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he tough that counts

February 16, 2018
By jtorres BRONZE, Springfield, Massachusetts
jtorres BRONZE, Springfield, Massachusetts
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I wish that I was rich. That’d be great, so many things I could do with all that money, pay off bills, buy a car, a boat, or even a new house. Possibly even buy my wife a new car, perhaps her dream car, a 2018 BMW M4, charcoal grey with black rims. My wife’s name is Emma. We have been married for 4 years. We are both the same age, both 28. She is the girl of my dreams. Tan skin, dark hair, and green eyes.
           Woke up the next morning and made Emma sausage egg and cheese on a plain bagel. Her favorite, but you have to toast the bread, and if you don’t she won’t eat it. After that I was out the house and headed to the bus stop. Waiting in the rain for the bus is the worse, especially on your way to work. Finally the bus arrives, and the bus smells like wet dog and mold. Surprised I’m saying this but I can’t wait to get to work. I arrived at work all wet and smelling like wet dog, I can tell this day is going to be s***ty. The worst felling ever is walking through the McDonalds door wearing McDonalds shirt, hat, and pants. I hate working here, I wish I could have been one of those smart kids in high school who finally made it out of the hood and went to college.  Well yeah if you can’t tell, I’m not one of those kids, I never made it out of the hood. Today I’m  working from 8am to 4pm, not too bad of a day but I feel like today will be really busy.
          3pm comes by and so far I’ve made about 80 burgers and I lost count of the nuggets, but it was a lot. The best feeling is walking out of the door going home to my beautiful wife Emma. Again I wait for the bus. Finally the bus arrives, and the odor still hasn’t changed, still smells like wet dog and musk. Then I finally get to my stop. I was having a rough day at work so I decided to go to the convenience store to grab a beer just to settle down and relax. As I go to pay for my beer, the cashier is ringing me up and he ask ‘’anything else?’’ .And for some reason two $20 scratch tickets were calling my name. it took me a while to respond but I replied “yes, two of those $20 holiday scratch ticket”. He pulls out my scratch tickets, and comes back and say “that will be $45.50”. I reach down into my back pocket, grab my wallet, and pull out a $50 bill. And I hand it to the cashier and he gives me back my change. “you change will be $4.50 sir”. I say ‘thank you” and exit the store. I run out side to scratch them really quick, I search my pockets for loose change to scratch my ticket… Nothing, I search the ground outside of the store and finally find on penny. I take a deep breath and start scratching them. The first one was a dud, I won nothing. I take another deep breath and scratch the next one. I blinked twice and rubbed my eyes, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I WON 7.9 MILLION DOLLARS!!!! I run right back into the store to cash in. the cashier says “you’re back” and I reply “you bet I am, look at this” and hand him my ticket. He freaks out, he’s so proud of my and happy for me even though I just met this guy, I don’t even know his name. He gives me my cash and I run down the street like half a block to Emma. I Swing open the door and start yelling her name, “Emma! Emma! Guess what!” she comes into the living room “What?” I say “Honey we are set for life”. And I pull out the $7.9 million dollars. She automatically starts crying, and hugs me and squeeze’s tighter, tighter, and tighter. I could barely breath. She finally pulls away and asked me  ”so what are we going to do with all of this money”. So many things are going through my head. Like maybe take Emma on our first honey moon in Hawaii, or buy a new car or buy a new house on the beach in Miami. But before I could answer her, my mind went black, it felt like I just fell into a deep sleep and can’t wake up.
          I wake up, and my mind is filled with white. I open my eyes and I’m looking at the sun.  I look around and I’m sitting in a chair by a nice inground pool somewhere on an island. I look to my right and a very attractive girl is laying down with sunglasses on. She looks over and says “Kyle your finally awake” and I reply “Kyle…that’s not my name”
she replied “ HaHaHa your funny” I’m curious as to where  I am and who this girl is. So, I asked “where are we and who are you?” She laughs again “I’m your wife Taylor, duh dummy. And by the way we are in Hawaii for our HONEY MOON!!!” I reply “Honey moon?!?!?!” she reply’s “wow Kyle you’ve must have drank too much last night or something”. A short man in a suit walks and ask “Ma’am would you like some more lemonade?”. She reply’s “yes please”.
He also ask “ Would you like a lemonade too Sir”. I reply “Yes please”. He walks back into the house and I whisper to this girl “Who was that” she reply’s “Our butler, Jim”. I lean back and close my eyes and say to myself “This is the life”. Taylor say “okay honey lets go for a swim”
and she reaches for my hand. We stand on the edge of the pool and I said “you jump first”.
And before I know if she already in the water. I look at her and she says “are you going to jump in or are you too much of a chicken”. I start laughing, bend my knees and jump. I look down at the water as it gets closer and closer. As I’m about to hit the water I close my eyes, and my mind goes into sleep mode again.
           My eyes open and I have control oh my mind again. I’m back in my living room, standing face to face with Emma. She says, “So what are you going to do with that money?” I reply “Emma… We are going on our dream honey moon, to the tropical islands of Hawaii.”
She jumps with joy, and tears start running down her cheeks. She can’t believe it and neither can I.
          Before I know it, were packing our bags. And we are off to the airport. We make it through security quickly and before you know it we are sitting next to each other on a plane. The plane finally lands and I look out my window and see the sun shining behind the palm trees. We exit the airport and find our cab, he takes us to our mansion in the middle of the forest. We unpack and quickly run to the pool before dark, we made it in time for the sunset. I look at the sunset and look to my right at Emma, she has a big smile on her face. I mumble to myself, “This is the life”. I’m so glad I thought this one out, and now my wife is happy and I’m happy, and we are relaxing in Hawaii, it cant get any better than this.

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