When the World was About to End

February 7, 2018
By Anonymous

It was a dark, clear night. The stars were shining, and the moon lit up the sea. Waves crashed on the sandy beach, and the trees blew gently in the wind. Gazing at this wonderful sight, was a man named Ralph. He lived a fairly simple life. He lived alone, in a apartment with 2 cats. He worked in a office, with a brand name no one knew. Every night Ralph would come to this spot to gaze at the stars. Somehow, this night was different. Maybe it was the wind, or the lighting, but to Ralph felt a change.

Then he saw it. A star, or what appeared to be a star, becoming brighter and brighter. Soon, it was too bright to look at. With a plash, the star looking object hit the water. Ralph was too stunned to move. He had no idea what he should do. Ralph slowly came to his senses and started toward the object.

By the time he walked down the sandy slope to the beach, the object had washed up onto the beach. As he got closer, he could see the outline of a sphere. It had jagged edges on its surface, and had a strange green light surrounding it. Nothing happened at first. Ralph closely inspected the object. He noticed that there was a square outline of something like a door. Out of curiosity, Ralph pushed on it. It displayed a digital clock with 20 minutes, counting down. Ralph stood there for the entire 20 minutes. Then everything was gone. Existance had disapeared.

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