard the sound of whatever was in the bushes come out. She didn’t know whether she wanted to look behind but she did anyways, and what it was something that she would have never expected. It was a sare.

If you remember a sare is a breed of animals that is half bear and half snake. They are very deadly creatures and you never want to encounter them. Eda started to run again, faster than she had before, but she heard the sare chasing after her. She looked behind, the sare was only about 20 feet behind her. Then before she knew it, she was face flat in a pile of mud (or at least she hoped it was mud). She had just tripped on a root sticking out of the ground. She laid there, waiting for the sare to come and tear her apart, for she knew she could never outrun the sare. But what happened next was something that surprised her the most. The sare came up right next to her and laid its head on her shoulder. Eda turned to face the sare and she could have sworn she saw tiny tears coming from its eyes. She knew this sare had come from the prison and was also trying to escape. She could feel the pain that the sare had been through, and from that point and on, they would become the best of friends.

Eda had named the sare Nedo. They traveled to the city together, trying to figure out what to do. They had no home, food, or money to live off of. Once they were in the city, they tried to make some money, but was not successful.

The city was very bland, there were metal buildings all around her, and very few trees. The people drove Eurdas to get around from place to place. Eurdas where kind of like cars except they have no wheels and can drive themselves. Another type of transportation is called a trice. Now the trice is almost like a teleportation, the fastest way to get around to your final destination. With a trice you could go miles and miles away if you needed to, or you could use it if you needed to go a few blocks down, but only the richest could afford to use them. To use a trice, you have to type in the destination to where you want to go, then the computer will tell you how much you have to pay.

Eda really wanted to use a trice, if she could get enough money that is. But she didn’t quite know where she would go. Nedo and Eda went around the city looking at maps and trying to find the perfect place where they could go, because Eda was sick of this metal city. Finally Eda found the perfect destination, a place called Millwill. It was perfect for the two of them, but now they just needed the money, and Eda had a plan for that.
Eda’s plan was to use the special abilities to try and get people impressed at what she can to and make then give her money. And that plan worked very well. Who knew that turning into different colors could get you so much money, and she also taught Nedo how to do different types tricks. By the end of the week they had gotten 59.29$, just enough to go on a trice to Millwill.

Finally, they could go somewhere different, away from all of the sadness and hurt. They were walking down dark isle that was in between two buildings, when Eda saw a guard from the experimental prison standing right at the end of the dark isle. She stood there, paralyzed with Nedo at her side. She could only hope that the guard didn’t recognize her. Eda and the guard made eye contact and held it for a few seconds until the guard squinted a little harder, then his eyes opened wide, as if he was in shock, and he was.

“You,” he exclaimed. “You’re the one who ran away, the one who I am suppose to take back to the laboratory. Now you better come back with me NOW!”

Eda was so horrified, her worst nightmare was coming true. Her legs felt like jello, but she knew she would do anything to get away from the guard. She would not give up, not now.

“Nedo come!” Eda yelled.

Eda took off in a dead sprint without looking back. She could feel Nedo at her side. They ran and ran as the guard chased them. Eda went into a crown, hoping they would lose the guard. They kept running until they saw a trice. This was their chance to get away and be free forever. Eda ran up to the trice machine and started to type in Millwill, but her hands were so shaky she kept on typing the wrong letters. Once she got Millwill typed in, it asked her to pay $49.78 and so she put in her $50 and it spat back 22 cents. The trice started to spin and swirl, but it was more mesmerizing that annoying. She turned to grab Nedo and saw the guard.
This was her chance to get away forever, and so she did. She hopped right through the trice and it felt as if gravity was pulling her two different way, but it didn’t hurt. At last the trice had stopped and opened up to let her out. Eda got out of the trice with Nedo and the view was breathtaking compared to the metal view back at her old city. She could see trees and flowers all around her. It was pretty deserted, but Eda knew that this was the place where she would live away from all of her sadness and fears.

She was free forever.

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