Gravel Road

February 16, 2018
By francomerc BRONZE, Hampden, Massachusetts
francomerc BRONZE, Hampden, Massachusetts
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This is not supposed to be good. I do not write good with prompts. I was also rushed because I procrastinate a lot. 

Chapter 1: Michael

Today’s been s***. All my teachers hate me because I don’t put in any effort, my best friend took my girlfriend, and my parents are getting divorced. I guess that last one isn't so bad, my dad's an asshole and my mom- well my mom just isn't a good mom. My dad will probably be home when I get home. He hasn't worked in a while because he's riding some work injury compensation and thinks, ‘he deserves a break.’ That compensation is about enough money to feed his drinking habit and himself, but not me, not my little brother, and not my mother.
I pull off the road and into our driveway, a long and twisty gravel path through woods that get darker with my thoughts. As our little ranch appears suddenly, i see my fathers truck parked sideways in front of the barn. I park next to it and get out. I spit on his bright red truck out of spite, like that will solve all my problems, spite. Walking up the steps I can hear my father stumbling to the door. He opens the door as i open the screen. I only have to look at his sweaty face for about a second to notice he’s drunk.
“Where is it?” he angrily mumbles.
“I have no idea what youre talking about.” I quietly say back as I try to push past him. I do know what he’s talking about. Beer. What else would he be looking for? He pushes me back outside.
“Yes you do. Where’s my beer?”
“Maybe you drank it all.” That was a mistake, I think as the last syllable leaves my mouth. Somehow the pissed off face he has gets more pissed, and he puts a right-cross across my face.

Chapter 2: River

At first, I see white and hear nothing. Then, I start to hear children laughing and playing. I start to see what looks like a ceiling with carpet on it. I sit up too fast and my vision goes dark and tunnel like, but when it comes back, Im in what appears to be a mobile home. I’ve never actually been in a mobile home. This one feels a lot less rednecky than I thought they were. In fact, it feels like home. Suddenly I get up. I didn’t tell my body to do that, I’m not in control. I realize that this is not my body when I see arms that are bigger and darker than mine. My new body walks to the other end of the home and into the bathroom. When the light flicks on, I see someone who definitely isn’t me looking back at me. I see a boy with a dark face and darker freckles. He has long black hair, I thought I’d seen black hair, but this hair was darker than night. His face didn’t look happy. I tried to think about the fact that I wasn’t in my body anymore, but I just couldn’t care. This new person proceeds to brush their teeth, wash their face, and progressively get happier looking. He then walks out of the bathroom and to the front door. He kicks on some unlaced boots and walks out. 
I try again to think about my own body, but I can’t.  I can’t remember my own name. Me and this boy are now walking through a trailer park. His eyes watch children playing. He sees a man sitting under a tree in a plastic chair. He’s slumped over with his head hanging back. I know what that is. A drunk man. We walk towards him.
“PA.” he calls in a heavy native accent.
“PAPA! The slumped man shoots up out of his chair, and immediately falls back down. The boy is obviously native but this man he’s calling Pa is a European looking man. Blonde hair, white skin.
“Hey River.” the man called Pa says.
“You been drinking again haven't you.”
“N’ if I am what’s it to you?”
“You drink all the damn time! It’s only ‘bout ten-thirty inna mornin’ and you is drunk as a skunk! Pa, I love you but you need help. Everyone gets scared a’ you when you’re like this. What if one day you get drunk n’ hurt somebody? Or one of the kids?.” The man sits in silence with his head down. A tear falls onto a tree root below him.
“I- I’m sorry Riv, I know I said I’d stop. But i just miss your mama so damn much.” The man can barely get out his excuse before he starts wailing. I can mine and Rivers eyes start to well up, but he doesn't cry he just starts talking.
“ So you promise me you ain’t gonna drink no more okay?” Pa gets up and hugs his son.
“Yes, I- I promise. I love you.” I can feel his tears on Rivers shoulder.
“Alright we throwing out all your beer okay.” River says to break the silence.
“Right.” The two of them walk back to the trailer. Above the door, there is a sign that reads: “FREED BUT LOST. CATORI AMITOLA”. As I finish reading the sign, my vision fades to black.

Chapter 3: Michael

My father is sitting in a chair next to my hospital bed. I had fallen of the deck after he socked me and smashed my head on a rock.
       “Hey Mikey.” he said through tears. “I told the docs what happened. I- wish I didn’t get drunk son. I don’t even know what to say.” I sit there in silence. “I love you.” I wait a moment before answering.
“If you love me you’ll stop drinking.” I say coldly.
“Yes! I will! I already threw out all the beer.” He replied.
“Good.” I said flattly.

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M.De.Anderson SILVER, Upper Marlboro, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
"Personal Introspection. First Mountain, then cannon." -me

This is really intriguing. Would certainly like a sequel with deeper explanations of how the mind transfer thing happened.

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