The Diary of Raven

March 13, 2018
By Alexis_mae BRONZE, Early, Iowa
Alexis_mae BRONZE, Early, Iowa
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Let’s start at the very beginning. My name is Raven Salvatore, I am 16 years old, and I’m a hybrid. My mom is a werewolf and my dad is a vampire. I stopped aging at 16, that’s when my mom was turned. The only person that ever loved me was my mom; she was killed 5 years ago by a mysterious black figure. My best friend is my own brother, his name is Theo, I am older but he likes telling people he is. I moved to Mystic Falls after I received a letter saying I needed to move immediately. My brother, his best friend Jax, my best friend Mavis, and I packed up and traveled 100 miles.

I’m at a new school.  Words to describe it horrible, unpleasant, a disaster is what I would describe them as. Until I met him! He didn’t notice me though, he is the star quarterback and is the cutest. I’m a junior and he’s a senior. His name is Fynn Mikaelson. Ugh!!! Why does he have to be dating her! The head cheerleader and her name is Beth Saltzman. Beth is one of those girls, mean and manipulative. I’m a cheerleader but I’m not sure if I want to do it anymore. “Breaking News… Elizabeth Saltzman has been found... she was found behind the school in the ditch, but sadly she was alive” recited the Channel 4 News. I can’t believe it, she’s dead. I never knew this would happen… I need to know what happened.
Hello, my name is Theo Salvatore. I’m also 16 and probably should not be writing in my sister’s diary or journal whatever she calls it. We are twins and yes if you were wondering I’m a hybrid and single… She probably talked about our mother’s death and that our father isn’t around. She is my only family besides Mavis and Jax. Jax is my best friend and my brother. (not biological) I know we have two older brother’s, Damon and Stefan, but Raven does not. I don’t want her to know because that could potentially be a bad day for everyone.

My first day of school was fantastic, amazing, any good word would describe it. I met the prettiest girl ever! She is what you call a nerd, but who cares. I plan on taking her to the Mystic Falls Tree Lighting ceremony. Oh if you were wondering it’s December 18, 2033. Her name is Maya Lockwood, I believe her grandma was the mayor of Mystic Falls for a little while.

Greetings, my name is Mavis Bennett. I am 16 and I’m a witch. I know my mom is Bonnie Bennett, but I live with Raven and Theo. My mother doesn’t want me to be apart of her life because it is dangerous. She met my dad Enzo St.John he’s a vampire but my mother did breathtaking spells that made sure I was just a witch and not a hybrid. I met Raven when I was 5, we were in the same kindergarten class. I secretly love Theo but I know that will destroy Raven, and I can’t let that happen.

Hi, my name is Jax Donovan. I am 17 years old and I’m human. What a surprise right, my friends are all supernatural besides Mavis but I have a feeling she is something else. My aunt was killed by an animal,that’s what everyone says but I don’t truly believe any of them. At the moment I am single, what a surprise right? I moved back to Mystic Falls to find what truly happened to my aunt Vicki. My dad has told me many stories of her, but some didn’t sound right. He has mentioned a guy named Damon Salvatore that attacked her at a party. What I’m really confused about is Damon related to Raven and Theo. I have been researching Damon, but he is literally no one.

Today I will be starting my job at Mystic Bar and Grill. People have been saying I look like one of the guys that use to live in Mystic Falls in 2017. His name is Damon Salvatore. I was wondering if we could possibly be related. He’s married to this girl named Elena Gilbert. They say he still lives in town in the mansion on top of Mystic Hill. I want to talk to him but then again I don’t. Oh… yesterday Fynn asked me to the Mystic Falls Tree Lighting ceremony. He doesn’t seem to heartbroken about Beth’s death. Mavis and I are gonna go shopping today at this voodoo shop down the road from the school. She has been acting really strange the past couple of weeks. She met this guy at the Winter Formal. He was really rude and obnoxious. I can’t exactly remember his name besides that his first name is Emmett.

Your never gonna believe this, I met a guy he is extraordinary, his name is Emmett. We met at the Winter Formal. He was alone after his date left and I didn’t have a date. We went to his house and watched movies all night. There is something amazing about him and I just can’t figure out what else could be so amazing.

Today, I asked Maya out! She answered yes! I plan on taking her to dinner before the tree lighting ceremony and we are gonna watch a movie. I think she is into me but I’m can’t read her mind like I can other people.

