My Dream

March 21, 2009
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I was in a dinning room. No furniture save for a couch. Upon which sat three people. A mother and two children. The walls of the dinning room were glass and the room was very light. There was foliage on the same wall as the couch. The room wasn't empty. Great beasts stood in the middle of the room, lots of them. I was there, and so were several other people though I never saw their faces. The monsters were carnivorous and so the other people were trying to feed them the leaves they adored in order to secure their own lives. At some point, I decided to take two children who were not the mother's up to the room were all the other children were playing. I went there and tried to convince the mother to do the same for her children but she wouldn't. She said something about needing to stay there because she and her children were going to sing later and the children wouldn't want to go anyway. The stairs I treaded were much like my Aunt Sandy's. Hard wood and very pretty. The room was noisy and loud. I didn't understand why they could be so happy when the monsters who wanted to eat them were downstairs. I went over to a table were three people sat. the boy and girl sitting there were turning into animals. The girl a chipmunk and the boy I don't remember. I peaked downstairs to see how things were going. I began to descend the stairs but was stopped when the monsters broke from their bondage and began coming out of the room. I ran upstairs. The noise was as loud as ever and no one seemed concerned with the monsters downstairs. The people downstairs had attempted to cage the things again but failed and the monsters had became agitated. I peaked downstairs again to see what was happening and was alarmed to see a triceratops attempt to climb the stairs. Even though the triceratops was slow, the other things were quick and agile. I didn't see them catch anybody but I had to get out. The upstairs people became scared and panicked. I forced open a door across the hall that was to much closed. Somehow I knew to get out that way. I yelled for everyone to follow me but I don't think anyone did. I ran through the bedroom I had entered and to a staircase. The staircase was my own and down it I went. Somehow my staircase and kitchen was connected to the other house. I ran to the red door, almost out. Suddenly I was aware of a shadow and then a hand touched my shoulder. I jumped, startled. It was a boy I had never seen before. I don't remember his face but I know I saw it. I opened the red door and woke up.

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