Janice Frost

February 11, 2018
By laurynmaystead BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
laurynmaystead BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
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The ground outside sparkles white and the big pine trees are towering above us all. This is what I see every day behind the division that is my window. I sigh loudly as I lean against the wall, my frosty hair covering my eyes. My eyes glow blue and I immediately turn when the door opened, seeing one of the servants in the doorway. She was human who used to work for others of her kind on earth.  
She looks up at me, almost shaking. “Miss Frost? Your parents would like a word with you.”
I am in the middle of creating an icicle with my oh-so-lucky powers, but it shatters once the servant finishes that sentence. I am just a tad bit annoyed.
Ah, my parents. The Ice King and Queen who seem to think they own me. But they don`t in this giant lightless castle in the North Pole. And to our luck, unluck for me, we live right next door to the man with all of the gifts apparently. Santa Claus. Ugh, the thought of his name just makes me want to throw shards of ice everywhere. Every day, every hour, the man is always happy, or as he himself wills describe it, jolly, and it I honestly find it annoying. But that is not all in Santa`s dreary workshop. He has these elves and let me put it this way- they are Santa juniors. Yesterday I was probably so irritated by them that I trapped one in an ice cage- maybe that is what mother and father want to talk to me about.
I saunter down the hallway, making my way up the stairs and in the grand throne room. My parents, King Aquillo and Queen Gelda rests upon the tall thrones, looking down at me. I could tell they are really mad at me by the way their eyes squinted at me.
“You have been messing with Santa’s elves again I see.” My mother points out, her voice coming out like an icicle dropping to the floor.
I raise my eyebrows, trying so hard not to laugh. So I look down with a grin upon my face. Here they go again.
“And so what if I did?” I inquire, pressing my lips together.