Fynn is amazing. We went to the Tree Lighting ceremony and had a blast. After we went back to his place. We did some stuff! It was outstanding, I know what people will say but who cares anymore it was just once not like that can ruin my life.

Hello, my name is Damon Salvatore. I am 24...forever. I married the best women ever her name is Elena. We have two beautiful children, twins. A boy and a girl, Eve and Mason. They are 10 years old. I plan on turning them at the age 18. I know Theo and Raven, but Raven doesn’t know me. I don’t want her to get mad that we were kept a secret for so many years. I use to have another brother Stefan, but he died in a fire years ago back in 2017. I think it is best I don’t mention Stefan to Raven though because I don’t want her instincts to react horribly.

Hiya, my name is Fynn Mikaelson. I am 17 and the son of one of the original vampires. I am dating Raven and she is the best. I know she is a hybrid, because my dad created hybrids and I can tell by their attitudes. Oh, by the way my dad is Niklaus Mikaelson. Something has been wrong with Raven but I can’t figure it out. She is amazing but she has been very secretive the past few days. Did I do something?

The next two long months were pretty plain not much went on until March…

A conversation between Raven and Fynn
“Hey Fynn”, Raven.
“What do you need I’m kinda busy”, grumped Fynn.
“Do you want to hang out this weekend”, asked Raven.
“Yeah we can go the the party in the woods!”, Fynn mentioned.
“I would love that, can my brother and friends come?”, asked Raven.
“Why not it would be a lot more fun with a crowd”, Fynn mentioned sarcastically. “Gotta go, talk to you later” spoke Fynn.

The party in the woods was interesting. It was a common party, wasn’t to different besides the fact we were in the woods and there was many animals. There has been a lot of animal attacks lately and I’m kinda terrified. I get that I’m a hybrid, I should be all tough, but truly I have lived as a human besides my feeding habits, my whole life. I can’t figure out who or what is doing this to people, because I haven’t seen any animals the whole time I have lived in Mystic Falls.

This past few months have been good. I have a girlfriend and life is going pretty great. Then people start going missing, I have no idea why because Raven couldn’t hurt anyone and we only feed on animals. Someone is doing it and I must find out. Damon and I talked and he wants to meet Raven, because at the moment Raven, Jax, Mavis and I are all living in a 2 room apartment. It isn’t the greatest thing when you are trying to get alone time with people. Damon wants to have us live with him. Maybe we should it could be good for us.

Greetings again, I know I haven’t been a very big part lately because I was doing research on Damon. So… here's what I got, he lives on Mystic Hill with his wife and two children. He did indeed attack my aunt way back before I was born and killed my dad multiple times but luckily my dad was wearing this ring thing that gives him eternal life or something, then he LOST it. Yeah, so that concludes my research and here is a little bit about my life these past few months.

I am still single but I have my eye on Raven… yes I know she is dating Fynn but we all know that won’t last because he is the star quarterback and jumps from girl to girl. I won’t interfere until Raven is heartbroken and needs comforting. I made the football team but who truly cares because I only did it to learn more about Fynn. I am pretty positive he is a vampire because my dad has this picture of one of the original vampires, his name is Niklaus Mikaelson. Niklaus and Fynn look almost identical and their last names are the same. Now that concludes my life so far… boring I know.

Hello, to no one… I don’t even know why I write in this because it will get read by no one that's the whole point of a spelled diary when someone writes on one page no one else can see it, besides the person who spelled it. Oh wait you didn’t get told how the diary system works. So the witch (Bonnie Bennett) that gave each of us a diary, but you don’t know who has one, she spells them so when we write in them they disappear and all the pages gets put in a big diary at the end… when there is one, but when she thinks the conflict is over she will give us each a copy of the end( or the ending of a story). That is how the whole diary thing works. Okay, so now back to me. I get to meet Raven today, I’m not totally sure what is going to happen but I’m sure it’ll be great… I think. I have a feeling I know who the witch is but I can’t release her name at this time.


Back to my life… I know I haven’t written in a while but I’m still alive for today. Emmett and I are happy and he finally told me he is a vampire, surprising right. I know he mentioned that he is a son of one of the originals and explained that situation with us but Fynn is a vampire too, he is Emmett's cousin or something. I don’t think Raven knows he is a vampire but also I don’t think Fynn knows she is a hybrid. I have to tell them before something bad happens like a baby, or worse they could get into a fight. Something even worse Fynn could feed on humans and not animals like Raven and that could end tremendously bad for Mystic Falls.

