Black turns Pink

February 16, 2018
By katelynmt16 BRONZE, Southington, Connecticut
katelynmt16 BRONZE, Southington, Connecticut
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Black goes Pink

My name is Victoria. I go to the All Girls Academy for troubled teens. My parents sent me away here last year.
“No matter what you say your going to this private school. I'm sick and tired of dealing with your bullshit.” b****ed out my mom, the last day I was home.
We can say I have some behavioral problems. Last year at my old school I head butted some chick in the face for talking to my boyfriend. I have a very low tolerance for anything or anyone who messes with what’s mine but that’s a different story. I don't like sharing, I don't like pink, or any colors basically...besides black. I have about six sets of piercings and three tattoos. People may say that I'm goth but I just like to say that I’m different. A cool type of different.The number one thing I hate is girls. I hate girls.
One girl especially, Melissa Craig. She's the type of girl who dresses up everyday for school, paints her perfect face in makeup, dips her perfect nails in pink polish, dresses her skinny “hot” body in the most expensive designer clothes, her tan Native American skin glistens in the sun. She's the “IT” girl. Not to mention that she is completely loaded. And when I say loaded I mean really freaking loaded. Her family owns about three casinos in the area and she shows it off with all her flashy nice things.
Let me tell you a little more about Melissa. We used to be best friends all throughout middle school and high school. We hung out everyday and basically did everything together. Then, one day, everything changed. She started ditching me to hang out with this other group of girls. I was completely ghosted and had no idea why. She said that it was just us moving separate ways. I mean I guess it could have been because I was getting into the punk rock sort of thing and she was still into looking like an absolute princess but I had a feeling it was something more than that, and she just didn’t want to tell me. I mean it has to be! Right?
But to think that I was there for her through basically everything in her life. I was with her for the hardest time in her life. I was there for her the whole time her mom was getting treatment for brain cancer. When the treatment wasn’t working anymore I was there for her through her mom's passing. I was by her side through it all. I was her shoulder to cry on. How could she just walk out on me like that? I was such a good friend to her. Ever since then I held a grudge and never became friends with another girl again. They're all evil.
I just really wonder what was going through her head since we went from hanging out every day, week after week to absolutely nothing. She suddenly just dropped me like a fly. If I had to say she would probably be the most snobbiest little brat on the planet. I mean how could someone do this to a person. I hate her! I hate her! I hate her! My head is bursting with so much anger and hatred thinking about her, that I could pass out.

“Woah where am I?”
I wake up in a a canopy bed with silk sheets covering my body and over my head hangs a big, white, feathery dream catcher. I look around the room I'm in and see that it is vomited with pink everything. Pink walls, curtains, rugs. What kind of nightmare is this?
I sprint to the bathroom to splash water on my face. Maybe this is all just a bad dream I think to myself. I rinse my face off and grab the towel that is hanging on the door. I wipe the water from my face and look in the mirror. I see my reflection and nearly faint. But it just isn't my reflection. I see freaking Melissa looking back at me! Is this some kind of sick joke?
I’m her! I'm in her body. How can this be? The one person I hate in this entire world and I'm stuck in their body! Great. I go back into her room, well I guess my room now, and look around. She has tons of tiaras from pageants that she has won decorating her room. Her room is covered in them. I pick up one of the bigger ones and happen to notice some pictures that are under it.
They’re pictures of her mom before she got sick. I was friends with her at this time. I remember this. There are pictures of her mom everywhere. As much as I hate Melissa, I really do miss her mom. She was such a nice lady. She always took care of me and helped me when I needed her. She was like a second mom to me.
Wow I can’t  even imagine going through what Melissa did. I love my mom more than anything I can't even picture life without her. Some of my hatred towards Melissa lifted off my shoulders and a tear streamed down my face and onto the photo of Melissa and her mother. I closed my eyes.

I wake up again and I'm in my own bed. I look in the mirror and see my beautiful piercings and black hair. I can't believe what just happened. Although I am freaked out by my experience of being in someone else’s body my only urge is to talk to Melissa. I rush to get ready to go back to my old high school. I need to find Melissa. I run through the halls searching for her and calling her name. I need to know the answer to the question that has been lingering with me forever. I need to know the real reason why she stopped being my friend. I see a girl wearing pink with long brown perfect hair and hurry over to her.
“Melissa?” I ask.
She turns around with a puzzled look on her face.
“Victoria? What are you doing here I thought you hated me? Don’t you go to that all girls school now?”
“I came here to ask a you a question because something really weird just happened to me and I need you to answer me honestly. What's the real reason why you stopped being friends with me?”
Melissa lowered her head and her lip quivered.
“ The truth is Victoria, I stopped being friends with you because you reminded me too much of my mother. You were apart of everything I had to go through with her and every time I saw your face it just brought me back to that day when my dad came out of my mother’s hospital room saying that she was gone.”
“I wish you could've just told me that Melissa. I'm so sorry I miss your mom too. I basically thought of her as my mother too.”
A big lump grew in my throat. I felt awful. How could I have hated this girl so much when the only reason why she didn't want to hang out with me anymore was because I reminded her of the one thing that she loved most in this world. I know now that one shouldn’t judge someone so harshly on the way they act or by their actions because you don't know what's really going on in their life and they may have a really good reason for doing certain things that they do.

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