My father grips on his staff tight. He pounds it down, causing an echo around the vast room. “I told you to quit doing this, Janice! If you do this one more time, I will lock you in the dungeon for a year!”
“Ooh….” I say raising my hands up. “I’m so scared. Dear me.” I give them a smirk. The dungeon didn’t scare me, it only meant some more fun ways to escape.
“Janice this is serious.” My mother hisses. “You don’t just trap any elf in a cage. You know how claustrophobic they are.”
I made a chair with just a tap of my staff and I lounged on it. “So why do they work for Santa?” I ask. There is silence in the room for a moment, only the sound of the guards shuffling around behind us.
Laughter came from behind me, and I turn seeing a guard laughing his head off.
“Get it?” the guard says, probably about to choke to death. “Santa Claus.. Claustrophobic?!” He leans against the wall.
I nod in approval and turn back to my parents with my usual smirk.
My parents aren’t really pleased, though. Their annoyed faces are quite clear.
“You don't want the same fate as your brother do you?” my father says, standing up and walking down the stairs to get to the bottom floor.
All of my bitterness gone away right after he said that.
My brother.
Jack Frost.
The one who fell in love with humanity.
I still couldn't believe that he had run away for them; that he had ran away from having everything in the world to nothing. Jack cared about the humans so much, that his care turned him to a folklore on Earth. Appearing in songs, people playing him in movies, and so much more. I almost envy him for that. Hell, I do envy him. He receives all of the attention from my parents, despite him betraying them. And for me? Nothing. I receive nothing. Only just some well plated food taken up to my vacant room, just enough to contain me. My parents rarely even communicate with me, do anything with me,  probably scared that I am going to end up like Jack, and run from this place. I hate that. I hate always being alone, up in my room. I hate the North Pole. I hate the Ice Castle. I hate my parents, for crying out loud!
“Yes.” I say looking up at my father who  is now in front of me.
My father looks.  down at me with narrow eyes. “What, Janice?” he snaps in a whisper.
“I said yes!” I say, my eyes glow intensely. “I want the same fate as Jack, I don't want to be hated in this damned castle! I want to be loved!”
My mother’s eyes softens, and she takes a deep breath. “Sweetie, it's alright..” she started to coo.
“Gelda, don’t.” My father says, twirling his staff and looking at me with hard eyes. “If Janice wants to go to The Outer so be it.”
I glare at my father in the eyes, my fists clenching.
Do it, Dad. I think. Just do it. I can't stand this life anymore.
With a whip of his staff and a thrust, the doors open to reveal the snowy forest that the North Pole was filled with. The icy blast pours in the room making my father`s cape flow majestically.
I stare at the outside, my heart pounding with excitement. I was really going to go to The Outer. I was really going to reunite with my brother.
“I now banish you, Janice Evergreen Frost, from the North Pole.” my father`s voice says behind me.
A huge push comes from behind me and I trip, feeling the cold air hit my face. The wind seems to lift me up and throw me in the current. I pass the castle, Santa's workshop, the forest and all of the snow until the wind pushed me in the clouds. I drop, going down through these clouds until I look around seeing a grey sky, and I notice these tall metal structures. Where the hell am I? I didn't get to answer my question, and I fall flat on some grass. As most stories do, everything went black.
I groan once I feel a pain hit my head. I stood up absolutely shaking, and I looked around, hearing sirens and footsteps everywhere around me. I look down at my hands that are peach not seeming to stay still. “What?..” a small murmur came from my mouth. I run my hands through my hair and stop. I grabbed a strand and put it in front of my eyes.
My hair was brown.
“Staff…” I say, glancing around stuttering. “Staff… Staff..” I decide to go in the forest, feeling my heart beat, like it’s trying to crawl out of my chest. I have no clue why, but I am cold. The cold is having an effect on me, but I am the cold. “Staff…” I try again. I pick up everything that looks like my staff but it always turns out to be a tree branch. I probably had tried for hours on end, but then I find it. It laid on a tree trunk broken in half.
“No… no!” I say, running towards it, rubbing my arms for warmth. I pick the two halves up and try to put it together, using my powers.
Nothing happened.
Tears trail down my eyes and I put the halves in my pockets of my jeans.
“Hey, you okay?”
I don’t  bother to answer the voice behind me.
King Aquillo strode in a small room on the other end of the castle, and he waved his hand over the table. A gaseous blue sphere appeared and a image shone, showing his daughter in a forest looking at her broken staff. It was obvious that she was human and sadness was overtaking her. The king continued to look with an expressionless gaze.
Queen Gelda walked up behind him and she sighed heavily touching the image as if Janice were still there. “Was taking her to earth really necessary?” she said.
Aquillo continued to look upon his daughter in apathy. “It was her choice wasn't it not?”
Gelda only crossed her arms watching Janice with him. “And you had to turn her human.”
The king nodded. “Yes, if she wants love, they need to love her by just being herself, not by her powers she was born with.”
The queen was silent as she followed her husband out of the room and in the armory.
“But she will have to face some challenges, to learn her lesson for wanting to escape here.” Aquillo said, opening the door and showing horrendous beasts from many folklores. The Ice King had been collecting them as a hobby at first, before thinking that they could be well for war. The beasts snarl and growl, trying to get out with their sharp claws. The biggest one went up to the bars, his head a goat and his teeth long and sharp. His claws were as long as a ruler.
Gelda gulped and she looked down in fear.
“Krampus.” Aquillo said looking at the monster in courage. “Go to earth and teach my daughter a lesson.”
The monster snarled and howled, slobber dripping from his mouth through his teeth. The other monsters followed suit and a door opened on the other side. The monsters ran out hollering with Krampus in the lead.
“Aquillo!” Gelda snapped looking at him in anger. “We didn't do this for Jack.”
The Ice King turned to his wife and his eyes were piercing blue. “Exactly.” He walked down the hallway with determination.
Gelda looked at the open door with worry and she teared up. She let out a bird from the palm of her hand, holding a small icicle full of Janice’s powers. It flew away down to The Outer.  “Janice my dear please be safe..” she said and then walked down the hall.

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