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February 15, 2018
By M.De.Anderson SILVER, Upper Marlboro, Maryland
M.De.Anderson SILVER, Upper Marlboro, Maryland
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There are ten of us left. We still only know the given three words: “favorite” “shoe” and “tree”.

We all continued in our terror. We started with fifteen people. The first five didn’t return.

The first kid said, “Apple.” He was teleported away.

I guess those people didn’t accept that word; he wasn’t teleported back to us.

..The next said, “Table.” she didn’t come back.
...Next was “Ones.” No.
…“Reverence.” No.
…“Serve.” No.

I slammed my fist on the table in front of me. It was hopeless to keep wishing one of them would be sent back here.

We were given three words, and we know there are three rules that all correct and possible words we could say had to follow. would never return. I’m sure most of us knew the letter “e” was apart of at least one rule. What could be the other-


I turned my head quickly at the voice next to me. It was indeed my brother!

Upon hearing my brother’s suggestion, they teleported him into the invisible. The seconds seemed to pass by slowly as I hoped he hadn’t left me forever.

Anger and tears overflowed within me…

I saw three of the other kids look at each other as if planning something. My brother’s word must have given them a hint.

“Me.” said the first.
Second said, “Wine.”
And the third one, “Anime.”

Each one was teleported away after they spoke. Did they really find a clue? What will they see when they teleport away?

The remaining six of us waited with great expectancy and impatience. I could nearly feel all of their tension; fists tightening; toes turning; hopelessness. How could we possibly escape this madness sent upon every generation at this age?

Suddenly, the second one came back! His word, “wine” qualified by the unknown rules.

He fell in his seat with a look of trauma and shock upon his face. What did he see?

Despite it all, I felt that I was ready to give my word. I considered all the words that were said so far, the three words we were initially given, and the fact that I will never see my brother again. He died to give us a clue.

“Continue.” I said.

Will I survive this? Does my word qualify?

The author's comments:

This work is one of my many used to inspire deduction and theorizing. Keep thinking!

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