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Dave The Invisable Boy

February 16, 2018
By tony_tops BRONZE, Hampden, Massachusetts
tony_tops BRONZE, Hampden, Massachusetts
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Short story about Dave the invisible boy
Hi! My name is Dave. I grew up on a beach. Well from what I can remember anyway… It feels almost as if I just popped out of the sand. I can’t recall what I did yesterday… Was there a yesterday? Did everyone just pop out of the sand? It’s kind of dark, maybe because the sun wasn’t out yet. Wait what’s a sun? What does that word mean? What even is a sun? I thought really hard and remembered that it’s a big ball of fire far, far away. But how did I know that word or what it even was. Was I here yesterday? I couldn’t have been because I don’t remember yesterday. Ok where did I learn all these words from? Alright I’m a just going to go with it. So I start to walk and the sun starts to rise on the horizon. I walk for a while; I see a man and a girl walking together. The lady is really pretty. I walked up to them and said “Hi! My name is Dave, what are your names?” but no response was given. So I yelled this time “HI MY NAME IS DAVE! WHAT ARE YOUR NAMES?” but again no response came so I walked away and found a lonely guy and asked him what his name was. Again no answer I’m starting to get frustrated because everyone is just ignores me… but why? Do I stink? Did I hurt their feelings? So some time passes and its around lunch time the beach is full so I ran up right in the middle of a big group and yelled “MY NAME IS DAVE CAN ANYONE HEAR ME?” but yet again no one responds. Now I’m thinking well can I even be seen? So I walk over to another group of people and I stand right in front of them and start mooning them all. I’m now rotating in a circle. But no one does anything so I go to sit on one girls lap to see if someone could feel me. So I go to sit on her. And what do you know I go straight through her. Like as if there was a chair on a projector screen. I just sat right through her I was stunned. I started to just walk along the beach then I see a ball heralding towards my face, I didn't have time to duck, it goes straight through me. I was happy that it did go that way because if not I’d be knocked out on the beach floor. I walked over to the water and look down into the water and saw my reflection I’m a boy no older than 15. Then it hit me I'm invincible! Or I'm just invisible. I'm both! When I found this out I started running around yelling immature things like "Wow you're so fat" or "Why are you at the beach you should be in the ocean you whale" I laugh, I'm my own comedian. But that gave me an idea I could just go find a show to watch and no matter what I say or do I can’t get kicked out. So that's what I do. I'm setting off on an adventure to find some entertainment. But when I looked around everyone started to leave the beach it was getting dark. I guess my adventure will have to wait until tomorrow. I close my eyes and fall asleep. I slowly wake up from my sleep but when I woke up I wasn't on the beach. No I was in a bed, in a bright blue bedroom, with nice things. Where did all this come from? How long did I fall asleep for? I slowly get up from the bed and I started walking towards the door. But out of nowhere I stub my toe on the door frame. I scream "ouch, god damn it what the hell!" When I stood up I realized I felt taller and felt older. I stood up looked in the mirror and here I stand in a new body? I'm about 17 I’m about 5.8. How is this possible? I had full control of this body that’s not even mine. I can feel and touch and when I yelled someone told me to watch my mouth. So that means someone can hear me. I walked down the stairs and there is a table full of food. It smells so good. Maybe I died and I'm in heaven. But why would I feel pain in heaven. Is there catches to heaven that wasn't in the bible. Naw! The food was amazing though. There's a big yellow like bright yellow bus. It says "school bus pick up at 6:45 am" I turned and looked at the clock it reads 6:44. I ran as fast as I could as I grabbed my school bag. I made it and sat down. But just then I thought how did I know to look at that clock, how did I know it was there. I must have his memories in my mind. Wow that's weird. But this is kind of cool. I can feel and talk to other people. “Let’s try it” I think to myself. I turn around to the dude behind me and say hey what's up dude. He looks at me say hi. I say where we are headed to. He responds with a big and nasty attitude "Where the f*** you think we are going the bus says school on it and you're the smartest guy in the school ya okay." I felt very hurt by his words but I just let it go and apparently I’m really smart so let’s see. I’m in