The Shock

February 14, 2018
By Caitpr BRONZE, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
Caitpr BRONZE, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
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I stared as I stood waiting. I knew we only had a couple minutes until our whole life changed. I shivered.
I live in the year 3067 and do not like it. I have read books about the olden days when there was not as much technology. My whole life I have wished that I could live back in time. I love the fact that people back then could go anywhere and do anything without being scrutinized. I have always wanted to live like that, but it is impossible in this age. 
There was only one other person in the room, Geoff. He was 16 years old, just like me and had dreamy blue eyes and dark, straight, brown hair. His body built perfectly and he was sitting up straight and tall looking like he was ready to do this. I crouched over like I was going to get sick, while sitting in a wide chair in the machine’s office. Geoff stood up and walked over to me.
“I know you can do this,” Geoff said. “All we have to do is think of all the things we like about each other. Are you ready?”
“As ready as I’ll ever be,” I replied.
With that Geoff and I were called in. We got up and slowly but steadily walked to the machine’s office door. As we walked into the office, all I saw was white. A white door. White chairs. White walls. It was almost blinding. The doctor walked in and started talking right away.
“So today, Courtney, you chose Geoff?” the doctor asked.
“Yes sir!” I said trying not to sound nervous.
“And Geoff, you chose Courtney?”
“Yes!” Geoff answered, grabbing my hand.
“Okay! We will go on with the procedure then! You are the ones that chose to switch bodies correct?”
Nervously Geoff replied, “Yes.”
In my town when you turn 16 you have to either switch bodies with your best friend or you have to live the rest of your life wearing chains. I didn’t want to lug chains around with me so Geoff and I decided we would switch bodies instead. The government wanted to keep this rule because they wanted teens to feel some weight on their back. Nobody liked this rule and everyone was trying to get the government to change it, but they would not. I even went to the government myself, but they did not accept my request. After the procedure is finished we will also be under constant surveillance and not be allowed to see the person we switch with for the next year.
The doctor took us into a big room with two machines that were connected, one to the left and one to the right. They were big metal boxes that were very tall and thin. It had a little metal helmet, like the ones you use when riding a hoverboard.
“Alright. Geoff you can go to the machine on the right and Courtney, you on the left,” the doctor said. Geoff and I let go of each other’s hand and walked where the doctor told us to. The doctor then said, “Please stand under the helmet, you can adjust the height as needed.” We moved under the helmets and looked toward each other.
“You ready to do this?” I whispered.
“Sure…” Geoff replied.
“What you have to do to make this operation go smoothly is follow all my directions,” the doctor stated. “When you are switching bodies it may feel like a shock, but that is it. Now what you need to do is think all good things about the other person.”
Geoff instantly thought about me and how my dirty brown hair bounced as I walked. He pictured looking into my perfect hazel eyes. He thought about all the good times they had when they were laughing and having fun.I thought about Geoff’s beautiful blue eyes and his soft brown hair. All the good times when we were having a great time together and all of his funny jokes. At that moment, the meter on how much we liked each other was through the roof so the doctor pressed the button. All of a sudden, both Geoff and I felt a shock.

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