Ivy Flight

February 9, 2018
By MoonDragon615 BRONZE, St.Louis, Missouri
MoonDragon615 BRONZE, St.Louis, Missouri
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I threw the knife back into the dead body where it had found its mark earlier. Fuming I furiously ripped the still intact flesh to shreds. This was not how it was supposed to end. This was not the one I had come all this way from home to find. This was not who I had wanted to take from them the life they never deserved to breath. Instead they gave me this. Another sad excuse for me to hunt day and night. Well good thing is this will all change.

“ Your stupidity lead you to your disappointing fate,” I scream at no one in particular.

Removing my now black and blue stained blade from the torn carcass I slink off to await the trials that soon will become of all of these pathetic humans. These unwanted beings became of what was once a nobel race of intelligent mammals. But they decided there was a new rule, a new way to achieve their pathetic goal of peace. Well they don’t have to worry now, for I will bring peace. I will bring peace with the blades on my bony skeleton and with my quiet movements I will silence them. Yes, they will all get to live in peace, In fact they will all Rest In Peace.

That thought, as beautiful as it is, won’t help me accomplish my goal. So spreading my wings apart, I drive towards the beautiful home of the Lunar Blooded. As I break through the dead undergrowth at the bottom of the desemated forest floor I can see the oh so glorious front door still covered by the deadly human repellent. I simply reach my clawed blade over the delicate leaves of the poisonous plant. As soon as my blade stops caressing the stalk, the knob of the tree gives me about a 15 foot climb to reach the ledge. I start slithering up the trunk to the ledge with ease. And wait for the leaves to once again protect their secret treasure from the cruel earth. Once the growing poison has concealed the entrance. I begin my descent down to the real fruits of my hard labor.I emerge from under the willow tree, I hear the wing beats and footsteps of the many apprentices.

“ Your back Luneta, did you find another one?”

“ Not as of yet but next time I will bring back one of our own, What has occured while I was gone.”

“ Good, the new batch of stalks will be ready by tomorrow to be placed.”


I stumble back as the little bundles of feathers, fur, and wings slam into my side. Glancing down at the little round eyes looking back, I beam. I wrap my wings around them spinning them round into the air and watching as they fumble their way to fly or as some of them tumble back to earth. The laughter of the children igniting more smiles on every face. The spirit of happiness finally allowing for me to smile for the first time in weeks looking at the cheerful and triumphant faces of those around me.

After many welcome backs and exchanging the news of what has occured while I had been gone, I finally make my way back to my house. The hammock up at the top near the open windows sways slightly in the breeze and the shelves near the door still hold my books and snacks. From the top of the house you can see the whole village and into the charming forest. Changing out of my travel outfit, back into a ivy green flowing dress, I made my way to the nursery to check on the new admittances. Maybe just maybe there will be a ceremony tonight. As I peek through the door I can see the young boy from my past expedition playing with the girl who had been here for some time. Exiting quickly before I can be seen by either. Still smiling I make my way to the caretakers office.

“ I think there may be a couple new moonlet joining us tonight!” 

I left the bewildered caretaker and made my way to armory. The delightful cold sharp claws hung from the ceilings. The aqua glint of the saplings wrist knives,  were hung on display, attracted many wide eyes and wishing glances. However those were not the reason I had come. Striding over to the Clawthers workshop I gather my claws and knives and hand them over to the sheather.

“I’d like you to note there will be a couple new moonlings and I expect for their gifts to be ready by the ceremony,” I say smiling kindly but firm.

I gesture towards the chest containing the treasures we keep close.

“Of course.”

“ And I have another thing I would like to discuss with you as well,” I say slowly drawing my words out.

“If it's the poison you have to ask us of, we have almost found the combination and the right conditions in which we might need.”

“No actually I'm quite ecstatic with the work you have done, however I’d like to suggest a couple new designs on some of our inventory. Would that be obtainable?” I plead silently.

“Of course.”

Walking out the shop, there is one last place I have to visit before the true welcome will begin. As I approach the training grounds my sense of happiness quickly turns to worry as I look over the young moonlets still apprehending their new forms. They will have to fight this war if I don't end it. They will have to go into the deselated cold world to choke off the life that has so viciously attacked themselves to the ground and have mauled the beautiful life so nothing can have a chance to see what truly life should look like. And our lost saplings still out in the miserable world being chewed into the lies of the disgraceful race so they simply believe they were only meant to die when they were truly meant to live the inspiring life I’ve created here.

“Luneta can you help me with my tail I got it caught in the monkey bars?”

“Of course.”

