My Dark Guardian

April 8, 2009
It was raining hard. Lightening and thunder crashing, rumbling, making the ground shake. The trees swayed violently from side to side, the leaves rustling loudly from the whipping wind. The grass swayed like a dark sea, plants flying in the air. On a hillside something dressed in black was laying there on the ground. The clothing was torn though, and ripped. The once baggy black pants were now in strips of black cloth, fluttering in the wind and the once black blouse was now ripped and torn to pieces. Long, crimson red, bloody gashes ran down the arms and legs of this being. Long claw marks ran down their back and shoulders. The wounds were bleeding badly, turning the grass a dark red.

Creatures of darkness smelled the fresh blood. Slowly they crept out of holes from under trees and rocks. Their bodies twisted masses of grey slime. Their sharp curved claws, digging into the soil of the earth as they moved towards the scent of blood. Slimy lips turning into twisted, cruel smiles. Revealing many, many razor sharp, yellow, pointed teeth. A certain one, much bigger then all the rest made it to the hillside and was now standing over the limp, unmoving body. Those glowing green eyes glaring greedily at the blood and meat. It nudged the body a few times, seeing that this being was not moving, thinking them most likely dead. It crept up to the head of the body. Their face was in the dirt, the hair looked seemed to be a shadow of black and the skin very, very pale. Just as the jaws came to sink into this beings neck the sound of pounding hoof beats could be heard. Even in a raging storm like this those hoof beats were heard. Then out of the darkness rode a youth.

The horse he rode upon was completely black, the eyes a dark goldish brown color. The young man himself was dressed in black. He wore armor that fit his muscular body perfectly, his skin seeming very pale against the black contrast. His hair came down in long straight strips. Upon his head was a black traveler’s hat as well as a long cloak with no hood at his back. A sword seeming to be very simple looking was strapped at his back. His eyes were a piercing black glass, seeming to reflect everything they saw. This young rode towards the creature at an incredible speed, already upon it and none saw when the sword was drawn but all heard the sound of blade hitting flesh in a flash of light. The creature fell to the ground without a head, the body twitching as the head rolled back down the hill where the others fought over it to eat. This youth dismounted and walked over to the body lying on the ground with a few long even strides. He then lifted her off the ground and remounted his horse, holding the being carefully, their face still unseen he rode off at a quick pace into the darkness of the woods.

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sallyloco said...
Jun. 30, 2009 at 3:55 pm
i thought it was really good! Keep it up!! =D
Amber L. said...
Apr. 29, 2009 at 7:32 pm
Nice beginning, though 'crimson red, bloody' may have over done it a little in the first paragraph.
Wasda replied...
Feb. 24, 2010 at 7:50 pm
i dont agree i thought that was perfect. but i doo like more of the bloody and gory people getting riped in half storys
SamanthaLynx replied...
May 23, 2011 at 2:56 pm
I enjoy having detailed stories, at times I can get a little agressive in descriptions, thank you both for reading this and thank you for your opinions. :]  I have other work I am putting up soon, feel free to check it out.
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