So I just got some news that can potentially ruin my life. I learned I have a brother and we talked, he seems really nice and my niece and nephew are fantastic. Elena is kind and amazing. I’m just surprised I didn’t connect the dots when I heard someone else had the name Salvatore in town.
Here’s what truly is bad. I have been dating a vampire for the past 4 months, and that is horrible because I didn’t know. What would I have done if I was pregnant or worse he fed on people instead of animals. Well the good news is he wouldn’t feed on people...I think. Does he truly love me or does he say that because he knows I have a supply of blood in my fridge… no wonder I have been running low.

These past few weeks have been strange. Raven hasn’t talked to me as much as she normally does… I knew telling her I was a vampire was a bad idea because now she doesn’t love me anymore. I need to do something now! What if she never even loved me… I don’t know anymore maybe it would be better if I broke up with her or will she break up with me?


OMG!!!OMG!!! I can read minds… today I was sitting in class and then I looked at Maya and she looked at me and I started to hear a voice in my head and then I realized that it was Maya’s voice. I CAN READ MINDS… now let’s use my ability for some mischief.

Conversation between Raven and Theo
“Hey Raven”, Theo.
“Nothing much, just thinking”, Raven.
“About what… Fynn” Theo.
“Yeah, he told me that he was a vampire, surprising NOT”, angrily Raven mentioned.
“Well your life sounds interesting, I can read minds”, Theo.
“Prove reading Fynn’s mind”, sassed Raven.

So… today I was with Fynn during football, and I tried the whole reading mind thing my sister wanted me to try and I am not a very happy brother right now. We were talking and he plans on getting Raven pregnant so she will stay with him, and I found out Jax has a thing for her too. My life can’t get anymore confusing or messed up can it. I think I’m gonna talk to Damon about it and maybe he can help me figure my life out, I bet he has gone through something like this.

I just got told that Fynn is trying to get me pregnant, not the best news I have received. Oh and Jax has a thing for me, I kinda like him too. He is sweet and kind. I think the best option is to end things with Fynn and try it with Jax… It has been a week and I broke up with Fynn and Jax and I are trying it.
Yassss! Raven and I are officially together and happy so far, remember though it has only been a week. I am happy and so is she. Our lives have finally become great.

I’m pregnant… is that even possible with my boyfriend being a vampire. I can’t be, my mom will kill me because she was in the same boat with my dad when she was younger. He was a vampire and she was a witch. The ancestors will never approve because they don’t want a half-breed witch. They will make me sacrifice it. I can’t I will have to leave and I don’t know what to tell Raven. She will never forgive me. The father isn’t Emmett… it’s Fynn. I know they are not together anymore, but it will still hurt her. That stupid party. I can’t live like this I have to tell her the truth now before someone else does.

Conversation between Raven and Mavis
“I’m pregnant...I’m sorry”, Mavis.
“Really, I thought you and Emmett weren’t that serious”, Raven.
“Were not, and it isn’t Emmett’s”, Mavis.
“No way whose is it… you can tell me I won’t be mad”, Raven.
“It’s...It’s...It’s Fynn’s”, Mavis.
“Ahhhh… how we have been broken up for a week, was he seriously that desperate. I can forgive you not him. How did it happen?”, Raven.
“We went to that party at his friend’s house and we got really drunk and it just sorta happened”, Mavis.

UGH!!!! I hate my life… well part of my life. Today I was told that Mavis is pregnant. Oh and the best part is, it is Fynn’s my ex-boyfriends. I don’t blame her, he is just a desperate loser looking for a girl to replace Beth. He just used me because I was the cheer captain after Beth died. If I quit cheer than maybe someone else will fill my place and he will get with them and will stop bothering me all the time.

So, I told Raven… she was okay with it and I don’t think she is mad but I can’t really say much since she doesn’t show emotion. I get that is bad but it is okay if she doesn’t show emotion right away… right? Should I talk to her more or should I just leave her alone for awhile so she can blow off some steam.

It has been a few days and Raven and Mavis are still friends and Theo and Jax are fighting.

Today I found out it is a GIRL!!!!!. Yeah I'm screaming inside. I’m so happy and I haven't told Fynn yet but Emmett knows and says he will take care of her as his own. He told me that he wasnt mad and he forgave me and he mentioned that we were going to be together forever… I’m just happy to have a semi-normal life for once.

A few months have passed and Mavis is 5 months pregnant, Raven and Jax are still together and Theo went missing…continue reading and see what happens. (Continue at your own risk… What do you think happened to Theo?)

End of Chapter 1

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