What Was Asleep

February 14, 2018

What Was Asleep

There once was a creature that was 8 feet tall with arms longer than its body. It was known to feast on human flesh while they slept. Whatever you do don’t ever go into it’s cave
“You know that’s a myth right” George said. “That is how the story goes” said Ester. “Why did I think it was a good idea to come with you the same forest” George said. “Because we seek adventure” ,Ester said. She falls down a hill. “I meant to do that”. “No you didn’t”. “Yes I did”. They walk across many sites over a beaver dam and ridges. Then they come across a tree that has markings in it that say. “Your not wanted here.” “Maybe that means we should leave”. “No some kid probably put that there to scare someone.” said Ester. “What if it’s not,” said George. (SHREEEEEEEEKK!!!) “What was that,”said George. “I don’t know what that was”. Ester turns around and George is gone. “Where did you go”, she shouts. Out in the distance there is a loud shout. (HELP ME!!!) Ester runs toward the sound. She finds we're the sound was coming from. It was from George his leg is stuck under a broken tree. “Help I think my leg is broken.” “Let me help”. When she touches George he wobbles. “Your not George are you.” “No I'm not I'm the demon that you woke up by walking into my forest.” “Where is George” “I have him if you want him back you have to do something for me bring me the forbidden fruit.” The demon said. “Where would I find that”. “ Do you see that hill out in the distance it's just around it. Now go if I were you I'd hurry” said the demon. Ester starts her journey she sees another demon walking around she here's a voice in her head. “Don't let them see you”. She sneaks behind it and bolts down the path when she has a chance. Why am I doing this she thinks in her head. “ for your friend remember.” It's the voice again. She feels that she needs to push on. She finds an old cabin when she goes in all the candles light. There is an old leather book in the center of a desk. When she opens it the words read to fight a demon use fire. There are matches on the table. She grabs them and leaves the cabin. She continues down the path. There is a whole pack of demons she lights the matches and makes a huge fire. The demons just stare at it for a while and walk into it. She walks over the hill to see the tree surrounded by tree people. “You must burn them down to get to the tree.” They can't move they only stand still. She lights a match about to burn them down and she is enterupted by the sound of screams of 100 people they are alive. She burns them alive and they scream in pain. Ester grabs the forbidden fruit and is instantly teleported to the original demon. “I see you have brought it to me I will hold my end of the deal now,he said. He snaps his fingers and Ester is teleported. She sees George and you hear a loud shreek and he's gone your back where you were in the beginning. George disappears again. There is a voice that says. “I love the face of someone who realizes there trapped hear forever now come find me when your ready for a task.


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