I hear my voice sofen as I help the moonlet on to the leafy floor so and watch as she skips toward the lake. I watch as they jump from the tree and glide across the lake, every now and then I would hear the splash; splashing in the water until a overwatcher would call them over to give it another go. This was my reason for leaving. Instead of waiting for the humans to choke themselves out of their cruel earth I go out into the destroyed planet to save those who were placed in the wrong life.

To save the saplings who should have been given the care they deserved not the distress of being unwanted in the world they have only ever seen in chaos. Tonight another couple saplings will join the ranks of the moonlets and that is what the lunar blooded need. They need to see the hope I see every time the willow branches are pushed back to see the true “non-human” definition of peace and a future. They need to see why it is I do everything I can to keep our home a home and not a house.

The Ceremony would occur at sunset but the festivities would begin at sunrise. So to begin, I go to the academy to prepare their rooms. Two small rooms with a hammock and some shelves inside the base of a tree. Both with an open hole in the sides and a leafy roof to let in a soft green light. Plenty of room to stretch your wings and lots of perches to either hang from. The two rooms I pick are right next to each other each leading to the training grounds and next to the library. I ask the overwatchers to prepare the room with speed considering usually there is more than a days notice.

As the town hangs up moon globes and ivy garland with luseft flowers scattered everywhere from place to place. As I walk over to the armory to grab the gifts given to every moonlet, simple yet effective. Small blades about the size of the palm of my hand. They all begin as rusty faded dull blades, both almost identical to the rest of the ones I’ve seen. These will be perfect for their ceremony.

Everyone already up at the crack of dawn ready to start the day with a tour for the moonlets and having them meet their classmates. The two of them holding hands the whole way as my voice gently ushers them to follow and listen.

“ Hey are you two ready to grab your ivy stalk.”

“ Yes,” they exclaim in unison

I show them what they must do once they find their favorite ivy stalk. They then run through the small plot looking at the ruby tipped leaves and the magenta stalks. They both come back with the ivy wrapped around their forearms. I then lead them away to there rooms.

As the sunsets below the leafy horizon I take my place upon the stage and call up the two little moonlets. They hobble up the stairs side by side and as they stand in front of me I begin my speech

“ As you know these two moonlets have been here for a while, I saw them yesterday for the first time and believe they are ready to join the academy and begin their training to learn how to control the special ability granted to them.”

The pair of them look at me with big eyes and jaws slack, I reach down and pick them up in my wings, carrying them over to a round basin in the middle of the stage. Doing as I had instructed earlier, they each place their poison ivy plant along with their arm into the basin of moon water. I watch as the venom from the plants swirls around their hands creating a mosaic of gemstone colors bursting from the center as if they were being released from a confined prison.

As the ivy stalks absorb the color, the moonlets both now look at me as to confirm everything is happening as it should be; flashing an assuring smile I now drop into each of their hands the blades from the armory. Each looking extremely nervous they grab the blade and press down on to the fragile skin of the back of their hand. As the blood blossoms from the wound it transforms the blade into the soul weapons of the moonlets.

The girls weapon grows longer and thinner about the width of a hair however instead of keeping the usual shape I curves around on itself becoming a hoop with a handle in the center. The boys blade stretches out moving around his small knuckles forming a shell. Small bladed points emerge along the shell of metal building four long claws. They both look at the weapons in awe. As I step towards the front of the stage the moon rises in the sky behind me.

“Now it is time for the little saplings to listen to the moon and take on their true form,” my voice echos around the hallow.

As soon as my voice dies out everyone's eyes are on the two saplings again. The two of them look up at the moon with sparkling eyes and as they do so, the bones on their back start to move dancing around their back as the shoulder blades start growing and unfolding until two flesh covered limbs are stretched the length of their wingspan. Feathery wisps start unfolding and falling down until there are now a pair of wings on the bewildered children’s backs. As they flex their wings around and adjust to the weight the base of the spinal cord extends and reveals a bony tail before it is quickly covered in fur. The crowd shouts and clap as the two moonlets make their way back to me.

“ Now let us begin the feast to celebrate these two as they have officially been brought home,”

As I walk back home after the feast ready to retire from the day, a branch snaps. My heart hammering, I walk towards the sound drawing my blade slowly as to not make a sound. The clearing is now silent the only sound is my breathing and the wind. Continuing forward I draw back the plants with my hand. I stop, staring at the oval egg, my heart stops. Wrapping my wings over the egg I walk away with it silently. Setting it down in my room, I know what this sign means. I quickly grab all of weapons and essentials laying them in my bag. I will leave at dawn. I can’t waste any time. Laying down in my hammock I close my eyes, ready for the big journey that will take place soon. As my eyes start to close the last thoughts quickly runs through my head.

“The human race will be extinct by the next blue moon,” I mumble entering into a dreamless sleep.

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