second block and it’s about to end and I got a 100 on a test I took last block. It's now last block and there are 2 minutes left of the school day till I can get back on the bus and go home. There's no homework tonight either so I’m going to go and relax. It's time to get off the bus now and I walk into the house. I sit down in my bed and give a quick think. I get really dizzy and fall to the ground and hit my head really hard on the ground I pass out from the pain. When I wake up again I feel even older and again I’m in bed. Well not a bed it’s a couple layers of grass and straw. My home turned into a cone shape I look down and I'm almost naked. I must be a native American. Wow wait which tribe am I from? Where am I? What state or what country am I in? Am I a worrier or do I just collet wood or am I a hunter? Then I look into my reflection like at the beach and I’m around 25 and I look famous. Someone knocks on my tent tarp thing. I'm in a teepee wow. I say who is it he replies “with there's no time Geronimo, there coming! The invasion is here!” Then it hit me we are in a war. There invading the village and I am famous well he is famous I'm just in a famous body. Eh sounds weird huh? But I must help defend, I stepped out of my tent. I grab my rifle and aim down my sights and fire at the head horse. It falls and down went the leader. But they kept coming. Why haven't they stopped running at the village. There were people expecting me to give orders just staring at me. But because I have his mindset and skills I know just what to say/do. Some of my people have fallen but the whites are all taken down... well this group anyway. I learn to live the way of the natives and become one with nature. To be good to the living and if you take a life make sure you use every part. I'm old and growing weak. As the weeks go on I'm growing so weak and I'm only 16. Or would I just switch back to my own body or am I going somewhere else into a new body? I'm losing my sight and I hear a very deep voice outside my tent it’s the whites I feel for my gun but can't see anything and all I feel is several little shots going through me and all I can think about is if I die in this body do I die as a 16 year old? Whelp here we go again... well where am I? I'm in a car, a high tech car. A really expensive car. I looked into the third center mirror and I look a mess. Wait why am I pulling into a  dealership. Why am I selling this beautiful car? I look in my bank account and noticed I have gone broke. I'm in the negatives. I spent all my money at the casino. But how???!!?  This guy does not like the price the dealer gave when we got there and he flipped him off. He sped off but it’s cold there's snow falling from the sky. It was at this point I felt different about this body I noticed I have no control over this body. He’s going really fast. Oh no he’s losing control of the car. He's going to miss the bridge. He missed and we are plunging through the air into the ocean. Why is he making no attempt to escape? His eyes fade out of consciousness and now it’s dark his eyes open and stay open. I can see everything and I suddenly had control of this dead guy’s body that’s not so dead anymore so I decided to explore the ocean I swim and swim. The ocean is a really beautiful place. I come across this beautiful city. I Try to enter but I can’t and the people don't seem to see me trying to get in. But why it didn't make sense.  Then I was chased by this really big thing. I swam as fast as I possibly could. I'm almost to the surface. Then boom I couldn't move I was scared but this thing grabbed me then went through this dead guy’s body. It was almost as if he pulled me Dave a 15 year old from the dead body. I was thrown in a straight line right to the edge of the beach. My beach. And I’m back to me! Dave! But no one hears me and I realize I can’t be seen or heard anymore so I go into the water and swim back to the place that was in the ocean. What do you know it’s there I found it. The door is open; maybe they opened it for me. There are people inside this town under the water, like completely submerged in water. They can breathe, and so can I. there like me! This is where I belong. So I swam in and talked to a bunch of people and they said welcome back. My first thought was that I’ve never been here before and they said you don’t remember us do you and I was gaining some type of memory. “Kind of” I say. Man you got flushed out they say so I asked what do you mean they said something grabbed me while I was out looking for food and it through me and I landed on the beach. Then they told me that someone almost found them. I laughed “it was me in that dead body.” everyone was happy I was back and getting back my memories.

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