February 15, 2018
By Hazey BRONZE, Tool, Texas
Hazey BRONZE, Tool, Texas
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~118 Years Before Present Day~
Issia was slowly was regaining her consciousness from the blow she had taken to the head. The pillar on her legs kept her in place, though. It should have never come to this. They were sisters, twins, best friends! Yet, there was always something off. Imea was eldest and always was looking for trouble. This time, though, she had gone way to far with it. The crowning ceremony was a time of peace for their people, not a war. Issia had to do something. She summoned the power she had left in her to raise the pillar. It was just high enough to pull herself out of the way before the pillar fell down once more. Issia was filled with uneasiness as she stood, for she feared what she had to do. But this was for the people of their kingdom, and a sacrifice had to be made.
“Imea!”She yelled over the sound of the fire crackling around her sister.
Imea turned around to face her sibling, a hateful look on her face and a dark glare of evil in her eyes. She looked at Issia’s sorry state of appearance: her hair was a mess, the once gorgeous ball gown she wore was in tatters; there was the cut above her eye, and the gash on her leg. But worst of all was her left wing.
Before Issia had been knocked unconscious in battle, she had fallen from the sky. Her wings, the sign  of the royal blood in her veins, were no longer shimmering and beautiful. They were heavy on her back as she tried to open them, yet her left one wouldn’t lift. It was cut. Once a wing is cut, nothing could repair it. Imea just smirked as her sister tried to stand tall.
“How does it feel, to be broken, sister?” Imea sneered as she flew over to Issia and landed in front of her, sitting on what was left of crate. “Now can you understand my pain? I doubt it very much, seeing as no physical pain can really amount to what I have felt over the years. Forced to be perfect. Father had to always use his magic to make me look like you, to match my little sister’s beauty and magic. You did this. If you hadn’t been here, I could have never hidden myself. But now, I have no reason for hiding anymore.”
A scream of what sounded like victory pierced the air. It was so loud it surpassed the sound of the flames engulfing the palace. Imea flinched. She knew that almost unreal sound.
Father’s greatest warrior. Known for his bruting strength and his loyalty to the the royal family, especially towards Issia. Imea turned and looked over the edge of balcony and saw him flying above the remains of the battlefield with the limp body of what was Imea’s last soldier in his claw.  Igno flew up to the balcony, landing with a thud and throwing the body to the ground. Both sisters watched as his body morphed from his dragon form back into a human being. Imea knew she would be his next target.
“Surrender and let Ms.Issia go, or suffer,” Igno said. Now was her chance to live. Imea dropped to her knees in defeat. Igno unsheathed the sword from his back and got ready to bring it down on Imea’s neck.
“Wait!” Issia screamed. Imea knew this would happen.
“Igno, let her go. I do agree she deserves this for what she has done, but she is still my sister, and I am willing to give her a chance.” Issia limped over to her sister and dropped down in front of her. She placed a hand on Imea’s shoulder. Igno still held his sword in a ready position, just in case it would be needed.
“Imea, I am still your sister and wish to show you mercy. I am allowing for Igno to take you to the far side of the island. From there I’ll cast a spell that will split the island in two. You can rule your own half of Liothes. The island will configure to how you see fit. We can end this war and no more bloodshed is needed.”
All Imea did was nod her head once. Her mind started to clear away any thought of fighting back and her eyes closed. Everything was going black as she realized what happened. Issia had fooled her into this. It had been a deep sleep spell. The spell only needed consent. That nod was all Issia had needed. Imea would exact her revenge.
Imea fought the spell with as much power as she could. She held the spell at bay as she muttered a curse under her breath only Issia could hear just before the sleep overpowered her senses.
“The next set of twins girls to be born into the  royal family shall be cursed to live in hate of each other. Their hate shall grow so strong they will battle as we did but the outcome will not end like ours. It shall end with the entire island destroyed. No good can prevail in this. My final wish is to cast this spell of darkness upon the island and it has been sealed now and forever!”
Issia bowed her head so no one could see her tears as her sisters body began to transform. The dust from her sisters wings was blown away with the wind coming from the balcony.
“I will still keep my promise to her. Transform and take her to the other side of the island, Igno. I’ll rest here and by the time you are back I should have enough energy to fix a small part of the city and then you will need to look for surviving villagers. I will send a letter to Darien and his father to let him know the wedding is postponed until all is well in Liothes. I will find a way to at least lessen the curse without hurting any others.”
Issia’s sister had used a forbidden spell. It was the reason her body was now limp, and her wings were dust. Issia had spoke to her father about it once when she was young. She could never stop the curse… but she could alter it.
Igno was just about to transform when Issia called for him to do one last thing.
“Are you sure miss?” Igno questioned as he unsheathed a small dagger at his side. “This will be really painful if not done right.”
“I'm sure, do it.” Issia replied without hesitation. With that, Igno took the dagger and Issia’s left wing in his hands. He cut the broken piece off as fast as he could to cause less pain. Issia still let out an ear bleeding scream as the tip of the wing was cut.
She dropped to her knees as the pain soaked in. Igno wrapped the piece in a thick cloth and placed it in a pouch. Igno lifted Issia and helped her to the edge of the now small fire across the room. He set her at the edge of it and left her be with the pouch. Igno went back to the other side, lifted Imea off the ground, and jumped off the balcony while transforming into his dragon form.
As Igno flew away to bury Imea, Issia placed the Pouch in the flames and cast a spell of her own. She cast the spell of light to counteract her sisters curse. She fought off the urge to just rest so that she could finish the spell. It was not enough to break the curse but she could feel the alterations it had made. She knew once her sister was in place, that half of the island would go dark. That side would have ever looming shadows and any being or thing on that side shall be dark. The light spell would change that. Of the next set of girl twins to be born of royal blood, one would prevail to see the good of things, and the island will be fully in the light once more.
Issia looked down and placed her hand on her stomach...after the wedding took place and Liothes was well, she knew all would be okay.

The author's comments:

Its  the prologue  to a new book in writing. I hope people like it.

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